Rohingya to English Dictionary G

g                         (the 7th character in the Rohingya Alphabets)
gaa                      (body)
gáa                      (scars)
gaá                      (sing)
gaadú                  (take shower)
gaadúo                (take bath)
gaái                     (to sing) 
gaáido                 (let [you] sing)
gaáifare               (can sing; able to sing)
gaáiféla                (have sung)
gaafira                 (not feeling good in the body; feeling tired)
gaafurer               (burning sensation in the body) 
gaág                    (customer)
gaagíñar               (attaching body on others usually father or mother)
gaahoñrar            (pain in the body)
gaák                    (customer)
gáail                    (injured)
gaála                   (bowl)
gaalamar              (having frequent loose motion) 
gaálu                   (talkative)
gaám                   (glue; germ)
gaamatá               (body to head; head to toe)
gaán                    (gun)
gaár                     (singing)
gaárdh                 (guard)
gaáza                   (fit to sing; suitable to sing)
gaazzor                (fever)
gabi                     (unseen; from hidden)    
gada                    (dust; dust layer; muddy layer)
gadá                    (male ass)
gadi                     (mattress)  
gadí                     (female ass)
gadi                     (mattress)
gágguá                 (dog barking)
gaggula                (a kind of fruit)
gai                       (female cow)
gaib                     (disappeared; absent; stayed away)
gaibá                   ([you will] surely sing) 
gaibi                    (from unseen; from unknown)
gaibot                  (in absent)
gaif                      (disappeared; absent; stayed away)
gail                      (scolding)
gáil                      (injured)
gaillé                    (squeezed out)
gáimmé                (has sweated)
gain                     (become professional in singing)
gaiñya                  (person from rulral areas or villages)   
gair                      (prefix used to get negative meaning; not close or relative)
gairázir                (absent)
gairot                   (feeling of protesting against those who mentally disturbed him)
gairoti                  (of feeling of protesting against those who mentally disturbed him)
gáiththa                (person who help cross the river by boat or so with charge)
gáiththéna            (insulting by pushing out of home or place)
gaiyé                   (repeating to others what was discussed or heard)
gal                       (mouth; remove water or liquid from a mixture)
gala                     (noun: removing water or liquid from a mixture)
galá                     (breathing parts of a fish) 
galaide                 (reject; let stay behind; do not count)
gale                     (verb: [he/she/they] remove water or liquid from a mixture)
galén                   (gallon)
gali                      (scolding;squeezing out; [I] remove water or liquid from a mixture)
galifélon               (squeezing out)
galo                     ([you] remove water or liquid from a mixture)
galorsáinna          (cheek)
galorsira              (opening of the mouth)
galsaba                (jaw bone)
galú                     (talkative)
galwa                  (talkative)  
gám                     (sweat)
gamá                   (bulky; heavy; large; fatty)
gáma                   (noun: of being sweating)
gáme                   ([he/she/they] use to sweat) 
gámon                 (noun: of being sweating)
gan                      (music)
gana                    (song)
gáñc                    (animal food; avoiding work so others do it)
gáñcgorer            (avoid doing alone as others are not doing it)
gañçá                  (concentrated when in liquid form)
gáñça                  (door of the outside fence)
gáñçer                 (stirring)
gáñçido               ([you] make stirring)
gáñço                  ([you] stirr)  
gáñçon                (stirring) 
gandá                  (dirty)
gañdí                   (hardened part of the animal neck due to pulling load) 
gang                    (rural area; village area)
gáni                     (oil squeezing device powered by cow)
gañittá                 (with chained)
gañr                     (burry)
gañrá                   (water hole in the ground)
gañraido              ([you] burry)
gañraider             (burring)
gañride                ([you] burry for me)
gañrider               (burring) 
gañrido                ([you] burry)
gañridi                 ([I] burry]
gañridir                ([I am] burrying; planting)
gañriták               (stay seated without moving)
gañro                   ([you] burry)
gañre                   ([he/she/they] burry) 
gañri                    (in burrying condition)
gañron                 (noun: burrying)
gansá                   (veil)
gansár                 (of veil)
gañt                     (hole in the ground; chain together)
gañtá                   (noun: chaining together)
gáñth                   (jetty; port)
gáñthi                  (military/police camp)
gañtó                   (punch; tie in chain)
gañtír                   ([I] am chaining together)
gañtó                   ([you] chain things together)
garí                      (car)
garír                    (of car)
garít                     (in the car)
garuli                   (snake charmer)
gas                      (wood; tree)
gasá                    (the dancing person in curing diseases)
gás                      (game turn)
gas-kuittani          (woodpecker)
gasór                   (made of wood; wooden)
gaza                    (narcotic items)
gazi                     (war winner)
ges                      (arrow or sharp item used to penetrate into)
geés                    (gas)
gel                       (gone)
gelén                   (gallon container)
gelgói                  (has; have gone)
géñçi                   (neck-behind)
ges                      (iron arrow)
giár                      (gear)
giçílla                   (something hard forming just below skin)
giddá                   (wooden piece used for fire)
giga                     (billion)
gíi                        (ghee)
gil                        (support platform for vegetable trees; swallow)
gilo                      (swallow)
giloon                  (swallowing)
gilóth                   (solid formation under skin)
giltí                      (white copper)
