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a the first alphabet character in Rohingyalish Language
aa double vowel to extend the sound instead of being short with one ‘a’
áagoijjá being open mouth
áagoró open the mouth widely
aam ordinary people; uneducated people
aám general public
aámde telling baby to eat
aamínn prayer closing word; answer at end of prayer
aára place of religious activity particularly those used drums to sing
abad freed, acquired the land; made the land livable
abadi inhabitant
abadulabad for good; forever
ábaitá referring who has no food since long time ago; as if never eaten before
abanaiya untrained; not tamed
abañdá untreated cow (animal); untamed cow
abár cloudy weather
abas voice
ábazabá things of no value; something bad, not of any value, not in any proper order
abba father (usually called by his small children)
abbá father (usually called by his small children)
abbajan father (in Urdu)
abbalé exclamation!; surprise (in Magh language)
abbar another time; next time
ábbud amazed; surprised; wondered; astonished
abu father (in Arabic)
abbúci very little (in Magh language)
abúinna un-fried
abul of father (in Arabic)
abúza un-erased
acá hope
acanok all of a sudden, unexpected
acék love
ácfatál hospital, clinic
ací eighty (80)
acíkka fara a village in Maungdaw town, Arakan
ackail now a day
ada ginger
adá half
áda strong tobacco leaves
adaguni árk a kind of vegetable
adhaikka being not invited
adána of very low standard (people)
adár animal feed
adarí half basket size of
adasuroni monot gudh-gu-çi thief feels unsafe
adasuroni monot gudh-gu-thi thief feels unsafe
addáinna of half; not complete
addán half
ádhdháli fees to black magician to cure the ailment
adhdhoilla another kind; different kind. See also word “ardhoilla”
adob discipline
adoijja lovely
Adom the first human that God sent to earth; human being
ador love
adot habit
adúiya unwashed
afá one’s mother’s sister (Bengali)
afaincá of no taste; of less salt or no salt
áfainca of no taste; of less salt or no salt
afándhi uncontrolled children going around aimlessly, doing nothing
afándhi goró roaming around doing nothing useful
áff snake
aficcá un-grinded
afín narcotic drug
afon own relative; being own people
afoñt other than normal road; off road; difficult road
Afríka Africa
Afríki African
afúaiya un-dried
afuiccá un-wiped
afút untouched; pure; virgin
aga top end
agagura top to bottom
agandhú useless man; guest
age ahead; before; in front
agefisé front and back; ahead and back; before and behind
aggorar hesitating (Bengali); not willing to help or to do
agil fore part of the sampan; front part
agoijjá undone
agona uncountable; countless
agor of previous; of before; old one
agór if; in case
agori in advance; early
agorom-bagorom miscellaneous
agúijja uncovered
agun talking about future
águrà person of frequent motion (of stool)
áh voice of happiness
aháiya person not dined yet; not taken food yet
ahálak of character (of people)
ahám very important (in Arabic language)
ahér the end; however; whatsoever
ahéri the last; the end; the final
ahérittú at last; at the end; final
Ahérot hereafter; life after death
ahol intelligence; understanding
ai come
aiborhot blessing in our food, work and business
aiccá ok; fine; that is ok; that is good
áiñccar sneezing
aiccé came (used for 3rd party)
aiccí came (used for 1st party)
aiccíl (he/she/they) has/have been here
aiccó please come (next time)
aiccóna please come; always welcome
aickail nowadays; in these times; at present time
áigge stool motion of nature
áiggoum want to go to toilet
aijja today
ail small low partitions between rice fields
áil green (color)
aillá bowl of fire used for warming the people sitting around
áilla labor; worker or helper especially referring to farmer
áillasúañ stick used by farmers
áimmar opening mouth and releasing air due to sleepiness
áimme opened mouth to release air due to sleepiness
ain law and order
aina mirror
aincá without any taste additive; without taste
áincáhoró pickles
ainda in future; next time
ainní has been already brought
ain-kaanun law and order
áina áff a kind of snake
ainné (it was) brought
ainnó (you) bring
ainnóm (I have) already brought
ainnós (you) have brought
ainnóum (I) will bring
áiñs woman’s bleeding period
aintí to bring (right now)
aisfis now or in future; present and past; ahead and past
a’istri maijja un-ironed
aiyaci of luxury
aiyat verse (of Quran)
aiyéfán make sure to come
aiyér is coming
aiyí let (me) come; Also see the word “ayí”
aiyó come
aiyónze please come sir
ajíb surprising
ajór reward from God (in Arabic)
ajur brick (in Arabic)
ak mark lines
ák vegetable
akbor big
ákbor big (in Arabic)
akida character; aim, objective
akiya serving relatives and neighbor food as thanks for new baby
akkán another one
akkol common sense; good thinking; understanding
akkoli teeth of lucky
akku brother (adopted from Rakhine)
akuaic inconvenient; uneasy; uncomfortable
akwaicca of uncomfortable
akuijjá ground un-dig
akúilla unopened
akúinda un-drilled, unexcavated (wooden beam)
Akyab Capital City of Arakan State, Burma. Also known as “Sittwe”
al the rising flesh on chicken’s head
ál small sharp thing entered into the body
alagá useless (in Burmese)
alagála social mixing between families
alaigiyói rotten; decayed; smelled bad due to damage of the substance
alaiya of rotten alaiyé rotten
alamot sign; condition
alatúl straight (in Arabic)
alazir tip hanger at the beginning of the throat
aleikká unwritten; not written down; not recorded
alem learned man in religious study; higher than Molvi title
áler sun moving beyond noon
alga stranger, non-relative
algassá separately
álgassá of rough; dry; un-taste
algo turn over the cover to see into; uncover; open the lid
Álhámdu the opening verse of the Quran
álhámdulillá thanks to Allah
Ali high, popular Muslim name
alif the first character in Arabic
Aligor the oldest and the most famous Muslim University in India
Alijuhár best jewels; commonly used name of Rohingyas
aling wickedness
alingor or agat too far above; at the very top
Aliten-gyaw a village south of Maungdaw township, Arakan
Aliyóng a village in Buthidaung township Arakan
áll farming tools for cutting into the ground
alla alla pray to Allah while worrying much
allága hanger (in Arabic)
Allah Allah the only God without any partner
allar-haissáti For the sake of God (Allah)
alló huákbor God is great (in Arabic language)
allóuk-smá labor (in Burmese)
alluminiyem aluminum
allwa of sharp surface
almali cupboard
alob discuss (in Bengali)
Aloddin the famous Aladdin man in tales
alok separate; independent
alokgoró make separate
alóllá leave the case in the hand of God
Aloma Akbal a famous Doctor of Urdu literature in Pakistan
alorot flying vehicle of fairy
álowa food cooked very soft/mixed
althu-fálthu having no discipline (of man)
alu ground potato
álua sweet; beaten severely, see also word “áluwa”
alugula potato
aluhoñsu mess up; disorder; disarray; a kind of vegetable
amam illiterate; less educated people; uneducated people
aman safety and security
ámana disobeying (in Burmese)
amanot trust; safe; safety and security
amanotdar trustworthy person; person of believable
ámbelar cow’s crying voice
ámblai eating in a manner as if never eaten before
ambor a kind of rice very popular
ambúba gas cylinder in Arabic
ámburai eating extraordinarily
ámburo crawl
ámburoon crawling
ameillá unwrapped
Amerika America. See also “Amirika”
Ameriki American. See also “Amiriki”
amí I am ( in Bengali)
amíc skin shells of fish
keñça fish bone
amin land measuring people
Amina “Amina Hátu”, famous name of girls of Arakan
amir rich
Amiriki American. Also see “Ameriki”
amm mango
amma mother
ammajan mother (in Urdu)
Ammán capital city of Jordan
ammosíara the last 30th part of the Quran used to teach the beginners
ammúikkya surprise; puzzle
ammúk fore hair in upright style, puzzled; amazed; astonished; hair style
ammúnia ammonia
ámoinna un-sharpened
amól good deeds
amór order (of usually from head of state)
ámoza tasteless
amúd pillar (in Arabic)
an bring
ana mirror
áñabodu dumb, un-clever, not smart
anaçi illiterate; dumb person; unsocial
anáforibou must bring (it)
áñai iron ring at top end of wooden handle of a knife
anar a kind of fruit
añár mine; of me
añára we
añárare to us
añáráttu with us
añártu with me
añáre to me
añáttu with me
áñba showing/demonstrating the strength and power
áñbodu little knowledge (of doing a particular thing)
añc thread; fiber
áñc duck
añçá glue, paste
áñca smile
añccwá can not be seen clearly; dim
añctho eight(8)
áñça of walk
añçáic twenty-eight(28)
añçáli small insect-stick to the soft part of the body, tick
áñcani smile
añçáro eighteen(18)
áñcoón laughing
ánçe walk
áñçe (he/she/they ) walk(s)
añçefán enough to get fit
añçer able to get fit
ánçer walking
áñcer laughing
áñçi by walking
añçibóu will be fit in place
áñçir (I am) walking
áñco (you) laugh
áñço (you) walk
áñcoon smiling
áñcor the day of judgment
añctho eight(8)
añcthowá counting eight(8)
añcthuañna 50 cents, Pyas or Halalas
añçú knee
áñçullwa of walking age
añdá blind
andacá doubt
añdáduk beating unstopped continuously
andár dark
añdár dark
andas estimate; guess
andha egg
áñdhdhi bones
ándhifatila plates and dishes
anérné is (he/she) bringing?
