Rohingya to English Dictionary O

ó                             (Oh; be)
o                             (prefix used to negate the meaning)
obá                         (Oh! father)
obáb                       (shortage of food)
obáf                        (shortage of food)
obáfa                      (no thinking; less thinking) 
obái                        (dear brother; oh! brother)
obar                        (over)     
obari                       (without shelter e.g. ogór obari  homeless shelterless)
obus                        (not matured in understanding)
obáiggo                   (unlucky)
obáigoittá                (unlucky person)
ocáir                       (oh! stranger)
ocánti                      (no peace)
ocár                        (mess; amazing; astonishing)
ocárduniyai             (a great mess, amazing or astonishing)
ocíccí                      (ugly; look very bad physically)
ocíggáta                  (illiterate; uneducated) 
ocíkkáta                  (illiterate; uneducated) 
ocód                       (of bad character)
ocót                        (of bad character)
ocúd                       (medicine)
ocúida                     (inconvenient; difficult)
ocúk                       (sick)
odhár                      (order)
oduniyai                  (next world; other world)
ófarn                       (to be sure; to be certain*)  
ofát                         (departed; deceased; died)
ofís                         (office)
ofokké                    (against; not sided)
ofoñt                       (no road; no walk way; unsuitable road)
ofur                         (not full)
ofúráni                    (plenty; not getting less)
ofuron                     (not completed; not filled up; not finished)
ófut                         (oh! my dear son)
ogáñth                     (non existing port)
oggolanti                 (carelessness)  
ogona                     (countless)
ogoniyot                  (uncountable)
ogór                        (homeless)
ogúr                        (deep; heavy; large e.g. ogúr zooñl deep forest)
ohón                       (right now; right away)
oharone                  (for that reason - in pure Bengali language and not used by Rohingya)
ói                            (yes)
óiballá                     (to be able; to be OK)
óibar                       (to be)
óibou                      (will be)
óigiyói                     (have done; completed; finished)
óine                        (is it true) 
óineé                       (is it true)
oinnai                      (unjust)
oinniai                     (unjust)
oinno                      (different; other kind)
oiththal feça             (pick the remaining or the abandoned)
óito                         (yes it is)
óitou                       (would be)
oíye                        (done; OK)
óiyené                     (is it done?)
óiyená                     (it is enough)
ok                           (OK; yes)
ók                           (noun: rights)
ókkan                     (the truth) 
ókkol                      (all every one)
okkór                     (letter and numbers - Bengali language)  
ókkulún                   (all every body; all)
ólad                        (loan)
oliya                        (highly religious person whom Allah love a lot)
óloid                       (noun: yellow used in the curry)
óloiddá                   (yellow color)
óloit                        (noun: yellow used in the curry)
olomoti                   (a kind of fruit)
olor                         (motionless)
olorot                      (in motionless state; in deep state e.g olorot gúm in sound sleep)
omáñ                      (Oh! mother)
omanúic                  (ordinary man; man of little known; man of no value)
omoronor               (for being not to die)
omuk                      (that person; that man/woman) 
onássi                      (of bad luck)
óñc                         (loose; not tight)
ondila                     (like that)
oñla                        (kitchen)
óñlafúl                     (a kind of lake flower)
oñne                       (you; your honor)                  
óñni                        (comb)
óño                         (bridge; light link between two sides)
oñóc                       (skin of fish)
oñóçá                     (hook)
oñóçí                      (finger ring)
óñola                      (traditional ladies songs)
óñorar                    (whirling pain in the abdomen) 
óñormas                 (a kind of fish)
oñosá                     (barrier; blockage; wall)
oñragula                  (a kind of fruit)
oo                          (filling pity in the heart for something that went wrong and was not able to be saved)
ooler                       (vomiting)
ooin                        (fire)
óomoroni                (as if dying to get)
óossá                     (cheap)
óour                       (lost the way)
óouri                      (husband's mother)
oóut                       (untouched; unused; unconsumed)
ór                           (of)
or                           (of)
óran                       (tired)
óraóuri                   (tsunami)
óre                         (to)
órgor                      (fix; amend)
orgen                      (organ musical instrument)
órgwah                   (a kind of oil seeds)
Oronggi                  (Oronggi people who came to Arakan with British force)
órr                          (muddy water)  
osin                         (unknown; e.g. osin manúic stranger)
osinno                     (not knowing; look like not knowing)
osinta                      (no worry; less worry)
osíyot                      (last words towards his family before dying)  
ot                            (at; in)
ót                            (at; in)  
oti                           (much; too much)
ótin                         (other wife of her husband in polygamy system)     
oticáni                     (bored)
ótollá                      (for that reason; because of; for)
otónot                     (at that moment; at that time)
otón                        (much time; too much time)
ottú                         (from this/that)
ótu                          (dear child; loving child)
ótuwa                     (there it is!)
ou                           (that; those) 
óu                           (Oh!) 
óubaziré                  (exclamation when faces something dangerous)
óuça                       (disagreeing or pursuing word with close male friend)
ouçé                       (there)
óuçi                        (disagreeing or pursuing word with close female friend)
oucúd                     (medicine)
oucúddó                 (of bad habit, character)
oucúida                   (difficult; inconvenient)
oucúk                     (sick)
oucút                      (medicine)
oudin                      (that day; the other day)
oufúráni                  (unending; un-finishing)
óufut                       (oh! my child)
oukuilla                   (people staying across the river or other boundary)
oukule                    (across; in other side)
oular                       (doing things that might bring him into trouble)
oulider                    (rubbing body for relaxation)
ouloumoti                (a kind of fruit)
óumaaré                 (exclamation when faces something dangerous)
ouñl                        (finger)
ooula                      (kitchen)
óurin                       (deer)
óuroi                       (mustard grain)
óutin                       (another wife of her husband)
óuttoir                     (seventy)
óuzíi                        (oh! my daughter)
ozad                       (allergic) 

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