Rohingya to English Dictionary J  
jaám                  (jam) 
jaba                   (cover the leak or hole with mud of something)
Jaber                 (common Rohingya people name)
jaboai              (holding with both hands; holding firmly; holding with force)
jadu                   (magic)
jadugor              (magician)
jadugori             (work of magician)
Jafan                  (people of Japan)
Jafani                 (of Japan; made in Japan)
Jafani-mas         (a kind of fish)
jafórani              (a kind of health tablet)
jagir                   (student staying with a family in exchange of some work or without any)
jáhan                 (universe)
Jáhangir             (common Rohingya people name)
jáhannam           (hell)
jali                     (fake; cotton belt used by old or ancient woman)
jam                    (busy traffic)
jamá                  (big; large; well known; famous e.g. Jamá mousóit)
jáma                  (crowded)
Jamal                 (common Rohingya people names)
Jamarat              (evil's points that pilgrims throw stones)
jamgula              (a kind of fruit)
jámila                 (crowded)
jan                     (life)
jañás                  (ship)
jáña                  (broom, scolding)
jáñu                  (broom)
jandár                (of life)
jándha               (flag or sign used in strike; or in success of independence)
jandi                  (by life)
jane                   (with life)
janfooran           (love with life)
Jafór                  (common Rohingya people name)
jáñss                  (cymbals)
januar                (animal)
January              (January month)
Japan                 (Japan country)
japani-mas         (a kind of fish)
jasus                  (spy)
játhdhuañ           (a group of similar trees grown in a squeezed place) 
játhka                (jump over; jump toward)
Java                   (Java people of Indonesia)
Jawad                (common Rohingya people name) 
jeá                   (father's brother)
jeí                    (wife of father's brother)
jel                    (jelly)
jth                    (Jet engine or plane)
jethí                   (jetty)
Jw                   (Jew people)
Jibrail                (Angle Gabriel who brings messages from Allah)
Jiddá                 (port city 80km west of Makkah)
jii                       (answering call)
jiíp                     (jeep)
jílmil-jílmil          (colorful sparking)
jillot                   (suffering; painful time; sorrowful situation)
jilloti                  (adj: suffering; painful time; sorrowful situation)
jin                      (jinn)
jinda                  (alive)
jindaabad          (speaking good of)
jinís                   (thing)
jinnat                 (Jins)
joc                    (relax; enjoy; benefiting)
jog                    (jug)
joj                     (judge; enjoying wealth)
jojba                 (courage)
jojbati               (bravery)
joldi                  (quickly)
jollat                 (person who is assigned to kill persons)
jolsa                 (fun raising ceremony for religious schools such as madarasa)
jolti                   (quickly)
joma                 (group; collect; save; bring together)
jomaát              (group)
jonaza               (prayer for a dead person)
jonggol              (forest)
jonggoli             (who inhabit in forest)
jónjath              (complication)
jonnot               (heaven)
jonnoti              (person who have shown enough good deeds to say he will go to heaven)
jontís                 (yellow disease)
joribana            (fine)
joth                   (mark usually black due to continuous rubbing)
jóthfóth             (immediately; urgently; within no time)
jóthka               (a jolt)
joththúáñ           (swelling due to burn or injury; pimple like)
juab                  (answer)
juan                  (youthful)
juani                  (youth)
juari                  (corn)
juc                    (bad feeling against other; inner force of a person)
juc'hái               (swallowing bad feeling against other)
juda                  (separated)
juddó                (war)
julus                  (strike)  
júmjúm              (raining sound when heavy)
Jumá                 (Friday prayer)
Jun                    (Month of June)
júña                 (bun; chignon; hair ball tied at back of the head;wig)
juniar                 (junior)
júppui              (small and unclean home)
jurúm                 (oppressed; punished)
jus                     (force; power; encouragement)
júth                    (lie)
júthah                 (a lie)
júthabás             (liar)
júthmíl                (jute mill)
juús                   (juice)
juwab                (answer)
juwan                (adult)
juwani                (of adult age)
juwari                (corn)

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