anér bringing
anfárm open to public , general public
anforá illiterate
anggula a kind of fruit
añggur grapes
Añgkera the capital of Turkey
áñgobouróu the only (child) in the family
aní (let me) bring
aníbi (you must) bring
añiçá remaining food after use
áñiccar sneezing
áñiccoon of sneezing
áñijja-kuúñri chicken that lays eggs
anikka (people of) of west origin or meaning from west which is Bangladesh
anína let me have permission to bring
anír bringing
anís bring (it)
áñis side room made by extending the main roof; woman’s bleeding period
añiththa little; of small quantity
añiththá kela Arakanese banana; kind of banana found in Arakan, Burma
añiththé fit in place
aníyéna let me have good permission to bring
aníyoum I will bring
añk line, mark
añker drawing lines (in Bengali)
añkido draw or mark line (in Bengali)
añko draw lines
añkoon of drawing lines
añnaçi illiterate; dumb person
aññí I, myself
aññyá guññyá in depth details
anó bring
anóna please bring
anondo being very comfortable and relaxing
Anorotta king of Burma once upon a time
añra coal
áñra smallpox
añra-uñra the last sticky rice/ food in the dish
añragula a kind of fruit
añralu ground root
áñrfaçá gula a kind of fruit
áñrfaçi very heavy as if body fallen apart
áñri yogurt container usually made of heated mud; pot
áñri kuúñrí chicken that lays eggs
añsá scratch; a line mark showing skin damage
añsáifélaiye laid eggs by flies on wound
ansar immigrant
añsar pickles
añsár falling down in the slippery surface; was cheated
añsárgula a kind of fruit
añsér (he/she/they) leaving marks on smooth surface
añsí leave mark on skin or on smooth surface
añsila a kind of crawling animal found in the bush; pimple on face
añsír (I am) making marks on smooth surface
añsó make scratch
añsóon scratching
añsur comb
áñsur swim
áñsurer swimming
áñsuro swim
áñsuroon swimming
áñth medication by fairy dance usually at patient’s house
Anthala-both-thala a place far north of Taung Bazar, Arakan
áñthdhali giving away money or goods for the sake of patient to recover
antas estimate; guess
añti intestines
áñti elephant
añtor fragrance
ántri antenna (Arabic origin)
añtur handicap
añtura handicapped person
áñtura hammer
áñth a kind of treatment for mad man
añththwá short fence to protect animal crossing
áñththa ladder
áñth-thwa-feth-thwa ordinary people, low class people
ánuinna unsalted
anuni of less salt or no salt
añza the size equal to the area when met both hands after stretching
añzagorí dóro hold with both hand stretched and folded
añzazi goró meet with both chest touched while pulling him/her closed
añzazi goróon meeting with both chest touched while pulling him/her closed
áñzigiyói have got lost
áñzizoon loosing
áñzo preparing for good looking
aoóu something to frighten small children
appá kiss appwá kiss
aqérot life after death
ar more, and, further more, kidding, telling bad
ara mark, fence, fence of bamboo
ará commanding others
ára lost
arái be commanding others
áraiféloon loosing
arail chicken or duck house
arailla farailla the neighbors and villagers
aráiye asked to do; ordered; commanded
áraiye lost
Arakan one of the seven states of Burma located at West coast and renamed as Rakhine
arála raw; rough; low quality (of rice)
aram rest; healthy; easy
arang initial investment; cost price
arbar next time
arcó king’s sitting, Allah’s sitting
ardasé and; additionally; furthermore
arde and
ardhoilla different kind. See also “adhdhoilla”
ardzuar half tide; in the mid of the tide
arfai nofarér can not be touched; can not be joked; can not tell inconvenient thing
argwá next one; once more; one more
arí basket of rice measuring
ári stay away from danger; from somebody, stay out carefully
Arir faár Arakan Mountain dividing the mainland Burma and Arakan
arissa of short temper
áritáko keep out, stay away
árk vegetable leaves
arkainna people of Arakan
arkán next one; next thing
arkánti at next place or location
arkántu at next place or location
árk-hoñsu vegetable including vegetable leaves
arki what is next; what is more
arkíni little more
armaali cupboard
armatta another time; next time; in next turn
arnái no more; not any more exists
aró more
Arob Arab
aródasé furthermore
aróki what is more
ároon noun: loosing
árt hand
arzon next one; another person
arzu wish
asaiccá un-planed
asáiya unfiltered
asála ammunition
asán easy
asar pickles
asás foundation
asé have
assé assé slowly slowly
asfan sky
asfis in near future; present and past; ahead and past
así present
Asía Asia continent
asílaiya not stitched
asimbit suddenly; unexpectedly
asman sky (in Urdu language)
asmani of Devine origin
asól original; real
asóli original; genuine; from original manufacturer
asóliyot character or quality of origin
Asór time before sun set; Asór prayer time; black magic
aspan sky
aspani of Devine origin
assan sky
assáng organization (in Burmese language)
assé slow
assólamu aláikum Muslim’s greeting to another Muslim which means peace be upon you
assor background cloth used for thin foreground cloth
assús feel piety; feel uncomfortable
asté slowly
asté asté slowly slowly
astókforóllah prayer for saving from devil
astoro ammunitions
asuhásu of disorganized; of unstable mind
asúilla un-skinned
asúm asúm very dimly seen; very lightly seen
asús woe; feeling sorrow
asúya untouched
át hand
atá a kind of fruit
átaái day of decree in the month of Ramadan; “Lailotor Kodór” day
atác feeling unclean and unorganized or uncomfortable
átai step mother
atai sudden inner force comes out in anger or dissatisfaction
átaibaf step father
átailo find something where you can see it
átaima step mother
átaito-bái step brother
átaito-bóin step sister
átarainná helper for miscellaneous work
áteilla cooked without oil
átiar arms
atíkka suddenly; all of a sudden action
atíkká-fiçá kind of home made bread
átinná guest room
atkuailla of less lucky
átlare child of naughty nature using his hand to beat others
áto search in the dark or without seeing
átoon noun: searching without seeing or looking
ator fragrance
atóro get aside
atha brown wheat flour
athái deeper water than a man height
athailla abundant
athalaikkya abundant
athalaikka abundant; a lot of, used for having a lot of money
athár without knowing
athiái no farér can not be parallel with other party in power
athok difficult
athoikkya of difficult nature
attáicca of feeling unclean
attiyo relative (in Bengali)
áttula as tall as when you raise you hand
áttulá little from every one
áwal the first; the beginning
áwalan firstly (in Arabic)
awcúddo naughty; of bad nature
awé exclamation: oh! my God
awlani noun: vomiting
awle vomit
awler vomiting
awóñc scales; protective coating or fins on the body of the fish
awñla kitchen
awróla a kind of fruit
ayaci enjoying luxury
ayad verses from Quran. See also “ayat” and “aiyat”
ayánsí a kind of fruit eaten by boiling and then soaking into oil and salt
ayat verses from Quran. See also “ayad”
ayé (he/she/they) uses to come. See also “aiyé”
ayénsí a kind of fruit
ayér (he/she/they are) coming now
ayí let (me) come. See also “aiyí”
ayó come sir; calling to come respectfully
azab Allah’s punishment
azad free
azadi independence
azaf Allah’s punishment; God punishment
azáf crowded; of closed type environment
azáijja un-separated; un-sorted
azan Muslim prayer call; prayer call in the mosque
azap Allah’s punishment; God punishment
azáp tight, crowed, congested
azara áff a kind of snake
azarail angle of death
azat independent
azim very powerful
ázimma person who perform circumcision; person who cut extra skin of baby’s penis
ázinná evening
azia today aziya today; same as “aijja”
aziz one of the Allah’s name
azol very delicate; very soft
azubazu complicated
azuijja unengaged
azulla very delicate, soft, fragile, e.g. “azulla fata” leaves
azulla-fata a kind of leaves
azur not busy; brick in Arabic language
azzér about half kilo (of two standard milk pot size)
azzon next one; another person
azzu wishes
azzuar mid tide; half way tide
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b the second alphabet in Rohingyalish character set
ba father; the second alphabet name in Arabic character set
baá climb up
baáde later; after that; next time
baái not fresh; not newly prepared; not the latest
baait become follower of a “Firr”, a God loving person
baála damaged; rotten; unusable
baám pain relief ointment
baáñna untrue reasons for an excuse
baár cont: climbing up; [wind] moving
báar floating
baáral any how
baáre outside
baárezon of going to toilet
baárkule outside
baássóra sea side
baátrúma Arabic seating in Arabic language
baáttu from outside
baazi father
bab father
báb vapor
babá father
babajan father; dead person known to be highly pious in religion
bábi brother’s wife
bac bad smell
báca homeless; without station; have no permanent place
bacá tiny bamboo home temporarily built usually for the poor
baça exchange rate; a plate with rice, egg, candle etc presented to the bride’s visitor
báca homeless people; floating
báça low tide
bácani floating thing; thing that float
baccú box; briefcase; luggage
báce float
bácer is floating
bací mouth piece used by police, etc.
baçi distribute to people
bácinda nationality
báçiya small plants abundantly grown on the road side
báco do float
baçoil a carpenter’s iron tool
bácoón floating
badam peanut
badde leave aside; ignore; neglect
bádi air blowing instrument used by blacksmith
baf father
báf vapor
báfa thinking
bafadom Adom; the first man on earth
báfani thinking; thought
bafdada fore-father
báfe (he/they think
báfer is thinking
báff vapor
báfo think
báfon thinking
bag tiger; chicken barking
bág share
baga giving the cattle to others for looking after for a given days
bágar bugger
bággitta lucky
baggula a kind of fruit
bagi insurgent
bagiza garden
baha person of dressing in very high style
bahá nest
bahór a kind spicy seeds
bai head ace; say bye
bái brother
baic twenty two; (22)
báic tame
baicca baby-usually refer to animal
baickúth film
báifut bother’s son
baiggá male tiger
baijja beat
baijjé hooked; blocked; locked
baikka in credit
báilder pretending; siding with you; behaving good; cheating
baindé was built
báingge was broken
bainna goldsmith
báiso referring as brother in social dealing
baitulla house of God (Allah)
baiththa crunched
baiththá short
báiththa low tide
báiththeilla labor who harvest rice
baiyon branjan
baizzábari argument
baja a mouth piece musical instrument
bak tiger
bák portion; share
bakcá king
baki balance; melon, a kind of vegetable fruit
bal private hair; vulva
balá eradicated, erased, removed completely
bála good
balí nose ring
balla for
bálluk a dangerous animal
balok grown-up
balthí bucket
balu sand
balúic pillow
balwa sandy, not solid, loose type
bam one’s surrounding area
bamboijjá without knowingly
bambu scolding; telling hard
ban tie
bana make
banaide in process of making
bañáitta left-handed
banaiyé made
banaouti pretended; makeup
bañáth left hand
bañc bamboo
bañcá small temporary house
bañcí mouth piece
bañçí short
bañdá tied; under custody
bañdá hoppi cauliflower
bandéikka left handed
bándhi bundle
bándhul bundle
bañdí tie it up
bañdó tie; build
bañdón building something
bañdor monkey
bañdóuni hing for tying
bañdur monkey
bángga cracked; broken; broken into pieces; damaged
banggali Bangali people
bánggasura in broken condition
bangkú bench
báñgo break
báñgon act of breaking
bángti goldsmith demand to make some jewelry out of given solid gold
bani making fees
báñina nephew
báñinggé broken
bañl illiterate
bañlamas a kind of fish
bañli people of Bengali speaking
báñni niece
bano make it
banoni charge of goldsmith for making custom made jewelry
bañt pimple
bap father
bar serve food
bár yoke
bara bamboo net to catch fish
bará extend, increase
bára rent
baráilo do welcome
báral gas a kind of tree very sensitive to skin damage when touched.
barang a container used to measure rice
baré increase
barendha veranda
barér putting food into small cups; increasing
bárgwa carry person
bari a rod placed behind the door after closing for additional security
bári heavy
baricá rainy season
bariháiye was hit; was beaten
barimar hit
bariza garden
baró twelve
barówa twelve 12
barúlla fast body growing person
barus explosive
bás pile over each other
bas select; choose
basa save
basá selected one
basamas a kind of fish
baser remaining
basiasós being safe
basithák keep away for safety
baso select
bat swallowed small area of the body pain
batár butter
bath pimple above skin
báth rice food
bathác wind with rain
bathacá a kind of biscuit
bathel outdated; outlawed
baththi light
batt nipple
batta money exchange
battár butter
baza mouth organ; play
bazá hooking; engaging
báza fried; raw prepared
bázaá barren
bazáido bring close to get touched
bazáieró hang
bazáiya beside; closed by
bazar market
bazargwa not of good quality; something sold on the street
baze o’clock
bazé touch
bazi do naughty action
bázi oil cooked salad
bazu shirt
bázzih niece
be second character in Arabic alphabet
bébi baby
bébi taxi baby small taxi
beckut biscuit
beça husband
beçi wife
beçiyáin women
bedh mattress
bédah not smart
bedhcít bed cover
bedom not smart; not intelligent
befóuzul of no benefit
beg bag
begana non relative
beggún all
begom title of a married lady
behañ not straight
behol in trouble; accidentally
behúñc unconscious
beijjot dishonor
beil sun
beiman not loyal; cheater
beínna in the morning
bekar useless
bekkún all
bekuaic inconvenient; not easy; difficult
bekuf dumb
bela viol
bela baáni viol bow
beláac free
bena fire keeping roll made of straw
bená originated; started
benal not organized; not arranged properly; did not get through as expected
bénbení butterfly
bendíc bandage
beng frog
bera tour
berá partition
béra lady finger
berahám cruel
beráidori hold a person wrapped in sorry or in distress
beráifela wrap it
beráiya in wrapped
bero take tour
beró wrap
besinta without any worry
beso sell
besón basin
bessíri ugly-looking
besút without sensitivity
betári battery
bet cane
betal disorganized
betgula a kind of seeds
bézal disorganized; fake
bezar unhappy with some one; uncomfortable
bezi snake fighter
bezu mistake at basic point; not well directed
bézura odd
biale at night
biañgkúl confusion
biañgkwál complicated
biaram sickness
biari retail seller
biáta married person
bibi wife; a title a for a lady
bic pain; feel pain when touched or moved; poison
bicbaám ointment for relieving pain
biccác belief
bicí more
biçilla nasty
bifot not on track; not on line; get into difficulty
bigála grocery shop in Arabic Language
bigiçi fed up
biili woman just given birth
bíkóuk bended or circular comb
bil land field; invoice bill
bilai cat
bílbilá look here, there, left and right
bildhing building
bilebile on the street
bílki frightening by body action; usually used by animal like owl and tiger
bilkúl at all
bim beam support
bíñçah land plot
bini sticky; used for sticky rice
bini bát sticky rice
binitbáng twisting two parts in pair
bíññya show face in hatred
bír not loose; tight
bira bundle of ‘fan’ leaves
bíra pursue; alcoholic drink
birani Birani food
birbijja slippery
birbirar moving very frequently here and there
biri small cigar
biríc teen aged cow
bíro pursue
bisa animal scortium
bisá lay out
bisán bed; bed sheet
bisáni thing to use as a mat
biskut biscuit
biso give air to something using fan
bisoin fan
bíssoó heaven
bissú scorpion
bitír the last prayer of the day for Muslim
biwúñc unconscious
biya give birth
biyá marriage
biyácádi marriage
biyádola marriage talking
biyái son-in-law’s or daughter-in-law’s father and mother
biyáini son-in-law’s or daughter-in-law’s mother
biyárbari wedding ceremony
biyáta married
bíza wet; damp
bízaá visa
bleidh blade
blékbordh blackboard
bobbotiti warning to children they have to be after cow if not to school
boc sit down; age
bocarot guidance
boço fold it
boçon folding something
bocóti living
boda testis; man’s eggs
bóda dump
bóda bóda wide open i.e eyes
bodaná container used in toilet
bodda elder brother
boddac bearing
boddú local illiterate people
bódhboçar talking too much
bódhdha big
bodmac lady follower
bodol change
bodola revenge
bodoli lady inner body wear
bodolon changing
boga heron
bogcíc award
boiçá sitting without any job
boijjal gas a kind of tree with many pimples
boijjalkér straw
bóijje filled up
boil flowers of trees that bear fruits
boillaya fatty man
boilo let walking the cow over rice straw
boirat visitors going for bring the bridegroom
boital lady of bad character
boiyá life jacket
boiyar air
boiyoum cooking pot made of mud
boiyóuni seat
bókka relatively large piece
bol energy, force, encourage
bola curse
boláad title
bolá-fiça a kind of food, rice noodle under sugar water
bolar making animal healthy and bigger
bólboillá person of little fatty but look nice
bolduzar bulldozer
bole said to; it is said
boli fat
bolidór wrestling
bolot gouru bull cow
bolthú bolt; dump person
boluwar heavy man
bómbi pant
bon close; rounded bread
bonái sister’s husband
bonda human creature of Allah
bondó closed
bondú closed friend
bondubos preparation
bonduk rifle; arm
bone made in
bongor arrest
bongorídde closing
bongoró close it up
boñl armpit
boñl-keñc armpit hair
bóñni of telling bad of would-be bridge groom
bono reconcile in between
bonon made in
bóñra insect deep underneath
boói book
boól ball
boól pén ball pen
bóoñça picking lager portion without others permission
boórfáta spicy vegetable leaves
boóuk book
booutha flag
bor the depth
bór heavy
borabor same same
borbat destroyed
borforan with big heart
borgwa an ethnic group in Myanmar
borhot abundantly available
borketá hand made blanket used in the rural area
borkí hook for fishing
borkot God blessed
borkurá large chicken
boro large
boróc freeze
boróf ice
boroi capsule
borói plum
borok leave of banana tree
bórombotti man with figure
bóron filling up
borot pimples
borsóñi big peas
borton plate
bós finish; done; ok
boson saying
bosór year
bóssa rice/sugar bags
bostá rice/sugar bags
botol bottle
bótta bad
botton plate
bottoro bad behaved
bóin sister
bóinfut sister’s son
boou bride groom
bouli fat
bounnwa pig
bóuddoilla variety
bóuride fill it up
bóus brother’s wife
boustí village; cook
boutha flag
boutí cotton wire used in oil lamp
bouyák a kind of jewelry
bouyar air; wind
bóuzi real bother’s or brother-in-law’s wife
bouzura wed-ring ceremony
boyó sit down
boyom bottle container used in the kitchen
bozzuta heavy shoe
brazia brassiere; bra
bualmas a kind of fish
bubu sister
búc heavy in responsibility
búça standard form of rice i.e “búça báth” instead of “bini báth”
búçung bubble
bug disabled in speaking
buga dumb person
buhár fever in Urdu language
buigga dump
búille forgotten
búinna fried
buijjá old man
buijjáoñl thumb
buijjé understood
buk chest; dumb
búk hungry
búka of hunger
bukhorá chest bone
bukíng booking
búkka large piece
búklaiggé feel hungry
bul advice; saying; bowl
búl not clean, mistake
búla misguide
bulá a kind of insect that bites
búlaifélaiyé has been persuaded or misguided
búlar misguiding
búli forget
búligiyoi forgotten
búlmas a kind of fish
búna fried
buñda bundle
buniyadi origin, pioneer, beginner, root
búr bamboo float
bura bad; ugly; of bad character
burá old man
búra very old item covered with whitey thing
burai doing bad things ethically
burak the horse like animal that took the prophet Mohammed to the heaven
burha cover for Muslim lady when going to public places
burí old lady
burúng drill
burus brush
burúss roast
bus understanding
búsal earth quake
busbiassá discussion
busdil being afraid of
buska bundle
búska shake; hold very roughly
bustán oasis in Arabic language
buth boat
butang button
bút ghost
bútaá not sharp
Buthidaung a major city in Arakan, Myanmar
bútoijja secretly, internally
bútore inside
bútottu from inside
búthka fatty
buu calling elder sister
buúm bomb
buwá sitting
buwágara make seated
buwal mas a kind of fish
buwáni base used to let sit something
buwázar happen to seated
buzá understanding
búza strong and fatty. i.e. Búza bilai.
