Rohingya to English Dictionary E

E                           (this)
É                           (that) 
Ebabote                 (about this)
Ebáca                    (this language; this dialect)
Ebadot                   (praying to Allah; good deeds) 
Ebadoti                  (pious; highly religious)
Ebáfe                     (like this; as if)
Ebáiyor                  (for this brother)
Ebák                      (this share)
Ebala                      (now; so now; therefore now)
Ebar                       (this time; this turn)
Ebarot                    (reading a word or a sentense)
Ebazá                     (this difficulty)
Ebazát                    (in this difficulty) 
Ebbañc                   (a full bamboo length of)
Ebbar                     (once)
Ebbár                     (a load of)
Ebbari                    (one strike or lash of punishment)
Ebbe                      (at all; at the end; at last; finally)  
Ebbeg                    (a bag of)
Ebbéinna                (one morning)
Ebbere                   (at all)
Ebbisána                (in the same mat)
Ebboitta                 (in one way; somehow)
Ebborat                  (a share; one of a share)
Ebbosí                   (a full bowel of)
Ebbosór                 (one year; a year)
Eboitta                   (in relation to this; in relation to this type or category) 
Ebosór                   (this year)
Ebus                       (with this knowledge; with this understanding)     
Ebuzá                     (like this understanding)   
Ecá                         (prayer time approximately two hour after sunset)
Ecarak                    (prayer time half an hour after sunrise)
Éccára                    (look down; careless; give no attention)
Eccér                      (approximately one kilogram of weight)
Eccót                      (one hundred)
Éckára                    (look down; careless; give no attention)
Eckó                       (sexual feeling)
Eckul                      (school)
Ecók                       (like this type of)    
Ecón                       (this season)
Ecóttiloi                  (with its force; with its encouragement)
Ectemá                   (large religious gathering of its kind by tens of thousands of people)
Ectemáyi                 (in groups together)
Ecúar                      (asure)
Éçame                    (ability; capibility)
Éçammwá               (weak)
Éçe                         (there)
Eçé                         (here)
Éçekén                   (how in that place)
Eçékén                   (how in this place) 
Eçíyar                     (from here)
Éçiyar                     (from there)
Edam                      (this price)
Édam                      (that price)
Edára                     (office in Arabic language)
Eddíane                   (with full concentration) 
Eddin                      (a day; one day)
Eddók                    (half)
Eddúr                     (this much distance)
Éddur                     (that much distance)
Edhák                     (this side)
Édhák                     (that side)
Edhdhoilla               (same)
Edhdhúk                 (one drink)
Edin                        (this day; today)
Édin                        (that day)
Edín                        (this much number/quanity)    
Édín                        (that much number/quantity)
Édínnah                   (recently)
Edor                       (this price)
Édor                       (that price)
Edóroni                  (this handle)
Édóroni                  (that handle)
Edóroza                  (this door)
Édóroza                  (that door)
Edún                       (this much amount)
Édun                       (that much amount)
Eduniyait                 (in this world)    
Eddíane                   (with interest, in concentration)
Ée                           (calling somebody a little away to get response) 
Eéc                         (enjoing laxury)
Eén                         (like this) 
Éen                         (like that)
Éenken                    (what a trouble making)
Eénken                    (why like this)
Eezaat                     (on this departure; on this going, moving)  
Efor                         (underneath sign used in Hanif-language)
Effarí                       (one time; one turn; one shift)
Effisso                     (one turn-over; one shift; one time)
Effissán                    (one generation)
Effoton                    (one shift)
