Rohingya to English Dictionary N

ná                                 (no)
naait                              (Hindu people whose profession is hair cutting)
naáitta                           (unlucky, unblessed people)
naár                              (line of constant water flow)
naari                             (watch in Burmese language)
naás                              (hospital nurse)
naástí                            (unlucky)
nac                               (damaged)
nacáicta                        (uncivilized)
naça                              (closed)
naço                             (block the hole or gap)
nadhdhe                        (rolling upside-down)
nafak                            (unclean)
nafosón                         (disliked)
nága                              (absent)
naga                              (person who speaks with nasal sound)
nagí                               (navel; body's center)
nagin                             (people who show plays with snakes)
nagori                            (native of the land)
nahol                             (ploughing tool)
nái                                 (do not have)
naijjol                            (coconut)
nailun                            (nylon)
nak                               (nose)
nakcíara                        (nose and face)
nakécta                         (no handsome, ugly)
nakéss                           (low/less than normal)
nakfúl                            (nose ornament)
nákkóro mas                 (a kind of fish)
nakúc                            (unhappy)
nal                                 (water line deep the ground)
nalá                               (water drainage)
nalayek                         (not of good character, non-suitable person)
nalí                                (drainage; lines of bad blood formed in the body)
nalic                              (sue)
nam                               (name)
nana                              (mother's father)
nañgkathai                     (a kind of bread)
nappúl                           (nose ring)
nar                                (baby's food line in mother womb)
nara                              (mass strike)
nará                              (rice straws)
naraingcóng                   (a famous village west of Taung Bazaar, Buthidaung township, Arakan)
naraya tokbir                 (shouting with Allah's name)
nari                               (baby's food supply connection in the womb)
naris                              (a kind vegetable leaves)
naruthi                           (a kind of white bread)
nas                                (dance ceremony)
nasta                             (snack)
nathá                             (short man, miser, less fertile )
natanzá                          (of very low class habit)
nati                                (grand son/daughter)
nathok                           (pretend)
naththwa                        (man dancer)
nazuk                             (weak, delicate, soft)
neçahol                          (wicked way)
neço                              (sleep)
neel                               (come out; go out)
neeler                            ([he/she/they are] going out; coming out)
neelir                             ([I am] going out; coming out)
neelo                             (take out; go out)
negarani                         (under the leader of)
nehain                            (thinking himself as knowing everything)
nek                                (husband-but saying in disrespect)
neká                              (marriage)
neki                               (God blessed person)
nekkar                           (pious man)
nekthái                          (necktie)
neth                               (sleep)
neta                               (leader in Hindu language)
neví                               (navy)
niala                              (take out)
niamot                           (Allah's blessing for the sustenance)
niáñc                             (breath)
nicá                               (drug)
nicí                                (mid night)
nidus                             (not guilty)
nif                                  (pen's sharp part)
nikac                             (check for profit or loss)
nil                                  (outer side of bamboo)
nila rong                        (blue color)
nilam                             (auction)
nimfaik                          (a kind of bird)
nimgas                          (a kind of tree used for shade)
nion                              (signboard neon)
nira                               (tired)
niriccá                           (without any additive for taste)
nirittá                            (weak and unhealthy person)
niróc                             (inferior; lower quality)
nirol oiyé                       (very much tired)
nise                               (below)
niso                               (lower)
nisor                              (of lower)
nisottú                           (underneath)
nitti                               (always)
nittifitti                           (always)
niyom                           (normal)
niyóñr                           (bend; lean)
niyóro                           (lean)
niyot                             (intention)
niyúyók                        (New York city)
nizar                             (taking)
nize                              (myself)
nizo                              (take)
nizor                             (mine)
no                                (nine)
nobab                           (land lord; very rich person)
nobazís                         (do not touch)
nobboi                          (ninety)
nobuzíba                       ((you respectful) will not understand)
nobuzíbi                        ((you) will not understand)
nobuzó                          ((you) do not understand)
nobuzóya                      (not understanding people)
nodi                              (river)
nodoya                         (not used to give)
nofól                             (voluntary prayers)
nogol                            (anchor)
nok                              (nail)
nokcó                           (map)
nokkoni                        (nail's corner; see small job to be done)
nokoli                           (imitation)
nola                              (bone)
noláar                           (no need)
nolaris                          (no kidding)
noleikkó                       (do not write)
noloic                           (do not take)
nombór                        (number)
noncóc                         (husband's sister)
nonon                           (husband's brother)
noó                              (no)
noo                              (small boat)
noóile                           (if not)
noón                            (not to happen)
normi                           (weak, very sick, very poor)
noroli                           (throat)
norom                          (soft)
nosíf                             (luck)
notáke                          (not staying)
notiza                           (the result)
nottúl                            (nose wearing)
nothun                          (new)
nothike                         (not lasting)
noukor                         (house maid)
nowá                            (of nine in quantity)
noya natinna                 (freshly new person; novice)
noya                             (new)
nozor                           (eye catching in bad intention on something)
nozoriya                       (view)
nuáis                            (do not come)
nuañ                             (new)
nuinna                          (sea floating fish)
numás                          (Muslim prayers)
nun                               (salt)
nuna                             (salty)
nunú                             (toddler)
nur                               (brightness)
nurani                           (blessed light)
nuwal                           (handkerchief)
nuwás                          (daily five times prayers of Muslim)

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