búzaiféla erase it
buzé understand. i.e He understands. Ite buzé.
búze erasable
buzí understand. i.e I understand. Aññí buzí.
búzi female cat
buzón understanding
búzon erasing
búzoni eraser
buzorgani of life of very highly pious
buzurgó man of very highly pious
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cáab                         (gentleman; man of higher rank or post)
Caabán                    (the 8th month of Arabic calendar before Ramadan month)
cáabgíri                    (enjoying as man of higher post)
Cáabbázar               (famous area in Arakan meaning market of  high-rank person)
cáaer                        (poet; writer of poem)
cáaeri                       (poetry)
Cáafí                        (one of the four main Islamic religious guiders and guides)
cáai                          (royal e.g. cáai hándan king’s family)
cáakin                      (discipline; order; self-control)
cáakinsára                (without any discipline, order or self-control)
cáandár                    (grand; high profile)
cáath                        (shirt)
cáayi                        (royal)
cáb                           (curse)
cába                         (raid)
cabác                       (being successful)
cabáci                      (success)
cac                           (grow staple food)
cacá                         (land owner)
cácca                       (pure)
cáccih                      (punishment)
cacóuk                     (paper of agreement in between)
cácta                        (pure)
caça                         (mat)
cáça                         (chase [him/her/them])
caçá                         (not fertile)
cáçar                        (chasing [him/her/them])
caçí                          (leaving nothing)
cáçi                          (remove from root)
cáçiféla                     (have hair cut)
cáço                         ([you] chase)
cáda                         (white)
cádacídah                 (white and straight)
cádh                         (hair cut)
cádhdho                   (carry hair cut)
cádi                          (marriage)
cágirit                       (students; pupils)
cágu                         (small grain like white rice)
cáicta                       (civilized; grand)
cáigor                       (ocean)
cáikkat                     (in front of him; in his witness)
caimca                      (acting as spoon)
cáinno                      (organized)
cáir                           (a kind of bird that can be tamed to speak human language)
caiththar                   (laying with great laziness)
cáiththana                 (rib)
cák                           (vegetable leaves)
cákki                        (witness)
caku                         (knife of round shape)
cákkih                      (witness)
cákuaic                     (convenience; chance)
cál                            (neck wrapper; inside layer of very thin cloth)
calák                        (clever; intelligent; smart)
caláki                       (cleverness)
caláikka                    (clever person)
calic                         (forty-40)
calicá                       (effects of age forties)
cálic                         (sue in court)
camic                       (spoon)
cán                           (grand; God’s ability or plan e.g. Allahr cán)
cáncúkót                  (grandness; of high profile; high living standard)
cañçér                      ([he/she/they are] eating too slowly)
cañçór                      ([you are] eating too slowly)
cándar                      (of great standard)
cándor                      (rich by prosperity)
cáñla                        (wife’s younger brother; scolding)
cáñtaic                      (twenty seven 27 )
cánti                         (peace)
cáñzah                      (punishment)
cár                           (of benefit; useful)
cára                          (a gift for remembrance or memory; whole e.g. cára rait  whole night)
cáre                          (enough in [his/her/their] living)
cárer                         (is being enough in [his/her/their] living)
cáro                          (enough in [your] living?)
cárorr                       (is being enough in [your] living?)
cári                           (long wrapping cloth from top to bottom of body)
cárir                          (is being enough in [my/our] living)
cárit                          (pupil)
cath                          (hardened skin mainly in leg)
cáth                          (hair cut; wooden plate over bamboo wall)
cathú                        (wooden decorated floor)
cáththwa                   (thread of banana tree)
ceármen                   (chairman)
céc                           (end; final; last)
cectha                       (trying)
cek                           (check)
cék                           (man of high caliber)
cékayot                    (complain)
cékowa                    (complain)
ceñçi                         (spy man)
cém                          (tree root)
cémbuú                    (shampoo)
ceñth                        (penis; scolding)
cér                           (loop hole; measuring pot)
céri                           (iron weight to measure weight)
ceththá                     (flat)
cézana-fata               (a kind vegetable leaves)
cézana-gas               (a kind of tree which leaves are used as vegetable)
cézana-gula              (a kind of fruit)
cézana-hark             (a kind of vegetable)
Cíah                         (another sect in Muslims particularly in Iran; steep)
cíai                           (ink)
cíak                          (complication; quarrel)
cíal                           (fox)
cíañ                          (sew; stitch)
cíañ-bañc                 (hard bamboo tree)
cíañni                        (stitch)
cíañr                         (sewing; stitching)
cíar                           (hunt)
cíare                         (of hunting)
cíardár                      (share holder)
cíba-bañc                 (hard bamboo tree)
cícah                        (lead metal)
cícciçí-mas                (a kind of fish)
cícirí                         (tiny bottle)
cíçi                           (stair case)
cídah                        (very cool person)
cígeréth                    (cigarette)
cígga gas                  (a kind of tree)
cíiar                          (share)
cíiargoron                 (animal hunting)
cíiari                         (for hunting; of hunting)
cíin                           (nasal liquid)
cíirmas                      (a kind of fish)
cíkah                        (teach)
cíkkitá                      (literate)
cíkkatá                     (literate)
ciñçí                         (letter)
cindhi                       (smallest)
cindhifoisá                (coin of smallest value)
cíndi                         (poor feeding with open invitation)
cíndur                       (face or forehead mark for Hindu ladies)
cíng                          (horn)
cínggat                      (tunnel that thief digs for stealing)
cínggoh                     (lion)
cíñyon                      (nose sticky fluid)
cíñyoór                     (roots)
círab                         (syrup)
círgula                      (a kind of fruit)
cít                             (winter cold)
cíta                           (hair styling)
cítan                         (head side; top side)
cítantí                       (at the head side)
cítantú                      (at the head side)
cíte                           (because of cold; by the cold)
cithíng                       (cheater)
cítka                         (drops of liquids; spray)
cíkkailla                    (of winter)
cítkal                        (winter)
cítkale                      (in winter)
cítor                         (of cold)
cíyallá                       (of fox; of fox cleverness)
cíyori-gula                (a kind of fruit)
cóbafúti                    (chairman)
cóbah                       (meeting)
cobbic                      (twenty four 24)
cóc                           (true)
cóccaiyi                    (the truth)
cóccoçar                  (animal enjoying at shallow water)
coccúl                      (eye sickness)
cocmá                      (eye glass)
coçá                         (dry, not watery land)
coçor-fóçor              (very active person)
códor                       (traders)
cóibboh                    (of good character; peaceful)
cóicca                      (true)
cóiccai                     (truth)
cóinno                      (followers; people that follows; without any support from below)
cóinnor                     (of having no support to keep it up)
cóinnor-uore             (staying up without any ground support)
coit                           (“Coit” month)
cóitan                       (devil)
cóitani                      (of devil; bad behavior)
cóith                         (noun: suffering; uneasiness)
cóitto                        (firm believing)
cok                          (chalk)
cók                          (doubt)
cókcubá                   (doubt and distrust)
cokól                        (shape; figure)
cókoléith                  (chocolate)
cókti                         (energy)
Cókkubar                 (Friday)
cóm                          (pregnant; mishap; calamity)
Cómbar                    (Monday)
cómbotti                   (property; wealth)
comke                      (flush; look bright; come rays out of)
comker                     (flushing; looking bright; coming rays out of)
cómmosibot              (mishap; unfortunate day)
cón                           (season)
cóncar                      (the kingdom)
cónconár                  (abundant; too much available; too crowded)
cóñço                       (small)
cóndoh                     (suspect; mistrust)
Cónibar                    (Saturday)
cóo                          (fit; suit; does not harm)
cóoc                         (dare)
cóor                         (city)
cóorgwá                   (city man)
cóouk                       (wishes; wishes for grand living)
cóppon                     (dream)
corá                          (tradition)
córa                          (save other from danger; let other to give way)
córab                        (alcoholic drink)
córabi                       (person who heavily drink alcoholic drink)
córbot                      (juice)
córboti                     (orange)
córifá                        (a kind of fruit)
córiyót                      (Islamic rules)
córkar                      (government)
córo                         (give way; to go away to be save from danger)
córom                      (shyness)
córon                       (noun: giving way; going away to be save from danger)
córoóc                     (loose; soft; not tight)
corót                        (condition; term; prerequisite)
cormá                      (eye glass)
córma                      (feel shy)
córmar                     (cont: feeling shyness)
córme                      (because of shyness)
córmon                    (noun: feeling shyness)
córman                     (warm welcome; dignifying)
córminda                  (shameful)
córr                          (sailing cloth)
cótan                        (devil)
cótani                       (naughty act)
coth                          (roof top)
cótti                          (energy)
couça                       (width)
coudóri                     (chairman)
cúaríc                       (ask someone to help)
cubá                         (suspect; distrust)
cúccak                     (disturbance)
cúdah                       (lazy person)
cúddoh                     (of good character)
cúddor                     (line-up in queue)
cúdin                        (summer)
cúaiggó                     (approaching to show love with intention of getting benefit)
cugolkúr                   (telling bad of others)
cúikkya                    (being lazy worker)
cuiththali                   (cow’s top)
cújjo                         (sun)
cúk                           (prosperity; healthy)
cúkah                       (tobacco)
cúkcak                     (disturb)
cúkcánti                    (bliss bless)
cukkáth                    (close eyes)
cúkkitá                     (having easy life; non-hard worker)
cúkkor                     (of happy life)
cúkkot                      (in happier life)
cúkor                        (thanks)
cúkorguzar                (thankful; grateful)
cúkuria                     (thanks)
cúlhar                       (action near to giving birth)
cúlloh                        (sixteen)
cúm                          (hair size rod)
cum                          (kiss)
cuma                        (kiss)
cúmka                      (black magic)
cún                           (hear)
cúna                         (gold; female sex organ)
cúnar                        (of gold; golden)
cúnarsó                     (male sex organ)
cúnali                        (of gold; of highest quality)
cúnar                        (made of gold)
cuñça                       (cigarette)
cúndor                      (beautiful)
cúndori                     (person of beauty)
cúndoijja                  (of beautiful)
cúne                         ([he/she/they] listen)
cúner                        ([he/she/they are] listening)
cúngha                      (blowing for cure)
cúnir                         ([I/we] listening)
cúno                         (listen)
cúnon                       (noun: listening)
cúnoni                       (charge for listening)
cup                           (keep quiet)
cúr                           (queue; keeping in line)
cúrba                        (soup; curry liquid)
cúrha                        (liquid of curry)
cúrmah                     (eye lit of color-blue)
cúruh                        (beginning)
cúruttú                      (at the beginning)
cúrum                       (cave tunnel)
cúthah                       (baking power)
cút                            (interest)
cúti                           (of interest; related to interest)
cúthah                      (carbonate flour)
cúthki                       (holiday)
cuthki fiçá                 (bread of eastern)
cuththoni                   (peep at)
cúu                           (styling)
cúú                           (sound to let the chicken go away)
cuuñçi                       (mouth)
cúu-gula                    (a kind of fruit)
cúwaríc                    (intercede; ask on somebody’s behalf)
cúwor                       (pig; scolding for misbehavior)
cúwoijja                   (male pig)
cúworni                    (female pig)
cúza                         (straight)
cwá                          (the e.g.  the man manúic cwá )


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daa                               (harvest paddy; knife)
dáa                               (running away; escaping from danger)
daáñc                           (bottle like container usually mention in tales)
daba                             (verb: press; push down; noun: pressing )
dabai                            (medicine)
dabar                            (cont: pressing)
dábba                           (attack; criticism; assault)
dabbúc                         (stapler in Arabic language)
daber                            (cont: [he/she/they are] pressing)
dabi                              (noun: getting lower due to force)
dabigiyói                       (has gone lower due to force)
dabo                             (press; push down)
daboon                         (noun: pressing, pushing down)
dada                             (grand father)
dadi                              (grand mother)
dáfa                              (make him run away or escape)
dahá                             (show)
daháide                        (show [he/she/them])
dáiye                            (escaped)
daiyé                            (paddy harvested)
dam                              (price)
dan                              (donation)
dán                               (rice)
dana                             (peanut)
dánnwa                        (of paddy rice)
dañra                           (backbone)
dañrafóirr                     (said religious people who perform activity using drums)
dar                               (ruder)
dár                               (adj: sharp; cont: running away )
dará                             (stick)
dára                             (verb: sharpen)
dárar                            (cont: sharpening)
dáraide                         (sharpen for [me/us])
dárair                           (cont: [I am] sharpening)
dárar                            (cont:  [they/he/she is] sharpening)
