Rohingya to English Dictionary  Z  
  z (the last alphabet in Rohingyalish)
  za (telling to go; [he/she/they] usually go)
  zaa (decoration strip at the edge of clothing)
  zaaá (coming and going)
  zaaforer (need to go)
  zaalem (cruel person)
  záama (crowded, crowdedness)
  zaáñ (whatever)
  zaáñi (trap)
  záañizal (a kind of fishing net)
  záañs (a kind of entertainment instrument; sharp smell)
  zaatták (keep going) 
  zaba (filling the gap, the damage or the crack)
  zabaçai (make the face ugly by something; eating too much)
  zabin (bail)
  zad (race)
  zaddóra (by clan; by generation; by genetic; by race)
  zadé ([he/she/they] use/uses to go)
  zádhdhuañ (bush of small trees)
  zadi (pagoda)
  zadithong  (a village name next to Nyaung Chaung)
  zadthía (the whole descendent; the whole family)
  zadu (magic; black magic)
  zadugor (magician)
  zadugori (act of doing magician)
  zadugoróon (doing black magic to some one)
  záfa (verb: cover)
  záfaide (do covering)
  záfaider (cont: doing covering)
  záfaidir ([I am] doing covering)
  záfaido ([you] do covering)
  záfaidoon (act of covering)
  zafan (people of Japan)
  zafani (of Japan origin)
  zafanimas (a kind of fish)
  záfar (cont: covering)
  záff (shutter)
  záffuroon (playing in the water)
  záfo (asking to be covered)
  záfoni (thing that is used for covering)
  Zafór (very common name of Rohingya people)
  zafóran (a kind of medical item for good health )
  zaforibóu ([you] must go)
  záfurzáfur (playing in the water by jumping)
  zaga (land; place)
  zagára  (gown)
  zagazaga  (place to place)
  zagga  (bowl with holes like net; bowl shaped sieve)
  zagir (religious student staying with a family free of charge)
  zagói (go now)
  zai ([I] use to go; [I] usually go)
  zaiba ([you] will go.  note: it is used for respected person)
  zaibar (plan to go; appointment to go; reason to go)
  zaibellá (for going)
  zaibi ([you] will go)
  zaibou  ([he/she/they] will go)
  zaifare ([he/she/they] can go)
  zaifari ([I] can go)
  zaifól (a kind of medical seed)
  zailé (if you go)
  zaillé (being burnt)
  zailla (fisherman)
  zaim  (chin)
  zainlam ([I] came to know)
  zainna (knowing)
  zainnós ([you] happened to know)
  zainlou ([he/she/they] came to know)
  zaintou (if known to him/her/them)
  zaintam (if known to me)
  zair ([I am] going)
  zaitam (if [me] go)
  zaite (while going)
  zaite-zaite (while going and going long way)
  zait-houdú (a kind of fruit used as vegetable)
  zaiti (requesting to go; if [you] go)
  zaitigói  (requesting to be gone)
  zaitou (if [he/she/they] goes/go; [he/she/they] usually go; used to go)
  zaitougói (if [he/she/they] has/have gone)
  zaitta (genetically of good quality)
  zaitun (olive)
  zaitun-tel (olive oil)
  zaiyéna (let me go)
  zaiyo ([you] please go i.e. go there at specified time)
  zaiyóna (please make sure go)
  zaiyoum ([I] will go)
  zak (a corner of man made bush in the river used for catching fish)
  zák (crowd; group of)
  zákkwa (of crowd; liking crowd)
  zákzák (in large crowd)
  zal (net; wife of husband's brother; firewood)
  zál  (hot taste)
  zállwa (of hot taste)
  zala (small tree for growing trees; discriminating; giving trouble)
  zála (removing impurity from gold)
  zalafiçá (a kind of rice preparation)
  zalasoil (rice for growing rice)
  zálaiféloon (coloring gold)
  zalar (pressing or persecuting)
  zálar (gold cleaning)
  zalazontorona (he suffers pain and burning)
  zalazontoroni (I suffer pain and burning)
  zale (use to burn)
  zali (waist tie; imitation; not genuine)
  zalizali (torn into many holes)
  zalo (burn)
  zaloon (burning)
  zam (jam; tight; a kind of fruit like mango)
  zama (dress made of iron sheet to be used in war)
  záma (tight crowded)
  zamai (son-in-law)
  zamar (rust)
  zamgas (a kind of tree)
  zamgula (a kind of fruit)
  zámila (crowdedness)
  zamir (a kind of fruit)
  zámmaijjé (have jumped)
  zámmar (telling to jump)
  zámmuikka (crowded; things over piled)
  zan (life)
  zana (knowledge)      
  zaná (extension to the edge of cloth)
  zañál  (road across a big field)
  zañás (ship)
  záñas (strong smell such as from onion)
  zanazar (is clarified; is made known)
  záñça (broom)
