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Rohingya words

Meaning in English

b the second alphabet in Rohingyalish character set
ba father; the second alphabet name  in Arabic character set
baá climb up
baáde later; after that; next time 
baái not fresh; not newly prepared; not the latest
baait become follower of a "Firr", a God loving person
baála damaged; rotten; unusable
baám pain relief ointment
baáñna untrue reasons for an excuse
baár cont: climbing up; [wind] moving
báar floating
baáral any how
baáre outside
baárezon of going to toilet
baárkule outside  
baássóra sea side
baátrúma Arabic seating in Arabic language
baáttu from outside
baazi father
bab father
báb vapor
babá father
babajan father; dead person known to be highly pious in religion  
bábi brother’s wife
bac bad smell
báca homeless; without station; have no permanent place 
bacá tiny bamboo home temporarily built usually for the poor
baça exchange rate; a plate with rice, egg, candle etc presented to the bride's visitor
báca homeless people; floating
báça low tide
bácani floating thing; thing that float
baccú box; briefcase; luggage
báce float
bácer is floating
bací mouth piece used by police, etc.
baçi distribute to people
bácinda nationality
báçiya small plants abundantly grown on the road side
báco do float
baçoil  a carpenter's iron tool
bácoón floating
badam peanut
badde leave aside; ignore; neglect
bádi air blowing instrument used by blacksmith
baf father
báf vapor
báfa thinking
bafadom Adom; the first man on earth
báfani thinking; thought
bafdada fore-father
báfe (he/they think
báfer is thinking
báff vapor
báfo think
báfon thinking
bag tiger; chicken barking
bág share
baga giving the cattle to others for looking after for a given days
bágar bugger
bággitta lucky
baggula a kind of fruit
bagi insurgent
bagiza garden
baha person of dressing in very high style
bahá nest
bahór a kind spicy seeds
bai head ace; say bye
bái brother
baic twenty two; (22)
báic tame
baicca baby-usually refer to animal
baickúth film
báifut bother's son
baiggá male tiger
baijja beat
baijjé hooked; blocked; locked
baikka in credit
báilder pretending; siding with you; behaving good; cheating
baindé was built
báingge was broken
bainna goldsmith
báiso referring as brother in social dealing
baitulla house of God (Allah)
baiththa crunched
baiththá short
báiththa low tide
báiththeilla labor of cutting rice
baiyon branjan
baizzábari argument
baja a mouth piece musical instrument
bak tiger
bák portion; share
bakcá king
baki balance; melon, a kind of vegetable fruit
bal private hair; vulva
balá         eradicated, erased, removed completely
bála good
balí nose ring 
balla for
bálluk a dangerous animal
balok grown-up
balthí bucket
balu sand
balúic pillow
balwa sandy, not solid, loose type
bam one's surrounding area
bamboijjá without knowingly
bambu scolding; telling hard
ban tie
bana make
banaide in process of making
bañáitta left-handed
banaiyé made
banaouti pretended; makeup
bañáth left hand
bañc bamboo
bañcá small temporary house
bañcí mouth piece
bañçí short
bañdá tied; under custody
bañdá hoppi cauliflower
bandéikka left handed
bándhi bundle
bándhul bundle
bañdí tie it up
bañdó tie; build
bañdón building something
bañdor monkey
bañdóuni hing for tying
bañdur monkey
bángga cracked; broken; broken into pieces; damaged
banggali Bangali people
bánggasura in broken condition
bangkú bench
báñgo break
báñgon act of breaking
bángti goldsmith demand to make some jewelry out of given solid gold
bani making fees
báñina nephew
báñinggé broken
bañl illiterate
bañlamas a kind of fish
bañli people of Bengali speaking
báñni niece
bano make it
banoni charge of goldsmith for making custom made jewelry
bañt pimple
bap father
bar serve food
bár yoke
bara bamboo net to catch fish
bará extend, increase
bára rent
baráilo do welcome
báral gas a kind of tree very sensitive to skin damage when touched.