dargwá                         (wooden pieces for burning)
darí                              (beard)
darmíc                          (stupid)
dáro                             (verb:  sharpen)
dáron                           (noun: sharpening)
dat                               (teeth)
de                                (give me; cause; do; make)
debal                            (wall)
dec                               (country)
decci                            (cooking dish)
defá                              (defend)
défa                              (natural dam)
deikkyé                        ([ he has] seen)
deikkyí                         ([I have] seen)
dekbal                          (looking after)
dekér                           (showing)
dekíba                          (will see)
demak                          (brain)
denát                            (right-hand)
dendhák                       (right-side)
deri                               (late)
derigorí                         (lately)
do                                (give [me/him/her/them])
doo                              (knife)
doon                            (noun: giving; giving away)
dóo                              ([you] run away; run away from danger; children swinging)
dóon                            (running away)
doóñra                         (male cow)
dor                               (price)
dór                               (hold)
dóra                             (noun: waist pain; holding)
dorgá                           (religious place where saints were buried)
doró                             (hard)
dóro                             ([you] hold)
dóron                           (noun: holding)
dóroni                           (holder)
dúfi                               (laundry)
dúl                                (dust)
dulá                              (bridge)
dulón                            (bridge groom)
dúti                               (sarong)
duti                               (adj: backbiting)
dúwo                            (wash)
dúwon                          (noun: washing)
dhaba                           (top open floor of the building)
dhabbáb                       (pickup in Arabic language)
dhabin                          (noun: diving; jumping into)
dhabnaijjol                    (green coconut)
dhaból                          (double)
dhahaic                         (call him that time)
dhahaith                        (robber)
dháhor                          (from near)
dhail                             (lentil grain)
dháille                           (poured)
dhaiththé                       (scolded)
dhák                             (noun: side)
dhak                             (butcher contract/license, Call)
dhakide                        (call [he/him/them])
dhakfiyón                      (postman)
dhakkwa                       (informer)
dhako                           (call)
dhakon                         (noun: calling)
dhákor                          (from near)
dhaksiyor                      (too much pain)
dhaktor                         (doctor)
dhaktorhána                  (hospital)
dhaku                           (village lord)
dhál                              (thick paper)
dhalúng                         (“Dalung” fruit)
dhañço                          (thick)
dhandha                        (short wood for beating)
dhang                            (short wood kicker)
dhángni                         (cover)
dheb                             (cooking dish; large dish)
dheba                            (thunderstorm)
dhebal                           (wall)
dhéñi                             (long wooden lever for rice milling)
dhéñiark                        (vegetable)
dhék                             (air release from throat)
dhenban                        (right and left)
dheróm                         (drum container)
dhec                              (country)
dhecci                           (dish)
dhíc                               (dish)
dhim                              (egg)
dhimán                          (demand)
dhinár                            (diner money)
dhizni Lén                      (Disney land)
dhoc                              (ten)
dhocá                            (accident)
dhók                              (style)
dholide                           (rub)
dholo                             (to grind)
dholoin                           (rice grinder)
dhonghol                        (lever based water pumping)
dhoóñr gori                    (in bigger size)
dhoóñr                           (big)
dhora                             (afraid)
dhorlage                         (afraid of)
dhouk                            (quail)
dhouwá                          (flat piece used for stirring while cooking)
dhuc                               (fault; guilt)
dhuáñ                             (shoulder blade)
dhudhu                           (a type of play)
dhudhukgari                    (“Du-duk” car)
dhufer                             (verb: sinking)
dhufiza                            ([you] get sink)
dhufón                            (sinking)
dhúk                               (dry swallowing)
dhúl                                (drum)
dhul                                (rice bowl of bamboo)
dhula                              (hand carry basket)
dhúla                              (swing)
dhúldhuillá                      (very loose)
dhúloin                           (swing)
dhum                             (noun: act of diving)
dhummar                        (dive)
dhuáñ                             (arm)
dhupmar                         (dive)
dhuppyé                         (sunk)
dhúrr                              (hollow)
dhúc maron                    (attacking)
dhucfon                          (enemy)
dhuwa                            (plant base soil container)
diba                               (give)
dim                                (will give you)
din                                 (religious faith, day)
diyoo                             (bad angel)
diyor                              (brother-in-law from sister)
do                                  (give him/her)
doi                                 (yogurt)
doijja                             (river/sea)
dóijje                             (captured)
dokthar                          (physician doctor)
dola                               (pebble)
dóla                               (white)
dómki                            (frightening)
dón                                (property of very high value)
dóndoulot                      (property and possession)
doñrá gouru                   (male cow)
doo                                (Knife)
doóin                             (south)
dóon                              (escaping)
doon                              (paddy harvesting)
dóri                                (catch)
doria                              (sea)
doró                               (hard)
dóroni                            (hand handle)
doroza                           (door)
doulot                            (possession)
dua                                (prayer)
duá                                (two)
dúa                                (plain; nothing grown on)
duadi                             (busy)
duái                               (opposed strongly)
duali                               (belt)
duan                              (shop)
dúañ                              (smoke)
duar                               (door)
duara                             (again)
duára                             (repeat)
duárar                            (repeating)
duárer                            ([he/she/they are] repeating)
dúb                                (white)
dúbba                            (fatty)
dubba                            (a kind of sheep usually having fatty tail)
dúbi                               (laundry-man)
duddufar                        (vibrating roughly; children’s playing by running around and shouting within a confined place)
dudduar                         (children’s playing by running around and shouting within a confined place)
dudórcére                      (in bosom)
dufa                               (noun: grinding; crunching)
dufo                               (grind; crunch; press)
dufon                             (grinding)
dufoni                            (grinder; cruncher)
dui                                 (no. two;  2)
dúi                                 (by washing)
duinali                            (gun of two barrels)
dúiya                              (adj: washed)
duiyá                              (milked one)
duián                              (two pieces)
duiyán                            (two pieces)
duk                                (pain, hardship)
dúl                                  (dust)
dulá                                (bridge-groom)
dum                                (a kind of sheep)
dúmbalu                          (very sandy)
dumdummyá                   (wide plain)
dúñfiça                            (curry cup shaped rice bread)
duñíjja                            (afternoon)
duniyai                            (earth)
duñirgula                         (a kind of fruit)
duñra                             (noun: act of running)
duñron                           (noun: running)
dúo                                (wash)
dur                                 (noun: going away)
dura                               (punishment with cane)
duré                               (far away)
duró                               (go away; go away far due to being guilty)
durús                             (chicken fry whole)
dusára                            (next one; different; not the same)
dut                                 (milk)
duti                                (back biter)
dúti                                (sarong; longyi)
duú                                (verb: [you] milk)
dúu                                (verb: [you] wash)
duwá                             (two quantity)
dúwa                             (plain; without anything on it)
duwáisárer                     (being insisted strongly not to do)
duwali                            (belt)
duwan                           (shop)
duwé                             (verb: [they/she/he] uses to milk)
dúwe                             (verb: [they/she/he] uses to milk)
duwó                             (verb: [you all] milk)
dúwo                             (verb: [you] milk)
**About 250 words** Updated: May 25, 2006.  


E                           (this)
É                           (that)
Ebabote                 (about this)
Ebáca                    (this language; this dialect)
Ebadot                   (praying to Allah; good deeds)
Ebadoti                  (pious; highly religious)
Ebáfe                     (like this; as if)
Ebáiyor                  (for this brother)
Ebák                      (this share)
Ebala                      (now; so now; therefore now)
Ebar                       (this time; this turn)
Ebarot                    (reading a word or a sentense)
Ebazá                     (this difficulty)
Ebazát                    (in this difficulty)
Ebbañc                   (a full bamboo length of)
Ebbar                     (once)
Ebbár                     (a load of)
Ebbari                    (one strike or lash of punishment)
Ebbe                      (at all; at the end; at last; finally)
Ebbeg                    (a bag of)
Ebbéinna                (one morning)
Ebbere                   (at all)
Ebbisána                (in the same mat)
Ebboitta                 (in one way; somehow)
Ebborat                  (a share; one of a share)
Ebbosí                   (a full bowel of)
Ebbosór                 (one year; a year)
Eboitta                   (in relation to this; in relation to this type or category)
Ebosór                   (this year)
Ebus                       (with this knowledge; with this understanding)
Ebuzá                     (like this understanding)
Ecá                         (prayer time approximately two hour after sunset)
Ecarak                    (prayer time half an hour after sunrise)
Éccára                    (look down; careless; give no attention)
Eccér                      (approximately one kilogram of weight)
Eccót                      (one hundred)
Éckára                    (look down; careless; give no attention)
Eckó                       (sexual feeling)
Eckul                      (school)
Ecók                       (like this type of)
Ecón                       (this season)
Ecóttiloi                  (with its force; with its encouragement)
Ectemá                   (large religious gathering of its kind by tens of thousands of people)
Ectemáyi                 (in groups together)
Ecúar                      (asure)
Éçame                    (ability; capibility)
Éçammwá               (weak)
Éçe                         (there)
Eçé                         (here)
Éçekén                   (how in that place)
Eçékén                   (how in this place)
Eçíyar                     (from here)
Éçiyar                     (from there)
Edam                      (this price)
Édam                      (that price)
Edára                     (office in Arabic language)
Eddíane                   (with full concentration)
Eddin                      (a day; one day)
Eddók                    (half)
Eddúr                     (this much distance)
Éddur                     (that much distance)
Edhák                     (this side)
Édhák                     (that side)
Edhdhoilla               (same)
Edhdhúk                 (one drink)
Edin                        (this day; today)
Édin                        (that day)
Edín                        (this much number/quanity)
Édín                        (that much number/quantity)
Édínnah                   (recently)
Edor                       (this price)
Édor                       (that price)
Edóroni                  (this handle)
Édóroni                  (that handle)
Edóroza                  (this door)
Édóroza                  (that door)
Edún                       (this much amount)
Édun                       (that much amount)
Eduniyait                 (in this world)
Eddíane                   (with interest, in concentration)
Ée                           (calling somebody a little away to get response)
Eéc                         (enjoing laxury)
Eén                         (like this)
Éen                         (like that)
Éenken                    (what a trouble making)
Eénken                    (why like this)
Eezaat                     (on this departure; on this going, moving)
Efor                         (underneath sign used in Hanif-language)
Effarí                       (one time; one turn; one shift)
Effisso                     (one turn-over; one shift; one time)
Effissán                    (one generation)
Effoton                    (one shift)
Efoñtót                    (in this way; in this lane)
Efosón                     (liked too much)
Egáar                      (this infection)
Egana                      (relative)
Egañtá                     (trapped this way)
Egañtot                    (this digging; this cave)
Egaro                      (eleven)
Egaruwá                  (eleventh)
Egaza                      (frequently)
Egeza                      (frequently)
Eggia                       (full of this)
Egóic                       (twenty-one)
Eggaála                   (one bowel of)
Eggañtot                  (in the same digging)
Eggarí                     (the whole car; of full car)
Eggín                       (same one)
Eggolóic                  (one glass of)
Eggóijja                   (lonely home; home without neighbour)
Eggór                      (the whole family; of full family)
Egguccí                   (same family; same decendents)
Eggúilla                    (alone; single; without any partner or helper)
Eháitta                     (single handed; handled or used by only one person)
Ehála                       (single)
Eham                       (this job; this work)
Ehana                      (a penny)
Ehañsa                     (this side)
Éhañsa                     (that side)
Ehañsat                    (in this side)
Éhañsat                    (in that side)
Ehélas                      (being sincere)
Ehéram                    (intention for pilgrimage; the two white clothes without stitches)
Ehésán                     (help)
Ehétiat                     (take care)
Ehíssa                      (one share)
Ehón                        (now)
Éhon                        (right-away)
Ehóuti                      (this loss)
Éito                          (woe! I have pointed you before!)