Efoñtót                    (in this way; in this lane)
Efosón                     (liked too much)
Egáar                      (this infection)
Egana                      (relative)
Egañtá                     (trapped this way)
Egañtot                    (this digging; this cave)
Egaro                      (eleven)
Egaruwá                  (eleventh)
Egaza                      (frequently)
Egeza                      (frequently)
Eggia                       (full of this)
Egóic                       (twenty-one)
Eggaála                   (one bowel of)
Eggañtot                  (in the same digging)
Eggarí                     (the whole car; of full car)
Eggín                       (same one)
Eggolóic                  (one glass of)
Eggóijja                   (lonely home; home without neighbour) 
Eggór                      (the whole family; of full family)
Egguccí                   (same family; same decendents)
Eggúilla                    (alone; single; without any partner or helper)
Eháitta                     (single handed; handled or used by only one person)
Ehála                       (single)
Eham                       (this job; this work)
Ehana                      (a penny)
Ehañsa                     (this side)
Éhañsa                     (that side)
Ehañsat                    (in this side)
Éhañsat                    (in that side)
Ehélas                      (being sincere)
Ehéram                    (intention for pilgrimage; the two white clothes without stitches) 
Ehésán                     (help)
Ehétiat                     (take care)
Ehíssa                      (one share)
Ehón                        (now)
Éhon                        (right-away)
Ehóuti                      (this loss)
Éito                          (woe! I have pointed you before!)  
Ejajot                       (permission)  
Ek                            (one)
Ekama                     (residency permit in Arabic language)
Ekbar                       (one time)
Ekboitta                   (in a way; somehow) 
Ekbuth                     (a boat of)
Ekcalíc                     (forty-one)
Ekcót                       (one hundred)
Ekdak                      (one mark)
Ekdhák                    (one side)
Ekdhoilla                  (same)
Ekéla                        (single; alone) 
Ekeral                       (admit; accepted his fault)
Ekfarí                        (one turn; one shift)
Ekfoijjal                    (one dose)
Ekgúilla                     (single, separated)
Ekháfta                     (one week; a week)
Ekhañit                     (forcing to one-side only)
Ekhale                      (one upon a time)
Ekhaiñccá                 (singular cough)
Ekhotá                      (in same statement, same voice)
Ekin                          (believe)
Ekine                        (of haveing believe)
Ekisím                      (like this; is like) 
Ekkame                    (for a work)
Ekkán                       (one piece)
Ekkani                      (one standard unit of land measurement in Arakan State, Burma)
Ekkena Ekkena        (little by little)
Ekkánti                     (in one place, together)
Ekkántu                    (in one place)
Ekkená gori              (little bit)
Ekkinare                   (aside)
Ekkíni                       (little)
Ekkínísa                   (little)
Ekkita                      (one-time, separating item wise)
Ekkom                     (less one)
Ekkúc                      (a palm-size of)   
Ekkudhoilla              (similar)
Ekkuippa                 (stubborn)
Ekkule                     (in one side)
Ekkuni                     (a unit in measuring small land or plot)
Ekku-niáce              (in a single breath)
Ekkuri                      (twenty)
Ekkurul                    (10 millions)
Ekkuthí                    (one billion)
Eklák                       (100 thousands) 
Ekmikká                  (one way direction)
Ekname                   (with a single name; famous)
Ekmon                     (with heartedly)
Ekniáccot                 (in one breath of time)
Ekorkeñçi                (taking small small from all)
Eksáñte                    (together)
Eksíara                     (one part of Quarn out of 30 parts)   
Eksóllukot               (in the same ideology, in harmony)
Eksugé                     (as far as your eye sight)
Eksugór                    (of one sight distance)
Eksúura                    (one chapter of Quran)
Ekthal                      (a pile of; a stack of)

