Rohingya to English Dictionary Y  

ya                                 (now; then)
yá                                 (Oh!)
yaa                               (now; at the moment)
yaá                               (he! you)
Yáallah                         (Oh! Allah)
yaáni                             (this means in Arabic language)
yaássa                           (digesting mixture flour in Burmese)
yad                               (remembrance)
yaddac                          (memory; quality of memory)
yadgari                          (the remembrance)
yággwa                         (that is another one)
yaggwá                         (this is another one)
yakeénlage                    (how is now?; how you feel now)
yakén                            (how is now?; how you feel now)
yáki                              (objection to an action)
yállah                            (joking or unwilling answer for why)
Yangun                         (Yangon the Capital city of Myanmar)
Yaqub                           (Prophet Yaqub)
yar                                (this days; now)
yarage                           (before; previously)
yaragottú                       (before; previously)
yárob                            (Oh! Sustainer)
yartú                             (from now onwards)
Yasín                            (A Chapter that is the heart of the holy book Quran )
yatgoró                         (remember)
yattún                            (from now onwards)
yazuk mazuk                 (horrifying creatures coming as the world approaching to the end)
Yemán                          (Yemen, the country south of Saudi Arabia)
yés                                (yes) 
yiáh                               (calling someone)
yiakkán                         (this is another one)
yíakkán                         (that is another one)
yián                               (this one)
yían                               (that one)
yiánde                           (give this one)
yiándi                            (in here)
yiánné                           (is this the one?)
yiánnoó                         (not this one)
yiánot                            (in this place; here)
yiánti                             (here)
yiántu                            (from here)
yiómmazé                      (here)
youmalkiáma                 (Judgment day in the hereafter)
Yunus                           (Prophet Yonus)
Yusúf                            (Prophet Yosuf)

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