Ejajot                       (permission)
Ek                            (one)
Ekama                     (residency permit in Arabic language)
Ekbar                       (one time)
Ekboitta                   (in a way; somehow)
Ekbuth                     (a boat of)
Ekcalíc                     (forty-one)
Ekcót                       (one hundred)
Ekdak                      (one mark)
Ekdhák                    (one side)
Ekdhoilla                  (same)
Ekéla                        (single; alone)
Ekeral                       (admit; accepted his fault)
Ekfarí                        (one turn; one shift)
Ekfoijjal                    (one dose)
Ekgúilla                     (single, separated)
Ekháfta                     (one week; a week)
Ekhañit                     (forcing to one-side only)
Ekhale                      (one upon a time)
Ekhaiñccá                 (singular cough)
Ekhotá                      (in same statement, same voice)
Ekin                          (believe)
Ekine                        (of haveing believe)
Ekisím                      (like this; is like)
Ekkame                    (for a work)
Ekkán                       (one piece)
Ekkani                      (one standard unit of land measurement in Arakan State, Burma)
Ekkena Ekkena        (little by little)
Ekkánti                     (in one place, together)
Ekkántu                    (in one place)
Ekkená gori              (little bit)
Ekkinare                   (aside)
Ekkíni                       (little)
Ekkínísa                   (little)
Ekkita                      (one-time, separating item wise)
Ekkom                     (less one)
Ekkúc                      (a palm-size of)
Ekkudhoilla              (similar)
Ekkuippa                 (stubborn)
Ekkule                     (in one side)
Ekkuni                     (a unit in measuring small land or plot)
Ekku-niáce              (in a single breath)
Ekkuri                      (twenty)
Ekkurul                    (10 millions)
Ekkuthí                    (one billion)
Eklák                       (100 thousands)
Ekmikká                  (one way direction)
Ekname                   (with a single name; famous)
Ekmon                     (with heartedly)
Ekniáccot                 (in one breath of time)
Ekorkeñçi                (taking small small from all)
Eksáñte                    (together)
Eksíara                     (one part of Quarn out of 30 parts)
Eksóllukot               (in the same ideology, in harmony)
Eksugé                     (as far as your eye sight)
Eksugór                    (of one sight distance)
Eksúura                    (one chapter of Quran)
Ekthal                      (a pile of; a stack of)
Ektiar                       (wish)
Ekuilla                      (from this side of the river bank or other landmark)
Ekule                       (this side of river bank or other landmark)
Ékule                       (that side of river bank or other landmark)
Ekunot                     (in this corner)
Ékunot                     (in that corner)
Ekúti                        (deep stream)
Ekzaitta                    (one kind of; one type of; one category of)
Ekzák                      (a crowd of; a group of)
Ekzañás                   (a boat of)
Ekzat                       (same kind; same type; same category)
Ekzúikka                 (of knowing one way or one thing only)
Ekzuk                      (a period of 12 years)
Elac                         (treatment)
Elaj                          (treatment)
Elájík                       (allergic)
Elaka                       (area)
Elan                         (announce)
Élan                         (lay against)
Eláná                       (pimple on face)
Eláná-gula                (a kind of fruit)
Elarám                     (alarm)
Elasi                        (a kind of spicy)
Elástík                     (elastic)
Elektrík                    (electric)
Elektrisiti                  (electricity)
Elóm                        (education)
Elóme                      (by education)
Elómdar                   (educated people)
Elómi                       (educated; educational)
Eloot                        (this rare seeing of each other)
Elmí                         (educational)
Emác                       (this month)
Emanúic                   (this man; this person)
Emmác                    (one month)
Emmikká                 (one direction)
Emmarailla               (full of a basket)
Enáac                      (pine apple)
Enam                       (reward; award)
Enazi-kela               (a kind of banana; Arakanese banana)
Endila                      (like this)
Endhila                    (like this)
Enféradi                   (in single; alone)
Enkelab                   (political fighting; voicing against; strike against)
Enkelabi                  (of political fighting; of voicing against)
Enkwari                   (enquiry)
Entezar                    (noun: waiting;
Enzam                     (case against; faulty case against)
Eocótnoó                (too much nauty)
Epparí                     (one feeding)
Eppoisá                   (a single penny)
Eppóir                     (one shot of bullet)
Eppoizzal                 (one dose of)
Eqúti                        (sharply deep)
Era                          (remove skin; divide into pieces)
Erada                      (intention; willingness)
Erai                         (skinned; uncovered; exposed)
Eraide                     (make skinned; make uncovered; make exposed)
Erasta                      (this lane; this way)
Ere                          ([he/she/they] keep)
Erer                         ([he/she/they are] keeping)
Eri                           ([I] keep something; put down something)
Eride                       (make [him/her/them] free)
Eridi                        ([I] make [him/her/them] free)
Eridiya                     (uncontrolled; open; without fence)
Erido                       ([you] free [him/her/them])
Eridon                     (freeing)
Ero                          ([you] keep, put down or lay down)
Eroni                       (thing on which to keep something)
Eroór                      ([you] are keeping, putting down or laying down)
Eros                        ([you] use to keep)
Err                          (keep)
Esán                        (help; benefiting)
Esás                        (experience; understanding; tasting the bitterness)
Esis                         (this thing)
Eskul                       (school)
Essát                       (a moment; a while; a short time)
Estehára                  (looking for God help)
Estekfar                   (praying to Allah for protect from evil)
Estekfara                 (act of praying to Allah for protect from evil)
Estemal                    (usage)
Estinza                     (passing urine)
Etaras                      (being questionable; questioning against; telling against; not in agreement; not in line)
Etekáf                      (staying away from human talking and only praying to Allah)
Etim                         (orphan)
Etimháñna                (hostel for orphans)
Etminan                   (satisfied)
Etó                          (this many)
Etóbar                     (this many times)
Etódhóilla                (this many different types)
Etókkún                   (this much time)
Etókisím                  (this many categories)
Etómatta                  (this many frequently)
Etómíkka                 (this many ways; this many directions)
Étollah                     (that is why)
Ettailla                     (of one sided; of one way thinking)
Etúkkún                   (that long duration!)
Etún                         (that long delay!)
Éza                          (hedgehog; a kind of animal)
Ezaga                      (this land)
Ézaga                      (that land)
Ezaitta                     (this kind of)
Ezák                        (this crowd)
Ézala                       (this messy watery bush)
Ezat                         (this race)
Ezati                        (of this race)
Ezazot                     (permission)
Ezin                         (permission)
Ezitulla                    (of too much stuborn)
Ézo                         (spelling)
Ezúk                        (tendency; chance; opportunity)
Ezúkot                     (in this tendency; in this chance; in this opportunity)
Ezzat                       (same kind; same category)

**About 300 words**  Updated:  May 25, 2006.


fa                    (can obtain; can get; can find)
fáa                  (sticky material flowed from mouth)
fáaca               (comedy)
fáaçá               (iron plate with handle used as a tool for digging ground)
faáfa                (thoroughly)
fáaida              (profit; benefit)
faám                (pump)
faár                 (mountain)
faári                 (mountainous)
fáarot              (spacious; of being wide space)
fáasek              (liar; making funny)
fac                   (license)
faça                 (flat rock grinder)
fáça                 (torn)
fáçacúça          (tear and torn)
façi                  (mat made of smooth cane)
fáçi                  (tear)
fáçon               (tearing off)
faga                 (cooking; making ripe)
fagaiya            (of ripen)
fagilé               (if ripen)
fagol                (mad)
faiba                ([you will] get, find)
faibi                 ([you will] get, find)
faibou              ([he/she/they will] get, find)
faiddé              (release air)
faik                  (bird)
faikfocú           (bird and animal)
faikké              (ripen)
failla                (cooking dish)
faillé                (adopting child; looking after)
fain                  (soldering material, joining)
faincá              (no taste)
fainná              (dilute)
fainná-gula       (a kind of fruit)
fainná-áff         (a kind of snake)
fáisela              (decision)
fáiththe            (torn)
faiyé                (found)
faiyuom           (will get it)
faijjé               (able)
fák                  (apart; gap)
fak                  (wing; clean)
fáki                 (smallest grains; flour)
fakka              (strong; fixed; cemented; made stronger)
fakkafakki       (sure; promized; without any break)
fakkár             (going round)
fakkáiyi           (have gone round)
fakkáraiya       (of rounded)
fakkó              (go round)
fakkon fiçá      (home made bread)
fála                  (bowl)
fala                  (pillar)
fáldo                (jump)
falki                 (bridge groom carrier)
falong              (bed; bed support part; bed frame)
faloon              (looking after)
fan                   (green leaves eaten with nuts)
fán                   (wire loop to hang or catch some thing)
faná                 (get shelter under someone)
fanboro           (fan leaves cultivation)
fáñc                 (fertilizer)
fáñci                (hanging)
fañçá               (male sheep)
fándha-mas     (a kind of fish that usually float on the water)
fandhúk           (pipe)
fangká             (fan)
faní                  (water)
fanír                 (of water)
fánoc               (lamp)
fañs                 (five)
far                   (crossing, picking fruits from trees)
fara                 (village)
fará                 (cross over)
fára                 (bad omen)
faráibóu           (will cross)
fare                 (able; giving egg)
faro                 (remove fruit off tree)
faró                 (cross)
fárok               (apart; having a gap)
fásela               (distance)
fasíl                 (rear part of a boat)
fatá                  (address)
fata                  (leaves)
fatá-fatá           (search every corner)
fatal                 (deep underground)
fath                  (small seater a few centimeters high)
fathán              (Patan from Afghanistan)
faththa             (jute)
faththi              (bandage; lying)
faththwa           (jute)
fátia                 (prayer offered with food)
fatila                (dish made of mud)
fatol                 (thin)
fatola               (of thin; of lighter)
fáttara              (a kind of fruit like big orange but of soar taste)
fattarzi             (acting naughty)
fattór               (stone)
fecá                 (work; profession)
fecák               (urine)
féccáh             (lung)
féda                (useless, waste; nothing)
fécen               (fashion)
feén                 (pant)
felá                  (support pillar to a structure)
félah                (make to fall down)
félaidé             (throw away)
félido               (throw to waste bin)
félo                 (drop)
félu                  (long bean)
féna                 (foam)
fená                 (trees of still water)
feñçon             (picking, collecting)
feñdá               (not brave)
féñec               (sign of snake’s anger)
fénizál              (a kind of fishing net)
feñra               (squeezing for juice from sugar cane by using pressing machine)
feñs                 (wicked thought; cross bar in wooden structure)
feñsa               (owl)
feñsara            (skin infection/diseases)
feñzi                (person who puts others in cross; wicked man)
fera                 (bush at the river bank)
ferata              (not hygienic)
ferecan            (sadness)
feth                  (abdomen; stomach)
fethi                 (box)
fethrol             (petrol)
fiada               (watchman; a low level serviceman)
fiala                 (cup)
fiáñra               (ant)
fíañrá               (bad meat among other meat)
fiañs                (onion)
fiañzú              (round fried fillet of bean)
fiçá                  (a kind of food made of flour)
fiçon                (beating)
fiihó                 (commanding to drink)
fiinic                (plate)
fíis                   (fees)
fiitalon             (giving headache)
fiiyo                 (drink)
fikír                 (thinking; planning)
fílim                 (film)
fin                   (pin, put on, wear)
finak                (nose disease)
fiñas                (onion)
fiñdá               (wear somebody)
fiñdó               (wear)
fir                    (fir, religious God beloved man)
fír                    (making cane out of bamboo; turn)
fira                  (bed room)
fíra                  (turn)
fíring                (insect)
fis                    (back; rear)
fís                    (piece)
fisá                  (at the back side)
fisála               (glut on the skin)
fisáli                (following behind)
fiski                 (water cannon)
fisóttu              (at the back)
fissá                (at the back)
fissáb              (man of highly pious who do pray very strong every night)
fissán               (generation)
fith                  (back)
fíth                  (fit)
fithdhe             (leave behind)
fit                    (liver)
fitaler               (giving trouble)
fítana               (quarrel; disagreement between; anger between)
fith-haim          (ruler)
fítorot              (character of a person)
fitta                  (of great anger, silent)
fiyá                  (coin denominations in Burma)
focú                (animal)
fódana             (balloon)
fohór               (proudness)
foijjonto          (up to)
foisá                (coins)
foissá               (ring for water pot)
foittou              (about to fall down)
foittowán         (each one)
fójor                (early morning)
fókkor             (cheater)
fókkorai          (noun: cheating)
foola                (mad man)
fón                  (subject; profession)
foñíssé             (reached; arrived)
fonná               (learning, literature)
foñsa               (being of bad breath)
foñósa             (make [he/she/them] reach)
foñt                 (path)
fooil                (short wooden piece for throwing at)
foóila               (primary; first; beginning)
fóoir                (feather)
foóir                (pond)
fool                 (mad)
foon                (obtain)
foona              (ripen)
fóoñc              (weak; not tight; loose)
fóoñçá            (ground digging tool used by farmer)
foóñsa            (make it/him/them/her reach)
fóoñtá             (not brittle; not elastic; soft; damaged)
foór                (light)
foóráiza           (forget)
fóourán           (immediately)
for                   (read)
forá                 (teach)
foráleká          (literate)
foran               (live)
fórforár           (trying or struggling to go out)
foribá              (may slip)
foríba              (will read)