  záñçu (broom used by Bengali people)
  zandár (of living creature)
  zane ([he/she/they] has/have knowledge)
  zanggar (rust)
  zanggas  (a kind tree)
  zanggula (a kind of fruit)
  zani ([I] know)
  zanifúni  (knowingly)
  záñizal   (floating net)
  zano ([you] know)
  zanoon (knowing)
  zanos ([you] know)
  zañser (pursuing to take; offering to take)
  zañsi  (pursue to take; offer to take)
  zañsoon (n. pursuing; offering)
  záñss (smell)
  záp (shutter)
  zápmaijjé (diving into water)
  záppurar (splashing in the water)
  zar (going; whose)
  zár (bush of trees; discharge the effect of black magic)
  zara (bearing)
  zará (those)
  zára (a kind of air blow for curing patient; the end period or the last one)
  zárafura (spiritual medication to cure the ailment)
  zarailgas (a kind of tree)
  zárdhuañ (of heavy rooted tree)
  zaré (to whose)
  záre (to discharge the effect of black magic)
  zárer (discharging the effect of black magic)
  zarétáre (to any one; to whomever)
  zargói ([he/she/they are] going)
  zargwa (having bad habit; baby of unmarried mother)
  zargwá (whose item)
  zari  (absorbed, get under control, kept hidden)
  zári (verb: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed items)
  zárido (verb: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed items )
  záride (verb: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed items )
  záridoon (noun: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed item)
  zariféloon (digesting)
  zarloi (with whomever)
  záro ([you] reading Quran or any special things for curing black magic or so)
  zaró (whose ever)
  zaro (bear hardness)
  zaroon (bearing hardness)
  zaron (minerals)
  zároon (blowing after reading something for curing)
  zaróu (of whose)
  zartar (every one; any one)
  zártar (bushes or any such things)
  zartú (with whoever)
  zarzar (whosever person)
  zasus (spy)
  zasusi (act of spying; person who does spy)
  zat (race)
  zati (of race)
  zator (for the race; of the race)
  zattú (with whoever)
  ze (who; that; which; how big)
  zebáfe (like what)
  zebor (jewelry)
  zeçá (father's younger brother)
  zeçé (where)
  zeçéhéçe (every where)
  zeçí (father's younger sister)
  zeçú (father's younger sister)
  zedam (whatever price or value)
  zeddúr (that length is; whatever length is)
  zedhák (whatever side)
  zedin (on which day; on that day; on whichever day)
  zedín (whatever quantity)
  zedor (whatever price)
  zedún (whatever amount; whatever quantity)
  zeén (like e.g. zeén ór éen)
  zeéné (whatever way possible.  e.g zeéné faros.)
  zeénníki (such as)
  zeéntén (without thinking; without concern; without permission)
  zeér (poison)
  zeham (whatever work or job)
  zehén (brain)
  zehér (poison in Urdu language)
  zehón (when)
  zekimot (whatever price or value)
  zemanúic (whoever man)
  zená (adultery; embroidery)
  zendila (however; whatever; like what.  e.g zendila óibou óuk.)
  zenéhéne (any way; by anyway; by any means)
  zeneki (whoever)
  zeñétté (when)
  zep (pocket)
  zer (discrimination; a line below Arabic letter)
  zér (a kilo weight)
  zerbadi (people of mixed race)
  zérfwa (young girl)
  zergorón (pushing behind)
  zergwa (of late [cultivating])
  zermác (one of the Indian month name)
  zermáiccá (in the month of approximately June/July)
  zermóní (Aluminum metal; a kind of medical tree grown abundantly in open field)
  zermónífata (a kind leaves)
  zetará (whoever)
  zete (any one)
  zetóbár (at every time)
  ziañ (fish farming)
  zián (anything; any item)
  zíañ (a kind of vegetable fruit)
  ziáñnót (where at)
  ziañr (cultivating fish)
  ziañta (alive)
  ziántu (where at)
  ziántutiántú (from any where)
  ziánti (where at)
  ziarot (visit)
  zibá (which; that; who)
  zibár (of which; of that; whose)
  zibálla (for whom)
  zibon (life)
  zibonbór (life long)
  ziggác (remember: Bengali usage)
  zígkzígk (flushing and shinning)
  zíi (daughter)
  ziíkka (to where)
  ziíkka-íkka (any where)
  ziín (anything)
  ziínot (in which; in that)
  ziíp (zip)
  ziira (a kind of spice)
  zikír (reading words of Allah; remembering Allah)
  zilafi (fried mix of wheat floor, water and sugar)
  zilha (fire burst)
  zillot (untold difficulties; harassment)