Ektiar                       (wish)
Ekuilla                      (from this side of the river bank or other landmark)
Ekule                       (this side of river bank or other landmark)
Ékule                       (that side of river bank or other landmark)

Ekunot                     (in this corner)
Ékunot                     (in that corner)

Ekúti                        (deep stream)
(one kind of; one type of; one category of)
Ekzák                      (a crowd of; a group of)
Ekzañás                   (a boat of)
Ekzat                       (same kind; same type; same category) 
Ekzúikka                 (of knowing one way or one thing only)
Ekzuk                      (a period of 12 years) 
Elac                         (treatment)
Elaj                          (treatment)
Elájík                       (allergic)
Elaka                       (area)
Elan                         (announce)
Élan                         (lay against)
Eláná                       (pimple on face)
Eláná-gula                (a kind of fruit)
Elarám                     (alarm)
Elasi                        (a kind of spicy)
Elástík                     (elastic)
Elektrík                    (electric)
Elóm                        (education)
Elóme                      (by education)
Elómdar                   (educated people)
Elómi                       (educated; educational)
Eloot                        (this rare seeing of each other) 
Elmí                         (educational)
Emác                       (this month)
Emanúic                   (this man; this person)
Emmác                    (one month)
Emmikká                 (one direction)
Emmarailla               (full of a basket) 
Enáac                      (pine apple)
Enam                       (reward; award)
Enazi-kela               (a kind of banana; Arakanese banana)
Endila                      (like this) 
Endhila                    (like this)
Enféradi                   (in single; alone)
Enkelab                   (political fighting; voicing against; strike against)
Enkelabi                  (of political fighting; of voicing against)
Enkwari                   (enquiry)
Entezar                    (noun: waiting; 
Enzam                     (case against; faulty case against)
Eocótnoó                (too much nauty)
Epparí                     (one feeding)
Eppoisá                   (a single penny)
Eppóir                     (one shot of bullet)
Eppoizzal                 (one dose of)
Eqúti                        (sharply deep) 
Era                          (remove skin; divide into pieces)  
Erada                      (intention; willingness)
Erai                         (skinned; uncovered; exposed)
Eraide                     (make skinned; make uncovered; make exposed)
Erasta                      (this lane; this way)
Ere                          ([he/she/they] keep)
Erer                         ([he/she/they are] keeping)
Eri                           ([I] keep something; put down something)
Eride                       (make [him/her/them] free)
Eridi                        ([I] make [him/her/them] free)
Eridiya                     (uncontrolled; open; without fence)
Erido                       ([you] free [him/her/them])
Eridon                     (freeing)
Ero                          ([you] keep, put down or lay down)
Eroni                       (thing on which to keep something)     
Eroór                      ([you] are keeping, putting down or laying down)
Eros                        ([you] use to keep)    
Err                          (keep)
Esán                        (help; benefiting)
Esás                        (experience; understanding; tasting the bitterness)
Esis                         (this thing)
Eskul                       (school)  
Essát                       (a moment; a while; a short time) 
(looking for God help)
Estekfar                   (praying to Allah for protect from evil)                    
  (act of praying to Allah for protect from evil)
Estemal                    (usage)
Estinza                     (passing urine)
Etaras                      (being questionable; questioning against; telling against; not in agreement; not in line)    
Etekáf                      (staying away from human talking and only praying to Allah)
Etim                         (orphan)
Etimháñna                (hostel for orphans)
Etminan                   (satisfied)
Etó                          (this many)   
Etóbar                     (this many times)
Etódhóilla                (this many different types)
Etókkún                   (this much time)
Etókisím                  (this many categories)   
Etómatta                  (this many frequently)
Etómíkka                 (this many ways; this many directions)
Étollah                     (that is why)
Ettailla                     (of one sided; of one way thinking)
Etúkkún                   (that long duration!)
Etún                         (that long delay!)     
Éza                          (hedgehog; a kind of animal)
Ezaga                      (this land)
Ézaga                      (that land)
Ezaitta                     (this kind of)
Ezák                        (this crowd)
Ézala                       (this messy watery bush) 
Ezat                         (this race)
Ezati                        (of this race)
Ezazot                     (permission) 
Ezin                         (permission)
Ezitulla                    (of too much stuborn)
Ézo                         (spelling)
Ezúk                        (tendency; chance; opportunity) 
Ezúkot                     (in this tendency; in this chance; in this opportunity) 
Ezzat                       (same kind; same category) 

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