forínna fuain     (student)
forir fílim          (angle film)
fórmadar         (obedient)
foró                 (read)
forók               (differ)
fórokot            (wider)
fórom              (form)
forón               (reading)
fóroz               (compulsory)
forr                 (alien; non-relatives)
fossáti             (roof beyond the outermost wall)
fosím               (west)
fosón               (he likes it)
fóth                 (hole)
foth                 (tin can)
fot                   (design)
fotá                 (making independent)
fothú               (picture)
fotta                (downfall)
fottí                 (every)
fottían              (each one)
fottízon            (every one)
fóukir              (poor)
fouñi                (rod used to push the boat)
fóuni                (comb)
fouri                (angle; head turbans)
fóus                 (army)
fousím             (west)
fóut                 (passed away; died)
fózor               (morning)
fua                  (baby; child)
fuaboc            (child age)
fúah                (make dry)
fuain                (children)
fúainna            (in the same level)
fúan                 (is level)
fúañ                 (larva; grub)
fúaná               (dry)
fúañti               (together)
fúan-fúan         (same-same)
fuañ-mas         (a kind of fish)
fúañná             (dry)
fucák               (dress)
fuchorá            (of bad luck; lazy guy)
fúdh                 (mud)
fuic                  (abscess)
fúic                  (needle)
fuiccón            (give the child to somebody to look after)
fúiccoón          (pursue)
fúk                  (clip)
fuk                  (insect)
fukkul              (eastern part)
ful                   (hole)
fúl                   (flower)
fúla                 (swallow)
fulat                (steel)
fúl-deikké       (girl grown-up or first menstruation )
fúlsuañ            (straight hollow bamboo pipe)
fún                  (listen)
fun                  (body part through which stool passes)
fúna                (hearing)
fúñca               (quick breathing; difficult breathing)
fúñcani            (of difficult breathing)
fuñdor-zurí      (anal groove)
fuñic                (bad blood)
fúñic                (needle)
fuñic-horá        (bad luck person)
fúnta                (of heard before from others)
fúoon               (dry up)
fúuní-guilla       (a kind of fish)
fur                    (burn; full)
furo                  (commanding to burn)
furon                (oven for making bread)
fura                  (fill up)
furan                (old)
furana              (of old)
furani               (of burning)
furíkka             (insurgent)
fúroóin             (broom)
fúrossuañ         (long bamboo pipe to thow arrow at bird to catch)
fut                    (son)
fúta                  (thread)
futh                  (additive)
fuththóin           (glue type material used for water leaking control in boats)
futílá                 (toy)
futta                 (cemented for strong holding of bricks)
futú                  (toddler)
futúinna            (calling son)
futuli                (eye ball)
futúni               (daughter)
futhka              (very fatty)
fuththóin           (sealing material in wood join)
fúu                   (blowing air into)
fúudon             (act of blowing air into)
fúuinná             (father’s sister)
fuúl                  (full; no more space)
fúuñ                 (smell)
fúwu                (father’s sister)
fwa                  (baby)
**About 310 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006


g                         (the 7th character in the Rohingya Alphabets)
gaa                      (body)
gáa                      (scars)
gaá                      (sing)
gaadú                  (take shower)
gaadúo                (take bath)
gaái                     (to sing)
gaáido                 (let [you] sing)
gaáifare               (can sing; able to sing)
gaáiféla                (have sung)
gaafira                 (not feeling good in the body; feeling tired)
gaafurer               (burning sensation in the body)
gaág                    (customer)
gaagíñar               (attaching body on others usually father or mother)
gaahoñrar            (pain in the body)
gaák                    (customer)
gáail                    (injured)
gaála                   (bowl)
gaalamar              (having frequent loose motion)
gaálu                   (talkative)
gaám                   (glue; germ)
gaamatá               (body to head; head to toe)
gaán                    (gun)
gaár                     (singing)
gaárdh                 (guard)
gaáza                   (fit to sing; suitable to sing)
gaazzor                (fever)
gabi                     (unseen; from hidden)
gada                    (dust; dust layer; muddy layer)
gadá                    (male ass)
gadi                     (mattress)
gadí                     (female ass)
gadi                     (mattress)
gágguá                 (dog barking)
gaggula                (a kind of fruit)
gai                       (female cow)
gaib                     (disappeared; absent; stayed away)
gaibá                   ([you will] surely sing)
gaibi                    (from unseen; from unknown)
gaibot                  (in absent)
gaif                      (disappeared; absent; stayed away)
gail                      (scolding)
gáil                      (injured)
gaillé                    (squeezed out)
gáimmé                (has sweated)
gain                     (become professional in singing)
gaiñya                  (person from rulral areas or villages)
gair                      (prefix used to get negative meaning; not close or relative)
gairázir                (absent)
gairot                   (feeling of protesting against those who mentally disturbed him)
gairoti                  (of feeling of protesting against those who mentally disturbed him)
gáiththa                (person who help cross the river by boat or so with charge)
gáiththéna            (insulting by pushing out of home or place)
gaiyé                   (repeating to others what was discussed or heard)
gal                       (mouth; remove water or liquid from a mixture)
gala                     (noun: removing water or liquid from a mixture)
galá                     (breathing parts of a fish)
galaide                 (reject; let stay behind; do not count)
gale                     (verb: [he/she/they] remove water or liquid from a mixture)
galén                   (gallon)
gali                      (scolding;squeezing out; [I] remove water or liquid from a mixture)
galifélon               (squeezing out)
galo                     ([you] remove water or liquid from a mixture)
galorsáinna          (cheek)
galorsira              (opening of the mouth)
galsaba                (jaw bone)
galú                     (talkative)
galwa                  (talkative)
gám                     (sweat)
gamá                   (bulky; heavy; large; fatty)
gáma                   (noun: of being sweating)
gáme                   ([he/she/they] use to sweat)
gámon                 (noun: of being sweating)
gan                      (music)
gana                    (song)
gáñc                    (animal food; avoiding work so others do it)
gáñcgorer            (avoid doing alone as others are not doing it)
gañçá                  (concentrated when in liquid form)
gáñça                  (door of the outside fence)
gáñçer                 (stirring)
gáñçido               ([you] make stirring)
gáñço                  ([you] stirr)
gáñçon                (stirring)
gandá                  (dirty)
gañdí                   (hardened part of the animal neck due to pulling load)
gang                    (rural area; village area)
gáni                     (oil squeezing device powered by cow)
gañittá                 (with chained)
gañr                     (burry)
gañrá                   (water hole in the ground)
gañraido              ([you] burry)
gañraider             (burring)
gañride                ([you] burry for me)
gañrider               (burring)
gañrido                ([you] burry)
gañridi                 ([I] burry]
gañridir                ([I am] burrying; planting)
gañriták               (stay seated without moving)
gañro                   ([you] burry)
gañre                   ([he/she/they] burry)
gañri                    (in burrying condition)
gañron                 (noun: burrying)
gansá                   (veil)
gansár                 (of veil)
gañt                     (hole in the ground; chain together)
gañtá                   (noun: chaining together)
gáñth                   (jetty; port)
gáñthi                  (military/police camp)
gañtó                   (punch; tie in chain)
gañtír                   ([I] am chaining together)
gañtó                   ([you] chain things together)
garí                      (car)
garír                    (of car)
garít                     (in the car)
garuli                   (snake charmer)
gas                      (wood; tree)
gasá                    (the dancing person in curing diseases)
gás                      (game turn)
gas-kuittani          (woodpecker)
gasór                   (made of wood; wooden)
gaza                    (narcotic items)
gazi                     (war winner)
ges                      (arrow or sharp item used to penetrate into)
geés                    (gas)
gel                       (gone)
gelén                   (gallon container)
gelgói                  (has; have gone)
géñçi                   (neck-behind)
ges                      (iron arrow)
giár                      (gear)
giçílla                   (something hard forming just below skin)
giddá                   (wooden piece used for fire)
giga                     (billion)
gíi                        (ghee)
gil                        (support platform for vegetable trees; swallow)
gilo                      (swallow)
giloon                  (swallowing)
gilóth                   (solid formation under skin)
giltí                      (white copper)
gín                       (feeling to avoid accepting from those harmed him before)
giñyo                   (grain wheat)
girá                      (joint)
gíra                      (fence)
gírifeló                 (close them around)
girgirar                 (vibrating)
girós                    (owner)
gisgisi                  (enough done)
git                        (song)
gita                      (musical instrument)
giya a                  (that, something that)
giyé                     (went)
giyégói                 (gone)
gláss                    (glass)
goçbór                (disturbance)
góce                    (he rubs)
gócgocár             (making a busy crowd)
gócgoiccá            (rough)
góco                    (rub it)
goda                    (wood log)
godal                   (animals in the pond of a shrine)
godalmas             (a kind of fish)
goddana              (nape of the neck; back of the neck)
godgoçar             (boiling)
godombuddá       (Buddha)
goff                     (talking circle)
goffar                  (Allah’s name)
goffmar                (talking tales)
goffúçu                (too much talker)
góicca                 (mustard seeds)
goir                     (sea wave)
gola                     (neck)
golgola                (water wash into the mouth)
gólo                     (enter)
golti                     (mistakes; guilt; wrong doing)
gom                     (good)
gomgorí               (well; nicely)
goñ                      (rural area)
gondá                  (dirty)
góndhi                 (Kate)
goner                   (counting)
gona                    (counting)
gondá                  (dirty)
goni                     (rich)
goniyotor             (properties obtained at the end of a war)
gonná                  (eclipse)
gono                    (count)
góno                    (thick)
gonoya                (fortune teller)
gonzi                   (under wear)
goó                     ([you] sing)
goóná                  (requesting to sing; please sing)
gop                     (talking circle)
gor                      (do; perform)
gora                     (rejected grain of rice)
gorá                    (let him do)
góra                     (water pot)
gorác                   (a handful amount of food ready to eat or swallow)
gorba                   (guest)
gorbór                 (baby creation in the mother worm)
gorgoijja              (can read without any difficulty)
gorgora                (of rolling)
gorgorai               (without difficulty)
gorgorar              (rolling)
górgorár              (throat sounding just before dying)
gorila                   (gorilla)
goró                    (do)
gorís                    (make sure do it)
gorír                    (I am doing)
gorom                 (hot)
gorom-grom        (while still new, clear, known or hot)
gorós                   (selfish)
gorma-gormi        (while still new, clear, known or hot)
gorr                     (small channel for water)
górr                     (home)
gos                      (length measurement ruler; accept)
gosér                   (accepting)
gosó                    (let [you] accept)
góuçi                   (watch)
gouli                    (sneak)
goulóic                (glass)
goóulí                  (goal person)
goóur                  (labor, worker)
gouppwa             (talker)
gourib                  (poor)
gouru                   (cow)
gouzi                   (water pot)
gouzila                 (godzilla)
goyal                   (deer)
goyoum               (guava)
goza                    (biscuit type stick)
gozgozar              (scolding due to mistakes done)
gozi                     (large water container made of mud)
gozila                   (godzilla)
gozól                   (singing competition)
gozzónggas          (a kind of tree)
grem                    (weight unit gram)
gubbar                 (dark cold windy whether)
gúc                      (illegal offer to achieve something)
gúca                    (fist)
guccá                  (anger)
guccí                   (family tree)
guda                    (bent shaped; large sized)
gudá                    (water closed dam)
gudguti                (back biting person)
gudh-guiththa-gas(a famous very hard wood)
gúggui                  (a warning bird for mishaps)
guillámas              (fish)
gúiththa                (tree bark left over)
gul                       (round)
gula                     (fruit)
gulá                     (round piece or small piece used to be thrown at )
gúla                     (water circle in the river)
gulaffúl                 (a kind of flower)
gulail                    (tool of rubber strip and V-shaped wood to catch birds)
gulam                  (slave)
gulguilla               (rounded)
guli                      (bullet)
gulí                      (tablet)
gúm                     (sleepiness)
gumguimma         (rough –sea)
gumgumar            (large sea sounding; distant sounding; inner sounding)
gumrá                  (away from religious duty)
gúmza                  (sleep)
gun                      (of beneficial)
gún                      (ear waste)
guna                    (bare iron ware)
guná                    (sin)
gúna                    (farm land between mountains)
guñar                   (wicked)
gundha                (bad people on the street)
gundhá                (dried cow waste)
gunguni                (head itching insect)
gunn                    (black magic)
gúno                    (fry)
gúñra                   (horse)
gunsí                    (rope tied in the waist)
gura                     (small)
gúra                     (horse)
gurá                     (horse power)
gurbó                   (fetus in the mother womb)
gurgurar               (sounding due to fast moving round)
guri                      (smaller)
gúri                      (cover)
gúro                     (to cover; to tight cap)
gúron                   (circulating)
gúroni                  (cover; cap)
gusá                    (bunch of rice trees)
gusól                   (shower)
guss                     (calf; rice tree bundle)
gusso                   (meat)
gutá                     (poke)
gútum                  (cotton)
guu                      (stool)
gúu                      (stool)
guyágaya             (in detail)
guzaiyer               (put it in the corner)
guzorigiyói           (in passed time)
guzorigiyóide       (in the past)
guzoro                 (shout)
guzorer                (shouting)
