Rohingya to English Dictionary W

waá                              (steep)
waábi                           (two extremisms in Islamic religion Wahbi and Sunni)
waáci                           (person having least understanding)
wáawáa                       (uttering voice while enjoyed good show)
waakkán                      (that is another one)
waáláigiyói                   (already rotten; decayed; decomposed)
waán                            (that thing)
waanin                         (warning)
waár                            (pillow)
waás                            (religious speech or sermon)
wacar                           (washer)
wada                            (promise)
waiccá                         (in empty stomach; fasting)
wáifla                         (let cooked)
wail                              (oil)
wakí                             (really)
walkúm                      (reply for the Salam)
WAMY                       (World Assembly of Muslim Youth)
wáñ wáñ hañder           (baby crying)
wañíththá                      (bad smell out of something decayed)
wapes                          (returned; go back)
wapesi                         (act of returning back; in return)
warainna                      (water coming from far above)
wárca                           (workshop)
wares                           (guidance)
waring                          (warring)
wiski                            (alcoholic drink)
wite                              (that person)
witír                              (the last prayer for the day)
woijja                           (the better)
woktó                          (time)
wosíyot                        (telling things to abide)
wotón                          (birth place)
wottín                           (fig fruit)
woulia                          (religious God loving man in high state)
wóuththithí                    (deadly bird)
wúá                            (calling as disgraces)
wuán                          (plain ground at the front of home inside the compound)
wuó                            (getup)
wudulfudul                    (piled but mixed everything causing to sort difficult)
wúff                             (exclamation at suffer unbearable pain)
wuijjóti                         (insisting; stubborn)
wuit                              (seal; animal in the sea)
wujáth                          (being banged to something)
wukil                            (lawyer)
wul                               (a white short vegetable)
wuluder                        (sound produced from mouth for happy occasion)
wunáigiyói                    (melted)
wuñsa                          (short wooden log used to crack rice)
wuñsol                         (high)
wuñth                           (camel)
wuñta                           (the rubbing roller used to crush on the rock plate)
wuñtaizz                     (boiled)
wuore                          (in the above)
wuorthak                      (thinking to build big home in the air)
wuraa                           (cattle house)
wurhabulá                    (small snake of green color and can fly from tree to tree)
wuria                            (people of black color worked for British army in Burma)
wuriam                         (a kind of mango family)
wuro                            (fly)
wuron                          (flying)
wurúic                          (blood sucking insect found under and inside the bed)
wuruinna                      (of flyable state)
wurúli                           (red small biting insect)
wúrúm                          (popcorn but of rice)
wusíla                           (by means of/by the help of/through/intermediary)
wusol goizz                 (high lifted)
wusol                           (high)
wusolot                        (in high above)
wustat                          (teacher)
wutáltál                        (crying to do something)
wutóill                        (re-effected)
wutor                           (north)
wuttor                          (response)
wutúinna                       (mother's son called by mother lovely)
wuth                             (get up)
wúú                              (dog's cry seeing bad happening in the future)
wuúaa                        (polishing call to somebody)
wuúñi                           (rice container used to crack rice)
wuuñijja ghórr              (home where ground floor is not used)
wuuñijjá                        (chicken cover in dish shaped)
wuuñíththikká               (laid upside down)
wúuñro                         (press by leg)
wuzal                            (fire torch)
wuzan                           (against the flow)
wuzanki                        (the period favoring for becoming rich)
wuzón                          (weight)
wuzu                            (straight; washing for prayer)

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