Rohingya to English Dictionary T  

tátá                              (bye bye)
taákít                           (make sure)
taakot                          (energy)
tabis                             (small piece of container hanging in the neck)
táikkoum                      (will stay)
taillamas                       (a kind of fish)
tajjub                           (surprise)
tákgoro                        (pile them)
tal                                (music)
tál                                (plate)
talac                             (seek; look for)
talgas                           (a kind of tree)
tali                               (amending on cloth)
tallwa                           (last bottom part of the foot)
talu                               (vertex; top of the head)
talufura                         (bald)
tán                               (flat-roll of cloth)
tar                                (his)
tára                              (some sort of container for carrying something)
tara                              (star)
tarác                            (thirsty)
taraing                          (waterfall)
taravi                            (Muslim prayers in Ramadan month after Esha)
tarr                               (wire)
tass                              (crown)
tattwa                           (sticky)
taza                              (fresh)
teikka                           (cap)
teilla                             (oil seeds grinding person)
teinna                           (baby wrapping cloth)
tel                                (oil)
telifún                           (telephone)
teligraf                          (telegraph)
telivícén                        (television)
telfar                             (cover plastic)
teloin                            (dish)
telteilla                          (smooth)
tená                              (sweating due to hot and high humidity)
ténteinná                       (state of liquid showing sticky)
tesfata                          (leaves of spicy)
tess                              (power)
tetói                             (a sour seed)
tía goron                       (make standing)
tilismá                           (a miracle)
tin                                (three)
tir                                 (arrow)
tita                               (bitter)
tíya                               (stand up; wait)
tíyo                              (wait; stand-up)
tóila                              (bag)
toitta                            (temporary)
tók                               (stairs)
tola                              (bottom part)
tóla                              (very lower level ground)
toloi                             (mat of bamboo)
tóltoillá                         (state of liquid which is between liquid and solid)
toltolar                         (making noise)
tóltolí                            (a kind sweet used for breakfast)
tóm                              (pillar but very short)
tondul                           (bread fire)
tong-gouru                   (a kind of wild cow)
toóggori                       (quickly)
toóila                            (towel)
tor                                (your)
toratori                         (as quickly as possible)
torifaron                       (surviving)
toris                             (chilli of very hot)
tormus                          (water melon)
tosbí                             (Glorifying Allah’s name)
tottá                             (flat wood)
tottoza                          (fresh)
toufik                           (able to do it)
touloi                            (bamboo mat)
tozza                            (broken into pieces)
tua                               (search)
tuanggor                       (rich)
tuáñr                            (yours)
tufán                             (storm)
tui                                (you)
tuilla                             (vertex of something)
tuippá                           (higher ground; hill like high place)
tul                                 (balance rod used for weighing)
tula                               (measuring unit of gold)
tulá                               (selected; pulled)
tuli                                (vertex; top of the head)
tulíyóum                       (will take up)
tuñí                               (you respected)
túr                                (banana tip)
túra                              (little)
túrung                           (container carried at the back by Murung people)
turunza                         (a type of big lemon)
turut turut                     (violent jumping)
tus marer                      (piling on top of another)
tuta                              (parrot)
túuru                            (saying once disliked or inappropriate)
tuwa                             (search)
tuwaf                            (rounding around Kaba)
tuwon                           (searching)
thaáim-búm                  (time boom)
thaamarer                     (having air blocked)
tháarfaiyé                     (recognized)
thaçala                         (hanging piece in side the mouth)
thaikkuom                    (will hang)
thaim                            (time)
thaimar                         (timer)
thaingki                        (tank)
thainné                         (pulled)
tháiñyamiçá                  (sweet ball)
thaith                            (tight)
thaiyár                          (tire)
thaiyon                         (tomato)
thak                             (some diseases on head)
thaker                          (hanging)
thakmaro                      (show taste but not confirmed)
thakoni                         (hanger)
thala                             (lock)
thalasabí                       (lock and key)
thal                               (pile of something)
thambu                         (tent)
thamm                          (another kind of manago)
thana                            (support for puling)
thanathani                     (pulling by many at the same time)
tháñci                           (tightly; too much)
thándhah                      (cold)
thándhi                         (coldness)
tháng-tháng                  (hitting sound on iron plate)
thanon                          (pulling)
thanoni                         (thing for pulling)
tháththa marer              (laughing and enjoying)
thaththi                         (toilet)
thécmarer                     (telling against something done undesirable)
theés                            (test)
theéx                            (tax)
théila                            (branch of a tree)
theilá                            (not plain surface)
theilámelá                     (non-plain)
théka                            (contract)
theka                            (unit of Bangladesh money)
thékadar                       (contracter)
théla                             (push)
thelá                             (support post against falling)
thélagari                       (pushing cart)
thélon                           (pushing)
théloni                          (thing for pushing)
thémah                         (cut short piece)
théng                            (leg)
thep                             (tape)
therá                            (not straight; zigzag)
thethurun                      (cloth of tetron )
thícthíc                          (bullet firing sound)
thik aasé                       (is well)
thík                              (right)
thíkana                         (address)
thíkgor                         (fix)
thíkgoron                      (fixing)
thíko                            (do target)
thíkon                           (targeting)
thiñañra                        (wall of bamboo)
thinggú                         (very short man)
thinthuúñri                    (small of the back)
thiñya                           (money)
thip                              (fingerprint)
thipprim                       (a kind of fruit)
thipsóloi                       (mashies)
thiyor                           (eye in-balance)
thokkórgori                  (quickly)
thokthóikka                  (not firm structure)
tholtholar                      (in big trouble)
thona                            (the hitting)
thoñcá                          (fair)
thong                            (high bamboo/wooden house)
thongki                         (high house)
thonthonar                    (paining)
thoóc                           (torch light)
thoin                             (tin)
thoull                            (small round sitting)
thóur                            (monk)
thousthar                      (toaster)
thoón                           (town)
thrak                            (truck)
thúañ                            (small swallow tip on skin due to heat)
thúcimaro                     (beating)
thufi                              (cap)
thuirmas                       (a kind of tasty fish)
thuic                             (rice skin waste)
thúiththa-mas                (a kind of fish)
thukuruni                      (African black people)
thulki                            (finger kick)
tuáñra                          (you all)
thunar                           (toner)
thúñça                          (peak of a land)
thúni                             (pillar)
thuñinná thuñinní           (husband and wife in a tale)
thunon                          (amending)
thúñth                           (peak)
thuththui                       (lizard; animal crawling on wall)

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