A minute mistake in English

A minute mistake in English

A minute mistake can change the whole meaning upside down and can even cause a big damage.

For example: paradize and paradise though pronounced similarly but can create complete opposite meaning if you google it.

Sometimes, the meaning can be taken opposite in different culture and thought. Also if you shrink a sentence badly the meaning can be taken other way around. For example: My English is bad and English is bad. This can hurt someone or some group very badly because English cannot be bad though my English can be bad.

Someone might say eyes of paradize which might gives very vague or angriful meaning. If you say you have got a nice eyes of paradise then it looks nice.

This is the blessing month of Ramadan in which people do fasting and prays for forgiveness and there exists a night called power of night in which all the prayers are accepted and it is equal to more than a thousand nights.

So if you utter something be careful that it does not harm others in any way. So spread good words so that you may be successful.