  zilloti (difficulties and oppression)
  zílmíkzílmík (colorful flashing)
  zím (silent; act of silent)
  zímháçi (silent; avoid talking; not speaking; in deep thinking)
  zimma (responsibility)
  zimmadar (responsible person)
  zimmawala (responsible person)
  zin (fairy; Jin)
  zinda (alive)
  zindigi (life)
  zindigibór (lifetime)
  ziníc (things)
  zinnat (fairies)
  ziñoon (fish cultivation)
  ziñyót (where at)
  ziñyóttiyót (at wherever)
  ziól (jail)
  zir (tongue; a kind of water container)
  zira (rest; of low or weaker quality; an item of spices)
  zíri (small valley with little water flow)
  ziro (rest)
  ziroon (resting)
  zironi (resting hut; resting shade; resting house)
  zirú (zero)
  zit (winning over others)
  zita (on win)
  zitaziti (competition)
  zitazitide (compete each other)
  zitazitider (competing each other)
  zitazitido (you people compete)
  zitazitidoon (doing competition)
  zitbad (competation)
  zite ([he/she/they] win; uses to win)
  ziter ([he/she/they] is/are wining)
  zitgorér (insisting)
  ziti (stubborn; do things against wills of others if told not to do)
  zitu (stubborn; do things against wills of others if told not to do)
  zittyé (won)
  ziyán (which)
  ziyántú  (where)
  ziyarot (visit religious sites)
  ziyól (jail)
  ziyoziyo (hatred to somebody done great bad thing)
  zo (go)
  zoba (killing animals but cutting throat)
  zoban (words by mouth)
  zobana (era)
  zobin (land)
  zobodostí (by force)
  zobor (vowel dash used above Arabic letter)
  zobór (with pressure)
  zobordós (very much; very strong; very nice)
  Zobur (Bible old testament)
  zohón (when; at once; at that moment)
  zohóntohón (at that very moment;  at once; urgently; immediately)
  zohór (poison)
  zoiggo (fitting; deserver; equal in rank; matching)
  zoikkyó (monster)
  zoillé (has burnt)
  zok (jug)
  zók (frightening)
  zokáat (Islamic tax)
  zokát (Islamic tax)
  Zokoria (Prophet Zakaria)
  zol (rope at the center of new born baby)
  zolá (lower land that keeps water)
  zoler (burning)
  zolfai (a kind of fruit)
  zolil (haressment)
  zollat (the killer)
  zolsa (sitting; charity collection ceremony for Arabic teaching school )
  zolti (quickly)
  zoltizolti (as quickly as possible)
  zolzoilla (of shining)
  zolzola (earth quake)
  zolzolar (shining)
  zoma (saving)
  zomá (addition; the companion or friends)
  zomáat (a group of people aimed for one thing to achieve)
  zomán (warranty in Arabic language)
  zomana (era; past time)
  zome (to come into one place)
  zomer (coming into one place)
  zomidar (land lord)
  zomizar (coming together into one palce)
  zomo (bring into one place)
  zomoon (noun: collecting together)
  zomzom (Zam Zam water from Makkah's blessed well)
  zon (person)
  zonaza (funeral prayer)
  zoñikka (twin)
  zonom (birth)
  zonombóijja (of forefathers')
  zonombór (for lifetime; forever)
  zonomdin (birthday)
  zonoza (funeral)
  zontorona (paining much)
  zonzon (every person)
  zónzonar (giving sound of being old vehicle or device; being richer)
  zoo (luck favoring)
  zoogói (please go)
  zoon (going)
  zooñl (bush; forest)
  zooñli (people living in the forest; people of very little knowledge)
  zooñr (rust)
  zoór (poison)
  zoou (very soft cooked rice)
  zor (fever; high temperature)
  zór (rain; falling from above)
  zora (of very tiny)
  zóra (discrete)
  zorá (cut the throat to kill)
  zoráidde ([I] am on the way of cutting the throat)
  zoráide (perform the killing by cutting the throat)
  zoráider (cont: cutting the throat)
  zoráidi (let me cut the throat)
  zoráidir ([I am] cutting the throat)
  zoráido ([you] cut the throat)
  zoráidor ([you] are cutting the throat; charging too much; asking for too much)
  zoráir ([I am] cutting the throat)
  zoráiyá (readily throat cut)
  zoráiyós ([you] do have cut the throat)
  zorár ([he/she/they are] cutting the throat)
  zorázar (killing for by cutting the throat)
  zorazora  (in details)
  zórazóra (in discrete)
  zorbodostí  (by force)
  zorbordós (very much; very strong; very nice)
  zóre (tendency to fall)
  zorgorá (cut the animal to be killed)
  zorgoráide (cut the animal to be killed)
  zorgoró (cutting animal for eating)
