Rohingya to English Dictionary U

uác                         (hunger; starvation; lack of food)
uáiccá                     (being in hunger, starvation or lack of food)  
uán                         (that one; the one in question)
uán                       (by that one; by the one in question)
uán ri                    (that is the one that we are saying)
uánot                      (at that place; at that position)
uántú                      (in there; at that place) 
ubbiar                     (talking in sleep)
úá                         (calling as disgraces)
úaa                       (polishing call to somebody)
uán                       (plain open area in front of home inside the compound)
ur                        (standing up)
uízargoi                 (leave the seat)
uó                         (getup)
udár                        (loan)
uddár                      (free from burden)
úda                         (without anything)
údo                         (only)
udulfudul                 (disorganized; disarranged; disturbed; confused)  
úff                           (exclamation at suffer unbearable pain)
uggwá                     (one)
uijjóti                      (insisting; stubborn)
uibá                        (that one; that female; that gentleman)
uibár                       (of that one; of that gentleman)
uinn                        (blood sucking insect)
uínn                        (that things; the things in question)
uit                           (seal; animal in the sea)
uitar                      (to him in question)
uitará                      (them in question)
uite                         (that man)
ujáth                       (being banged to something)
ukil                         (lawyer)
úkka                       (smoking device)
úkkaththa                (chairman in Burmese language)
ukkú                       (sickness referred to children)
ul                            (a white short vegetable)
ull                           (a kind of vegetable)
uluder                     (sound produced from mouth for happy occasion)
Umra                      (visiting holy place Makkah for Muslims)
unáigiyói                 (melted)
unca                       (higher position; qualified) 
úñcar                      (breathing hardly)
úñciar                     (be careful)
unduijja                  (male mouse)
undur                      (mouse)
undurni                   (female mouse)
úng-nú-kóksw       (noodle preparation with coconut milk)
uñíjja                      (home being 1st floor above ground)
uñít                         (lay face down)
uñíththikká              (laid upside down)
uñítór                      (baby laying on face)
uñíttól                     (ground below home's 1st floor)
uñíttóle                    (at the ground below home's 1st floor)
uñíjjá                      (chicken cover in dish shaped)
uñíjja-gór                (home where ground floor left open and unused)
úñran                      (step on for pressing)
úñro                        (press by leg)
úñron                      (stepping on for pressing)
uñsa                        (short piece of wood attached to rice grinding lever)
uñsol                       (high)
uñth                        (camel)
uñta                        (grinding roll)
uñtaijj                    (boiled)
uñtani                      (noun: itching)
uñtar                       (cont: itching)
uñtarer                    (boiling)
utúinna                    (mother's son called by mother lovely)
úñzi                         (pursuing; offering; requesting to accept)   
uoi                          (small insect eating wood)
uore                        (above)
uormikká                (up; towards up)
uorthak                   (showing off very high to others)
ura                          (cow home)
urer                        (flying)
urhabulá                 (small snake of green color and can fly from tree to tree)
urhan                      (flight)
Uria                        (African people seen in Burma in British time)
uriam                      (a kind of mango family)
uro                         (fly)
uroinna                   (age of flying-used the bird)
uron                       (noun: flying)
urr                          (fly)
urúc-fátia                (a kind of festible)
urúic                       (biting insect usually in the bed at night)
uruinna                    (of flyable state and age)
urúli                        (red small biting insect)
úrum                       (dried baked rice)
usíla                        (by means of/by the help of/through/intermediary)
uskai                      (stirring someone mentally against somebody)
usoilla                     (higher)
usol                        (high)
usolgoijj                (high lifted)
usolot                     (at high position)
ustat                       (teacher)
uth                          (get up; wake up)
uthál                       (tall)
utaltál                     (making noise to someone for getting job done)
utóill                     (re-effected)
utor                        (north)
uttom                     (take care of things)
uttor                       (north; response)
úúwa                      (far there)
uzan                       (against the flow)
uzanki                    (the period favoring for becoming rich)
uzal                        (fire with straw rod; fire torch)
uzan                       (against the flow)
uzani-mas               (fish racing against water current)
uzár                        (professional people; carpenter)
úzara                      (messy, uncomfortable (home))
uzoijja                    (of noisy)
uzir                         (minister)
uzón                       (weight)
uzor                        (noisy)
uzu                         (straight)
úzur                        (your honor)
uzúitta                     (stubborn; tendency of doing things against wills of others)
úú                           (dog's cry seeing bad happening in the future)
uúñi                         (rice container used to crack rice)

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