 **About 260 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006. 


há                            (eat)
háa                          (act of eating)
háani                        (willingness of eating)
háañla                      (bother-in-law)
háalot                      (condition; situation)
háandani                  (of royal family; of high family; of good family)
háar                         (every one; all )
Haarún                    (Prophet Haroon)
háas                         (special person)
háaza                       (a kind of eatable made of flour and milk)
háazar                      (good in eating)
habil                         (smart)
hábizábi                   (abnormal acts)
hábo                        (feed)
hábon                      (feeding)
habor                      (cloth:Bengali)
habos                      (paper)
haça                        (cut)
háça                        (of cutting off relation e.g suk háça)
haçasíra                   (cutting)
háçail                       (bed room for newly married couple)
háddwa                   (rough)
háfes                        (person who memorized the holy Quran)
háfezi                       (of good memorizing power)
háff                          (snake)
hafúr                        (toilet refresher)
háic                         (to eat another time)
háiccah                    (seeds of the peas)
háil                           (green)
háilla                        (empty)
hailla                        (tomorrow)
haillazira                   (a kind of spice used in the curry)
haim                         (strip of bamboo)
háin                          (turn; his turn)
haindá                      (steep river side)
háith                         (sixty)
haiththa                    (push to fit more items in a container; ready cut)
háiththa                    (carrying chair)
haiththai haiththai      (pressing and pressing)
háitou                       (to eat)
háiye                        (have eaten)
hák                          (vegetable)
hákhoñsu                 (all types of vegetables)
háki                         (thick cotton clothing)
hákikot                    (the truth; reality; actual)
hákim                      (knowledgeable man; medical expert using natural herbs)
hakku                      (cousin brother)
hál                           (river)
hála                         (aunty; mother-in-law)
hala                         (black)
halaáitta                   (old black straws re-used for the roof of bamboo type house)
halafainná                 (KuKu Island of Burma)
hálaga                      (top end of the river)
hálak                        (killed)
hálas                        (freed; completed; done)
hálasi                       (serviceman in a ship)
hál                           (river)
háli                           (empty)
hali                           (ink)
halia                         (tomorrow)
háliát                        (empty handed)
háligór                      (empty house)
haliisa                       (black shrimp)
hálika                       (alone)
halin                         (carpet)
hálim                        (dish prepared in Ramadan for breakfast)
ham                         (work; job)
hama                        (earn)
hámaká                    (surely)
hámal                       (a pile; putting together on top of each other)
hamani                     (earning)
hamará                     (room)
hámbah                    (pole)
hámboli                    (a religious sect out of four main sects)
hámicá                     (always)
hámil                        (pregnant)
hamis                       (shirt)
hámuc                      (shut up without voice)
hammwa                  (workaholic)
han                          (ear)
hána                         (food)
hana                         (blind)
háñara                      (a wooden carrying for carrying dead body)
hañdá                       (shoulder)
hañda                       (noun: crying)
hañder                      (cont: crying)
hánhán                     (into pieces)
háñba                       (showing power against his opponents)
hañc                         (cough)
háñc                         (duck)
háñcih                      (female sheep)
háñco                       (smile)
háñçah                     (carry)
hañcér                      (coughing)
hañçí                        (mud wall for protecting water)
hándha                     (piece)
hañdá                       (shoulder)
hañder                      (crying)
hándha                     (large piece)
háñdhdhi                  (bone)
hañdo                       (crying or weeping)
hañdura                    (crying male baby or person)
hañduri                     (crying female baby or person)
hanfúl                       (earring)
hanfúra                     (ear punching)
hañgula                     (a kind of fruit)
hani                          (a piece of cloth for kitchen)
hañi                          (foot step/mixture of floor and water)
hanifáça                    (a piece of cloth for kitchen)
hánifí                        ( a religious sect out of main four sects)
hañijja                      (rice bowl)
háñis                        (woman period; small extension attached to house)
háñissúratá               (beautiful sea side place south of Maundaw township)
hañit                         (lay at its side)
háñli                         (sister-in-law)
hañn                         (to cry)
háñna                       (food)
hañna                       (hole; blind)
hánnak                     (for no apparent reason)
hánnággáne              (automatically; without any reason)
háñri                         (small yogurt pot)
háñs                         (block; die block)
háñsa                       (truth)
hañsa                       (edge)
hansaba                    (sideburns; side-whiskers)
hañsari                     (court)
hañsi                        (circular cutting knife for rice field cutting)
hañsí                        (a kind of basket)
háñsur                      (swim)
háñsuro                    (do swim)
háñsuron                  (swimming)
háñr                         (necklace)
háñt                         (seven)
hántaroh                   (seventeen)
háñtiar                      (tools)
háñtih                       (elephant)
háñttwah                  (seven quantity)
háñtura                     (hammer)
háñththa                    (ladder)
hañzi                         (court head; sour soap made of lemon)
háñzigiyói                  (have lost)
háñzir                       (present; available)
háñzo                       (getting prepare for going to ceremony or so)
háñzwá-añdá            (people who are blind at day time but can see at night)
hár                           (eating)
hárah                        (quickly; urgent)
hárai                         (to loose)
háraiféla                    (get lost)
háraifélaiyé                (has/have lost)
háram                       (illegal acts or earnings)
hárami                      (wicked man; man of no sympathy)
hárat                         (in loss)
harbar                      (business)
harbari                      (of business oriented)
haré                          (whom)
hári                           (keep yourself safe)
harí                           (taken forcefully)
harigor                      (expert)
harinda                     (clearly; example: harinda gorí foró.)
hárr                          (all; every one)
harúl                         (young cow)
harúlla                      (being young cow)
háru                          (bangle)
has                           (work; job : Bangáli word)
hasharbar                 (business)
hásenah                    (please eat-used for closed friends)
Hasím-Ráza              (famous Rohingya gorilla fighter and head of the Mujahid party)
hásin                         (beautiful)
hásiyót                      (position; character; richness)
hát                            (hand)
háta                          (mistakes; wrong doing; guilty)
hatar                         (queue; line)
hatalmas                   (a kind of fish)
háteh                        (by hand)
hátiar                        (arm)
háthi                         (confirmed)
haththól                    (jack fruit)
haththuc                    (a kind of gun; a kind of vegetable)
hattú                         (with who)
háva                         (air)
házimma                   (person who cut extra skin round the penis)
házinná                     (after noon; evening)
héckara                    (neglecting)
héçe                         (there)
hékarot                     (looking down)
hékmot                     (wisdom; knowledge)
hélicopthar                (helicopter)
hémayot                   (giving value)
héñça                       (virginal)
hér                           (slight space between two partition)
hímmot                     (dare)
híndi                         (of India)
híndu                        (people of hindu religion)
híndustán                  (country of India)
hísab                        (Account)
híssa                         (share)
hóbis                        (naughty [boy])
hóbor                       (news)
hobor                       (tomb)
hóborgwa                 (newsman)
hoborstán                 (graveyard)
hoc                           (hard: water type)
hoçé                         (where)
hocído                      (tight it)
hodda                       (large wooden part)
hoddá                       (cup)
hodú                         (curry fruit)
hofón                        (funeral clothing for the dead)
hoicca                       (youth)
hoijja                        (quarrel)
hoiñçá                       (long vegetable fruit)
hoitor                        (pigeon)
hókkol                      (all; each one; every one)
hókkot                      (in truth position)
hókum                      (command)
hol                            (machine)
hóla                          (lower part of the water pot used for heating)
hóldi                         (remains of oily grains after oil extracted)
hólibá                       (tailor)
hóloit                        (yellow)
holom                       (pen)
hom                          (less)
homa                        (make less)
hombol                     (blanket)
homer                       (becoming less)
homikká                   (how many sides; how many [jobs]; how many [directions])
hon                           (who)
hóñc                         (loose)
hoñc                         (sticky; hard)
hoñçonggya              (curled [hair])
hónda                      (digging tool rod)
hone                        (who is)
hoñíkka                    (to where)
hoñla                        (orange)
hoñótté                     (when)
hóñni                        (comb)
honnót                      (at where)
honnwá                    (who is his?)