barang a container used to measure rice
baré increase
barendha veranda
barér putting food into small cups; increasing
bárgwa carry person
bari a rod placed behind the door after closing for additional security
bári heavy
baricá rainy season
bariháiye was hit; was beaten
barimar hit
bariza garden
baró twelve
barówa twelve 12
barúlla fast body growing person
barus explosive
bás pile over each other
bas select; choose
basa save
basá selected one
basamas a kind of fish
baser remaining
basiasós being safe
basithák keep away for safety
baso select
bat swallowed small area of the body pain
batár butter
bath pimple above skin
báth rice food
bathác wind with rain
bathacá a kind of biscuit
bathel outdated; outlawed
baththi light
batt nipple
batta money exchange
battár butter
baza mouth organ; play
bazá hooking; engaging
báza fried; raw prepared
bázaá barren
bazáido bring close to get touched
bazáieró hang
bazáiya beside; closed by
bazar market
bazargwa not of good quality; something sold on the street
baze o’clock
bazé touch
bazi do naughty action
bázi oil cooked salad
bazu shirt
bázzih niece
be second character in Arabic alphabet
bébi baby
bébi taxi baby small taxi
beckut biscuit
beça husband
beçi wife
beçiyáin women
bedh mattress
bédah not smart
bedhcít bed cover
bedom not smart; not intelligent
befóuzul of no benefit
beg bag
begana non relative
beggún all
begom title of a married lady
behañ not straight
behol in trouble; accidentally
behúñc unconscious
beijjot dishonor
beil sun
beiman not loyal; cheater
beínna in the morning
bekar useless
bekkún all
bekuaic inconvenient; not easy; difficult
bekuf dumb
bela viol
bela baáni viol bow
beláac free
bena fire keeping roll made of straw
bená originated; started
benal not organized; not arranged properly; did not get through as expected
bénbení butterfly
bendíc bandage
beng frog
bera tour
berá partition
béra lady finger
berahám cruel
beráidori hold a person wrapped in sorry or in distress
beráifela wrap it
beráiya in wrapped
bero take tour
beró wrap
besinta without any  worry
beso sell
besón basin
bessíri ugly-looking
besút without sensitivity
betári battery
bet cane
betal disorganized
betgula a kind of seeds
bézal disorganized; fake
bezar unhappy with some one; uncomfortable
bezi snake fighter
bezu mistake at basic point; not well directed
bézura odd
biale at night
biañgkúl confusion
biañgkwál complicated
biaram sickness
biari retail seller
biáta married person
bibi wife; a title a for a lady
bic pain; feel pain when touched or moved; poison 
bicbaám ointment for relieving pain
biccác belief
bicí more
biçilla nasty
bifot not on track; not on line; get into difficulty
bigála grocery shop in Arabic Language
bigiçi fed up
biili woman just given birth
bíkóuk bended or circular comb
bil land field; invoice bill
bilai cat
bílbilá look here, there, left and right
bildhing building
bilebile on the street
bílki frightening by body action; usually used by animal like owl and tiger
bilkúl at all
bim beam support
bíñçah land plot
bini sticky; used for sticky rice
bini bát sticky rice
binitbáng twisting two parts in pair
bíññya show face in hatred 
bír not loose; tight
bira bundle of ‘fan’ leaves
bíra pursue; alcoholic drink
birani Birani food
birbijja slippery
birbirar moving very frequently here and there
biri small cigar
biríc teen aged cow
bíro pursue
bisa animal scortium
bisá lay out
bisán bed; bed sheet
bisáni thing to use as a mat
biskut biscuit
biso give air to something using fan
bisoin fan
bíssoó heaven
bissú scorpion
bitír the last prayer of the day for Muslim
biwúñc unconscious
biya give birth
biyá marriage
biyácádi marriage
biyádola marriage talking
biyái son-in-law's or daughter-in-law's father and mother
biyáini son-in-law's or daughter-in-law's mother
biyárbari wedding ceremony
biyáta married
bíza wet; damp
bízaá visa
bleidh blade
blékbordh blackboard
bobbotiti warning to children they have to be after cow if not to school
boc sit down; age
bocarot guidance
boço fold it
boçon folding something
bocóti living
boda testis; man’s eggs
bóda dump
bóda bóda wide open i.e eyes
bodaná container used in toilet
bodda elder brother
boddac bearing
boddú local illiterate people
bódhboçar talking too much
bódhdha big
bodmac lady follower