  zori (strip of cloth stitched at ending of clothing)
  zóri (falling apart)
  zoribana  (penalty)
  zoriya (because of; with the help of)
  zórizar (cont: falling apart)
  zórizargói (has been falling)
  zormo (birth)
  zormodin (birthday)
  zóthka (shock)
  zóthki (weakened)
  zotón (until; unless)
  zotton (keeping in good condition)
  zoudi (if)
  zóuli (wall of bamboo around the compound)
  zouloi (nail)
  zouñra (pliers)
  zouñraáff (poisonous snake)
  zouñrafua (illegally born child)
  zouri (flashy material on cloth)
  zoza (replacement for the bad deeds)
  zózzoijjá (discrete)
  zozzokar (reflecting flashy light)
  zua (gambling; game with money)
  zuab (answer)
  zúaide (make the animal attack [him/her/them])
  zuaide ([you] help some one to get things ready so that he can do the job quickly)
  zuaido ([you all] help some one to get things ready so that he can do the job quickly)
  zuaijja (at high tide)
  zuan (youth; adult)
  zuani (of youth; of adult)
  zuáñ (Friday prayer)
  zúañ (unorganized; scattered; of high volume)
  zuañl (wooden coupling bar placed on the necks of two joined cows)
  zuap (answer)
  zuar (high tide)
  zuari (corn)
  zuban (dialect)
  zuda (departed)
  zugág  (lane; small lane)
  zuhar (arrange)
  zuhúr (noon prayer time)
  zuinnáfuk (a kind of insect that likes dirty water)
  zuit (convenient)
  zuitta (make ready)
  zuittaide (arrange)
  zúiththa (a hilly thing on the head)
  zúiththa-faik (a kind of bird)
  zuizzé  (engaged)
  zuiththaiyé (work created)
  zuk (blood sucking animal in the water)
  zúk (energize; motivation)
  zukám (sneezing)
  zúko (bend head in front of others)
  zúl (curry liquid)
  zulá (act of kidding)
  zúla (stomach)
  zulár (giving trouble; giving hard time)
  zúlaifélo  (make it extreme ripen)
  zúlairzargói (have become very tired)
  zulap (medicine for reducing constipation)
  zulár (kidding)
  zúligiyói (ripen extremely)
  zúlla (food with more curry liquid)
  zulúm (oppression)
  zumá (Friday afternoon prayer)
  zumm (mountain cultivation)
  zúmzúm (raining heavily)
  zun (moon)
  zúna (much ripen; experienced)
  zunáppór (moon light at night )
  zúñça (wig)
  zúnghafúl  (hanging earrings)
  zunífuk (a kind of insect glow at night)
  zuñir (rain protecting frame sheet)
  zuñwal (yoke)
  zúnzuní (a kind of baby toy)
  zur (couple; small cannel for water flow; give hand; give force)
  zúr (get sleepy)
  zurá (small river or cannel)
  zúra (sleepy)
  zura (joint; to get cool; even)
  zuragatá (engagement for the marriage)
  zuraiféla (make it cool)
  zurado (join it)
  zuraiya (cold)
  zuraiyé (get cooled; earned)
  zuramanta (suffering from vomiting, motion and fever)
  zúrani (sleepiness)
  zuraya  (cooled)
  zurazuizza (in parallel)
  zurbóng (eyebrow)
  zúrer ([he/she/they are] sleepy or needy of him for help or advice)
  zurhá (hanging stand for keep things on it)
  zuri (marriage partner; companion of opposite sex; joining; make engagement; a musical instrument)
  zurí (valley)
  zúri (showing weak towards his master or guardian)
  zúrir ([I am] sleepy or needy of him for help or advice)
  zurifari ([I] can achieve to own said property)
  zurifare ([he/she/they] can achieve to own said property)
  zurifaro ([you] can achieve to own said property)
  zurifél (get the engagement done)
  zurifélaiye (engagement has been done)
  zurifélo ([you] finish engagement)
  zúrinna (sick; bad condition in health)
  zurmí (binoculars)
  zuroon (cont: cooling)
  zúroon (noun: act of sleeping)
  zúroór ([you are] sleepy or needy of him for help or advice)
  zurr (give force; make even; set into two)
  zurzur (male-female pair; in pair; even)
  zus (sudden force built in the body specially when angry)
  zuta (shoes)
  zuti (eye center)
  zuu (high tide; having good time)
  zuún (who; that; which)
  zuúñr (afternoon)
  zuúñrótto (afternoon prayer time)
  zuwa (game with money; gambling)
  zúwai  (pursue the animal to chase or bite)
  zuwaijja (at the time of high tide)
  zuwar (high tide)
  zuwari (corn)
  zuzan (bag made of cloth for keeping Quran the holy book)
  zúzuikkyá (of getting weaker; of being very weak)
  zuzuk (hell)
  zuzuki (people of hell)

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