Rohingya to English Dictionary L

laa                       (come in Burmese language)
laá                       (plastic)
laáith                   (light)
laánot                  (curse)
laár                      (of plastic)
laátríssa               (thunder lightening)
laáv                     (noun: love)
laávar                  (lover) 
laázim                  (a must)
láboli                   (due to; because of)
lac                       (casualty)
lacálacá               (soft) 
laçagáça              (of remaining and/or bad quality)
laçí                      (stick used for support or beating)
láçung                  (spinning top)
ladhdhá               (of remaining and/or bad quality)
ladhdhú               (small sweet ball)
laff                       (profit; benefit)
laga                     (fix; join)
lage                     (require)
lager                    (cont: needing)
lahouçi                 (fire wood)
lai                        (basket)
láiboli                   (due to; because of)
laiggé                   (was needed)
lailotor kodór       (night of power; night of decreed; 27th night of Ramadan)
laimmé                 (descended)
lain                      (line)
láing                     (water wave)
laisén                   (license)
lak                       (hundred thousands)
lakkwámas           (a kind of fish)
lal                         (red)
lali                        (inner yellow part of egg)
lalós                     (greedy)
lalsí                      (greedy)
lam                       (go down)
lame                     (usually come down; use to come down)
lamani                   (frequent motion diseases)
lamar                    (bringing down)
lambá                   (long)
lamba                   (tall, long, high)
lamer                    (coming down)
lami                      ([let me/us] come down)  
lamo                     (come down)
lamoni                  (ladder; staircase; something to take you down)
laouça                  (shit)
lar                        (verb: move)
lara                      (noun: moving) 
larái                     (battle)
lare                      (used to move) 
larer                     (kidding; moving)
lari                       (noun: getting move)
laro                      ([get it] move)
laron                    (noun: moving)
lasar                     (very weak and sick)
latí                       (noun: kick)
lebas                    (costumes)
léça                     (thin)
leccái                   (abandoning after saying shit)
leccí                     (shouting shit)
leccwá                 (sticky liquid leaking out of mouth)
ledholom              (pencil)
lefava                   (envelop)
léggi                     (brave)
lehá                      (writing)
lehader                 (bumped to something)
leham                   (hooking the animal at nose)
leikké                   (written)
leká                      (writing)
lekér                    (writing)
lekó                     (write)
lekóni                   (writing instrument)
lemun                   (lemon)
lendha                  (naked)
leng                      (leg disabled)
lenggyá                 (leg disabled person)
les                        (tail)
lesswa                  (something with weak or less content; of less meat side)
lesu                      (small round red sweet fruit )
leth                       (eraser; lead of pencil)
lethá                     (slow mover; late comer; being late)
leththwa                (spit)
lifo                        (do plastering; leveling)
lifoni                     (plastering tool)
lillirar                    (playing naughty at far end of something high and shaky)
lilliri                      (small hanging piece)
líorigula                 (a kind of fruit)
liyo                       (making disgrace)
lobbáik                 (saying to Allah that I am here for you in the hajj time)
lockor                  (army) 
loçí                       (stick for support while walking)
log                        (a kind of insect)
loifarer                  (can be taken)
loilla isa                (a kind of small soft shrimp)
loillar agat             (at very high top)
loiththa faga          (twist the string together)
loiththa mas          (fleshy fish tasty when dried)
loiyé                     (taken)
loiyoum                (will take)
lok                       (a kind of insect)
lokéth                   (bracelet)
lokkí                    (lucky; luck)
lókmarilo              (take by extending long hand)
lolloijja                 (soft and white clean)
lombór                 (number)
lonchar                 (launcher)
lóndha                  (bigger sized)
londhi                   (prostitute)
londhón                (capital of Britain)
lóng                      (long heavy sampan)
longgi                    (sarong)
loódhspíkar          (loud speaker)
loók                     (noun: lock)
loon arde doon     (give and take)
loóri-gari               (truck)
loór                      (light stream)
lo                         (take)
lor                        (move aside)
lora                       (motion) 
lorá                      (being long and thin)
lossí                      (yogurt mixed with water and sweet)
lothári                   (lottery)
lota                       (rope like string from tree)
loti                        (outside ear lower tip)
lothka                   (hang)
lothkai                  (by hanging)
lothkaier               (keep hanging)
lothkaiféla             (be hung)
lothkairak             (keep hanging)
lothkairaké           ([he/she/they usually] keep hanging)
lothkairakér          ([he/she/they] is keeping hanged)
lothkairakí            ([I/we usually] keep hanging) 
lothkairakó           ([you all] keep it hanging)   
lothkairaikké         (kept hanging)
lothkani                (thing used for hanging)
lothkaieroni           (hanger) 
lothári                   (lottery)
lou                        (blood)
louwé                   (with blood)
louwót                  (in blood)
louwór                  (of blood) 
loufiyoni                (small animal)
lowa forer             (need to be taken)
luaza                     (should take it)
luazar                    (suitable to be fit)
luça                      (toilet use container)
luçifiçá                  (flat bread)
lud goizzé              (robbed)
lufár                      (bad person to kill or harm somebody)
luiththé                  (laid flat)
lukkelani kélon      (playing hide and seek game)
lukkelani               (hide and seek game)
luksan                   (loss)
lulluri                     (hanging pieces; ear ring)
luo                        (hide)
luoon                    (hiding)
lusalusa                 (soft and soft)
lussan                   (loss)
lutamuta                (soft in touch)
luti                        (eye ball)
lutifuk                   (very small insect)
luthi                      (bread)
luúi                       (fishing container made of bamboo)
luúizal                   (a kind of fishing net)
luwá                     (iron)
luwair                   ([I/we] are hiding; are hiding [something])
luwaiya                 (hidden)
luwaiyé                 (hidden away)
luwaiyer                (hide other)   
luwár                    (of iron)
luwaza                  (acceptable)
luwazar                 (being acceptable)
luwázaron             (iron based medicine)
luwer                    ([he/she/they] are hiding)
luwo                     (hide)
luwon                   (hiding)  

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