gín                       (feeling to avoid accepting from those harmed him before)
giñyo                   (grain wheat)
girá                      (joint)
gíra                      (fence)
gírifeló                 (close them around)
girgirar                 (vibrating)
girós                    (owner)
gisgisi                  (enough done)
git                        (song)
gita                      (musical instrument)
giya a                  (that, something that)
giyé                     (went)
giyégói                 (gone)
gláss                    (glass)
goçbór                (disturbance)
góce                    (he rubs)
gócgocár             (making a busy crowd)
gócgoiccá            (rough)
góco                    (rub it)
goda                    (wood log)
godal                   (animals in the pond of a shrine)
godalmas             (a kind of fish)
goddana              (nape of the neck; back of the neck)
godgoçar             (boiling)
godombuddá       (Buddha)
goff                     (talking circle)
goffar                  (Allah’s name)
goffmar                (talking tales)
goffúçu                (too much talker)
góicca                 (mustard seeds)
goir                     (sea wave)
gola                     (neck)
golgola                (water wash into the mouth)
gólo                     (enter)
golti                     (mistakes; guilt; wrong doing)
gom                     (good)
gomgorí               (well; nicely)
goñ                      (rural area)
gondá                  (dirty)
góndhi                 (Kate)
goner                   (counting)
gona                    (counting)
gondá                  (dirty)
goni                     (rich)
goniyotor             (properties obtained at the end of a war)
gonná                  (eclipse)
gono                    (count)
góno                    (thick)
gonoya                (fortune teller)
gonzi                   (under wear)
goó                     ([you] sing)
goóná                  (requesting to sing; please sing)
gop                     (talking circle)
gor                      (do; perform)
gora                     (rejected grain of rice)
gorá                    (let him do)
góra                     (water pot)
gorác                   (a handful amount of food ready to eat or swallow)
gorba                   (guest)
gorbór                 (baby creation in the mother worm)
gorgoijja              (can read without any difficulty)
gorgora                (of rolling)
gorgorai               (without difficulty)
gorgorar              (rolling)
górgorár              (throat sounding just before dying)
gorila                   (gorilla)
goró                    (do)
gorís                    (make sure do it)
gorír                    (I am doing)
gorom                 (hot)
gorom-grom        (while still new, clear, known or hot)
gorós                   (selfish)
gorma-gormi        (while still new, clear, known or hot)
gorr                     (small channel for water)
górr                     (home)
gos                      (length measurement ruler; accept)
gosér                   (accepting)
gosó                    (let [you] accept)
góuçi                   (watch)
gouli                    (sneak)
goulóic                (glass)
goóulí                  (goal person)
goóur                  (labor, worker)
gouppwa             (talker)
gourib                  (poor)
gouru                   (cow)
gouzi                   (water pot)
gouzila                 (godzilla)
goyal                   (deer)
goyoum               (guava)
goza                    (biscuit type stick)
gozgozar              (scolding due to mistakes done)
gozi                     (large water container made of mud)
gozila                   (godzilla)
gozól                   (singing competition)    
gozzónggas          (a kind of tree)
grem                    (weight unit gram)
gubbar                 (dark cold windy whether)
gúc                      (illegal offer to achieve something)
gúca                    (fist)
guccá                  (anger)
guccí                   (family tree)
guda                    (bent shaped; large sized)
gudá                    (water closed dam)
gudguti                (back biting person) 
gudh-guiththa-gas(a famous very hard wood)
gúggui                  (a warning bird for mishaps)
guillámas              (fish)
gúiththa                (tree bark left over)
gul                       (round)
gula                     (fruit)
gulá                     (round piece or small piece used to be thrown at )
gúla                     (water circle in the river)
gulaffúl                 (a kind of flower)
gulail                    (tool of rubber strip and V-shaped wood to catch birds)
gulam                  (slave)
gulguilla               (rounded)
guli                      (bullet)
gulí                      (tablet)
gúm                     (sleepiness)
gumguimma         (rough –sea)
gumgumar            (large sea sounding; distant sounding; inner sounding) 
gumrá                  (away from religious duty)
gúmza                  (sleep)
gun                      (of beneficial)
gún                      (ear waste)
guna                    (bare iron ware)
guná                    (sin)
gúna                    (farm land between mountains)
guñar                   (wicked)
gundha                (bad people on the street)
gundhá                (dried cow waste)
gunguni                (head itching insect)
gunn                    (black magic)
gúno                    (fry)
gúñra                   (horse)
gunsí                    (rope tied in the waist)
gura                     (small)
gúra                     (horse)
gurá                     (horse power)
gurbó                   (fetus in the mother womb)
gurgurar               (sounding due to fast moving round)
guri                      (smaller)
gúri                      (cover)
gúro                     (to cover; to tight cap)
gúron                   (circulating)
gúroni                  (cover; cap)
gusá                    (bunch of rice trees)
gusól                   (shower)
guss                     (calf; rice tree bundle)
gusso                   (meat)
gutá                     (poke)
gútum                  (cotton)
guu                      (stool)
gúu                      (stool)
guyágaya             (in detail)
guzaiyer               (put it in the corner)
guzorigiyói           (in passed time)
guzorigiyóide       (in the past)
guzoro                 (shout)
guzorer                (shouting)

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