bodol change
bodola revenge
bodoli lady inner body wear
bodolon changing
boga heron
bogcíc award
boiçá sitting without any job
boijjal gas a kind of tree with many pimples
boijjalkér straw
bóijje filled up
boil flowers of trees that bear fruits
boillaya fatty man
boilo let walking the cow over rice straw
boirat visitors going for bring the bridegroom
boital lady of bad character
boiyá life jacket
boiyar air
boiyoum cooking pot made of mud
boiyóuni seat
bókka relatively large piece
bol energy, force, encourage
bola curse
boláad title
bolá-fiça a kind of food, rice noodle under sugar water
bolar making  animal healthy and bigger
bólboillá person of little fatty but look nice
bolduzar bulldozer
bole said to; it is said
boli fat
bolidór wrestling
bolot gouru bull cow
bolthú bolt; dump person
boluwar heavy man
bómbi pant
bon close; rounded bread
bonái sister's husband
bonda human creature of Allah
bondó closed
bondú closed friend
bondubos preparation
bonduk rifle; arm
bone made in
bongor arrest
bongorídde closing
bongoró close it up
boñl                 armpit
boñl-keñc armpit hair
bóñni of telling bad of would-be bridge groom
bono reconcile in between
bonon made in
bóñra insect deep underneath
boói book
boól ball
boól pén ball pen
bóoñça picking lager portion without others permission
boórfáta spicy vegetable leaves
boóuk book
booutha flag
bor the depth
bór heavy
borabor same same
borbat destroyed
borforan with big heart
borgwa an ethnic group in Myanmar
borhot abundantly available
borketá hand made blanket used in the rural area
borkí hook for fishing
borkot God blessed
borkurá large chicken
boro large
boróc freeze
boróf ice
boroi capsule
borói plum
borok leave of banana tree
bórombotti man with figure
bóron filling up
borot pimples
borsóñi big peas
borton plate
bós finish; done; ok
boson saying
bosór year
bóssa rice/sugar bags
bostá rice/sugar bags
botol bottle
bótta bad
botton plate
bottoro bad behaved
bóin sister
bóinfut sister's son
boou bride groom
bouli fat
bounnwa pig
bóuddoilla variety
bóuride fill it up
bóus brother’s wife
boustí village; cook
boutha flag
boutí cotton wire used in oil lamp
bouyák a kind of jewelry
bouyar air; wind
bóuzi real bother's or brother-in-law's wife
bouzura wed-ring ceremony
boyó sit down
boyom bottle container used in the kitchen
bozzuta heavy shoe
brazia brassiere; bra
bualmas a kind of fish
bubu sister
búc heavy in responsibility
búça standard form of rice i.e “búça báth” instead of “bini báth”
búçung bubble
bug disabled in speaking
buga dumb person
buhár fever in Urdu language
buigga dump
búille forgotten
búinna fried
buijjá old man
buijjáoñl thumb
buijjé understood
buk chest; dumb
búk hungry
búka of hunger
bukhorá chest bone
bukíng booking
búkka large piece
búklaiggé feel hungry
bul advice; saying; bowl
búl not clean, mistake 
búla misguide
bulá a kind of insect that bites
búlaifélaiyé has been persuaded or misguided
búlar misguiding
búli forget
búligiyoi forgotten
búlmas a kind of fish
búna fried
buñda bundle
buniyadi origin, pioneer, beginner, root
búr bamboo float
bura bad; ugly; of bad character
burá old man
búra very old item covered with whitey thing
burai doing bad things ethically
burak the horse like animal that took the prophet Mohammed to the heaven
burha cover for Muslim lady when going to public places
burí old lady
burúng drill
burus brush
burúss roast
bus understanding
búsal earth quake
busbiassá discussion
busdil being afraid of
buska bundle
búska shake; hold very roughly
bustán oasis in Arabic language
buth boat
butang button
bút ghost
bútaá not sharp
Buthidaung a major city in Arakan, Myanmar
bútoijja secretly, internally
bútore inside
bútottu from inside
búthka fatty
buu calling elder sister
buúm bomb
buwá sitting
buwágara make seated
buwal mas a kind of fish
buwáni base used to let sit something
buwázar happen to seated
buzá understanding
búza strong and fatty. i.e. Búza bilai.
búzaiféla erase it
buzé                 understand. i.e  He understands. Ite buzé.
búze erasable
buzí understand. i.e I understand. Aññí buzí.
búzi female cat
buzón understanding
búzon erasing
búzoni eraser
buzorgani of life of very highly pious
buzurgó man of very highly pious
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