hoñsi                        (lemon)
hoñsu                       (a kind of vegetable)
hontí                         (from where)
honnántu                  (at where)
honnwá                    (who)
hoñoijja                    (blacksmith)
hoñól                        (a kind of bird)
hoñóur                     (mouth piece for cattle)
hoñrahoñri                (quarrel)
hooñr                       (bite)
hoóñr                       (little tent in the rice field)
hoñra                       (a kind of fruit)
hoñrahoñri                (quarrel attack)
hóñrmas                   (a kind of fish)
hoñsu                       (a kind of vegetable)
hoñsurboñ                (a kind of vegetable)
hoñótté                     (when)
hoñroi                      (fried rice)
hontú                       (from where)
hoñya                      (a kind of fruit)
hóo                          (eat)
hoó                          (say)
hooñl                       (very young fruit)
hóoñlá                     (flower in the pond)
hooñla                     (orange)
hoór                        (curse)
hoor                        (cloth)
hoóuñr                     (mouth cover for cow)
hóoná                      (please eat-to elderly and guest)
hoóná                      (please say)
hoou                        (where is it)
hóour                       (father-in-law)
hóourí                      (mother-in-law)
hoppa                      (crane)
hoppi                       (cabbage)
hór                           (liquid muddy)
hórab                       (bad)
hórabi                      (act of being bad)
hóraf                        (bad; bad character)
hórafi                       (being bad; bad activity)
horáh                       (young; not ripen)
hórai                        (make into liquid; painful sensation in urinary track)
hóraide                    (give me by making into liquid form)
hóraiféla                   (to be done into liquid form)
hóraifélaiyé               (have done into liquid form)
hóran                       (tiredness)
hórguc                     (a kind of animal)
horgwa                    (crushed vegetable salad)
hórhoçi                    (a small window for the bed room)
horhora                    (yesterday’s cooked rice)
horhorar                   (chicken sounding in their feeding place)
horí                          (sea shell)
hórigas                     (a kind of famous hard tree)
hórin                        (deer)
horittamas                (a kind of fish)
horiya                       (fry pan)
hóro                         (sour)
horola                      (a kind of bitter vegetable fruit)
hórong                     (wooden slipper)
hóros                       (expenses)
horot                        (saw for cutting wood)
hórsa                        (expenditure)
hosára                      (losses)
hosóm                      (swear)
hosora                      (dirty)
hóssa                        (expenses)
hossób                     (turtle)
hóssor                      (mid animal between ass and horse)
hossura                    (sea bed shells; rough surfaces)
hosúri                       (guilty)
hót                           (book mark)
hot                           (brown color add on to pan leave)
hotá                         (speak/speech)
hóthol                       (hotel)
hotó                         (how much in Bengali)
hótom                      (the end)
hótomikká                (how many ways)
hótómgoró               (finish it)
hótora                      (danger)
hotti                         (container used in the toilet)
hotúkkún                  (how much time; how long)
houli                         (young flower)
hóur                         (lost the way)
hóuñi                        (popcorn)
houñra                     (hexagonal  shaped fruit)
hóuñrí                      (pumpkin)
hóuroi                      (mustard seeds)
houróuli                   (small stony grains)
húc                          (happiness)
húci                         (happy)
húde                        (alone; by only alone)
hújum                      (crowded)
húk                          (hook)
húkka                      (water passed pipe smoking device)
hún                          (blood)
húñc                        (consciousness)
húñciyar                   (alert)
húnor                       (professional [job])
húrr                         (ladies rewarded in the heaven)
húrum                      (dried rice)
húrut-húrut               (dropping in large quantity)
húzur                       (high religious scholar)
**About 350 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


í                         (a vowel character with hard sound)
i                         (a vowel character with soft sound)
íba                     (that one; she: far away)
ibá                     (this one; she: near by)
íbar                    (for her: far away)
ibár                    (for her: near by)
íballa                  (for her: far away )
ibálla                  (for her: near by)
íballói                 (with her: far away )
ibállói                 (with her: near by)
íbattú                 (is her: far away)
ibáttu                 (is her: near by)
ibirot                  (getting lessons)
ibiroti                 (of getting lessons)
Iblís                   (Satan)
Ibrahím              (Prophet Abraham)
ic                       (plowing tools)
icára                  (traffic light)
icáraté                ([talking] with sign)
Idd                    (Eid holiday day)
idgáñ                  (place of Eid prayer)
idí                      (Eid day gifts)
Idiris                  (common Muslim name in Asia)
idhiyéth              (Idiot, stupid)
iftar                    (breakfast)
íin                       (that one)
iín                       (this one)
íinór                   (for those)
iínór                   (for these)
ijat                     (freedom)
íkka                   (that way)
ikká                   (this way)
íkkar                  (belong to that)
ikkár                  (belong to this)
íkkai íkkai          (crying in deep sorrow)
ikkár                  (from here)
íkkar                  (from there)
ikkinígorí            (for a little)
ikkinísa              (little)
Íkra                   (the first Sura revealed)
Ikwethar            (Equator)
Ila                      (god in Arabic)
ilebile                 (IA & BA degree)
ilímmas               (a kind tasty fish)
Iliyas                  (the prophet Eliyas)
imam                  (guider for prayer)
iman                   (faith)
imandár              (faithful)
imandari             (in faith)
imane-amane      (with full trust)
imanwala            (people with faith)
imouti                 (of leading the prayer)
Incá Allah           (by God will)
ínca                    (looking down others)
incúaréns            (insurance)
Indía                  (India country)
indíde                 (give/enter/push in this way)
indila                  (like this)
Indunisía             (Indonesia)
Ingilíc                 (English)
Ingrazi                (English language)
inkar                  (deny)
Ínlé lake             (famous lake in Burma)
Ínná Lillá            (to God return)
ínquiri                 (inquiry)
insáb                  (justice)
insábi                 (of justice)
insáf                   (justice)
insán                  (human being)
intán                   (exam)
ínti                      (in that channel)
intí                      (in this channel)
íntu                     (in that way)
intú                     (in this way)
Inus                    (common Rohingya people’s name)
Iran                    (Iran country)
Iraq                    (Iraq country)
írr                       (flowing water little by little)
isa-árk               (a kind of vegetable)
isamas                (shrimp)
Isáq                   (common Rohingya people’s name)
ísab                    (account; mathematic)
isar                     (no rule; no discipline)
isarbisar             (no rule; no discipline)
Ismail                 (Prophet Ishmael)
issá                    (wishes)
issar                   (breakfast)
issari                  (breakfast food)
istiri                    (ironing)
Isúb                   (the prophet Yousub)
Itali                    (Italy country)
ítantú                  (bed head site)
ítara                   (they: far away)
itará                   (they: near by)
ítarallá                (for they: far away)
itarallá                (for they: near by)
ítarattú                (are they: far away)
itarattú                (are they: near by)
íte                      (he: far away)
ite                      (he: near by)
ittar                    (now; right now)
íya                     (participate in collective work)
íyal                     (noticing)
íyan                    (that one)
iyán                    (this one)
íyanot                 (at there)
iyánot                 (in here)
íyantú                 (in that place; in that point)
iyántú                 (in this place; in this point)
izab                    (engagement for marriage)
ízara                   (man without fertility)
izubizu                (deep forest)
izzoitta                (of good dignity)
izzot                   (dignity)
izzoti                  (of good behaviors)
izzotdar              (people of having dignity)
izzotwala            (people of having dignity)
**About 150 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


jaám                  (jam)
jaba                   (cover the leak or hole with mud of something)
Jaber                 (common Rohingya people name)
jaboçai              (holding with both hands; holding firmly; holding with force)
jadu                   (magic)
jadugor              (magician)
jadugori             (work of magician)
Jafan                  (people of Japan)
Jafani                 (of Japan; made in Japan)
Jafani-mas         (a kind of fish)
jafórani              (a kind of health tablet)
jagir                   (student staying with a family in exchange of some work or without any)
jáhan                 (universe)
Jáhangir             (common Rohingya people name)
jáhannam           (hell)
jali                     (fake; cotton belt used by old or ancient woman)
jam                    (busy traffic)
jamá                  (big; large; well known; famous e.g. Jamá mousóit)
jáma                  (crowded)
Jamal                 (common Rohingya people names)
Jamarat              (evil’s points that pilgrims throw stones)
jamgula              (a kind of fruit)
jámila                 (crowded)
jan                     (life)
jañás                  (ship)
jáñça                  (broom, scolding)
jáñçu                  (broom)
jandár                (of life)
jándha               (flag or sign used in strike; or in success of independence)
jandi                  (by life)
jane                   (with life)
janfooran           (love with life)
Jafór                  (common Rohingya people name)
jáñss                  (cymbals)
januar                (animal)
January              (January month)
Japan                 (Japan country)
japani-mas         (a kind of fish)
jasus                  (spy)
játhdhuañ           (a group of similar trees grown in a squeezed place)
játhka                (jump over; jump toward)
Java                   (Java people of Indonesia)
Jawad                (common Rohingya people name)
jeçá                   (father’s brother)
jeçí                    (wife of father’s brother)
jeél                    (jelly)
jéth                    (Jet engine or plane)
jethí                   (jetty)
Jéw                   (Jew people)
Jibrail                (Angle Gabriel who brings messages from Allah)
Jiddá                 (port city 80km west of Makkah)
jii                       (answering call)
jiíp                     (jeep)
jílmil-jílmil          (colorful sparking)
jillot                   (suffering; painful time; sorrowful situation)
jilloti                  (adj: suffering; painful time; sorrowful situation)
jin                      (jinn)
jinda                  (alive)
jindaabad          (speaking good of)
jinís                   (thing)
jinnat                 (Jins)
joc                    (relax; enjoy; benefiting)
jog                    (jug)
joj                     (judge; enjoying wealth)
jojba                 (courage)
jojbati               (bravery)
joldi                  (quickly)
jollat                 (person who is assigned to kill persons)
jolsa                 (fun raising ceremony for religious schools such as madarasa)
jolti                   (quickly)
joma                 (group; collect; save; bring together)
jomaát              (group)
jonaza               (prayer for a dead person)
jonggol              (forest)
jonggoli             (who inhabit in forest)
jónjath              (complication)
jonnot               (heaven)
jonnoti              (person who have shown enough good deeds to say he will go to heaven)
jontís                 (yellow disease)
joribana            (fine)
joth                   (mark usually black due to continuous rubbing)
jóthfóth             (immediately; urgently; within no time)
jóthka               (a jolt)
joththúáñ           (swelling due to burn or injury; pimple like)
juab                  (answer)
juan                  (youthful)
juani                  (youth)
juari                  (corn)
juc                    (bad feeling against other; inner force of a person)
juc’hái               (swallowing bad feeling against other)
juda                  (separated)
juddó                (war)
julus                  (strike)
júmjúm              (raining sound when heavy)
Jumá                 (Friday prayer)
Jun                    (Month of June)
júñça                 (bun; chignon; hair ball tied at back of the head;wig)
juniar                 (junior)
júppuçi              (small and unclean home)
jurúm                 (oppressed; punished)
jus                     (force; power; encouragement)
júth                    (lie)
júthah                 (a lie)
júthabás             (liar)
júthmíl                (jute mill)
juús                   (juice)
juwab                (answer)
juwan                (adult)
juwani                (of adult age)
juwari                (corn)
**About 120 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


kaabá                          (House of Allah (God) in Makkah)
kaamiab                      (success)
kaamiabi                     (of success)
kaáni                           (tales; history)
kaanun                        (law; rules)
kaárdh                        (card)
kaár                            (car)
kaárén                        (current)
kaássáli                       (drought; famine)
kaayá                          (exercise: Burmese language)
kabeliyot                     (smartness; his ability)
kabeliyoti                    (of smartness)
kabér                          (cover; protect; siding; hiding)
kabos                         (paper: Bengali usages)
kafér                           (non-believer)
kafí                             (more than enough; too many)
kafyú                          (curfew)
kaháni                         (tales)
kalam                         (saying. Arabic word)
kalár                           (color)
kalin                           (carpet. see also Halin)
kalkuleithar                 (calculator)
kalma                         (blue coloring for white cloth)
kamal                         (common Rohingya people name)
kamará                       (room)
kamis                          (shirt)
kani                            (land measurement unit)
kap                             (cup)
karaci                         (second city of Pakistan)
karathé                       (Karate)
karbun                        (carbon)
karhána                      (factory)
kari                             (people who memorized Quran by heart)
karthún                       (cartoon)
kasím                          (common name of Rohingya people)
kavár                          (cover)
kazi                            (judge)
kebar                         (door)
kebel                          (cable)
keéc                           (cash)
keém                          (camp)
keén                           (how)
keénó                         (how is)
keénóiye                     (what’s wrong)
kefáya                        (enough)
kéil                             (play; trick)
keis                            (court case)
keíttóu                        (for what)
kek                             (cake)
kela                            (banana)
kelabáza                     (a kind food prepared with flour and banana)
kélah                          (game)
kélaná                         (toys)
kelar-boóuli                (banana tree inner part used in curry)
kelar-sára                   (group of bananas from banana tree)
kelar-túr                      (banana flower)
kélkelái                       (in strong argument; in strong opposed)
kélo                            (play)
kélouna                       (toy)
kéma                          (let stop)
kémer                         (about to stop)
kemera                       (camera)
kemikél                       (chemical)
kémota                       (ability)
kempás                       (advertising; mouth to mouth advertising)
kena                           (revenge)
keñc                           (body hair)
keñça                         (nail like thing; thorn)
keñçi                          (remainder; hardliner; hard to deal person)
kenggóri                     (how)
keñiccá                       (hairy)
keñil                           (waist)
kenkenar                    (pursuing; insisting; strongly willing)
kéñs                           (tighten)
keñsa                         (green; raw)
kéñsani                       (n: body squeezing due to aliment)
kéñsar                        (body squeezing due to aliment)
kensar                        (cancer)
kensél                         (cancel)
keñsa                         (green)
keñsi                          (scissors)
kéñsi                          (hold tight)
keñsimesi                   (big noise of crowd)
kéñso                         (do tighten)
kep                            (cap of the gun)
kepásiti                      (capacity)
képpa                        (helper of intelligent)
kepthin                       (captain)
kera                           (a kind of bird)
keráat                        (Quran verses)
keraci                        (Karachi city of Pakistan)
keráh                         (a kind of bird)
Kerala                        (people of India from Kerala State)
keramot                     (divine sign usually rewarded to Allah’s messengers)
keramoti                    (of divine sign)
kerani                        (officer’s helper)
keransin                     (kerosene)
kerék                         (crack people)
kereya                       (rent)
keri                            (people who carry goods on foots)
keriya                        (rent)
kérr                           (grass)
keséth                        (cassette)
kesi                           (scissors)
kesor                         (stool)
kessú                         (something)
kesswa                      (worm)
ketá                           (comforter)
ketáfuri                      (scolding)
kétalog                      (Catalog)
kéti                            (agricultural field)
kétigoro                     (do cultivation)
ketigori                      (category)
ketóuri                       (kettle)
kettali                         (roaring; shouting; making noise)
kétteilla                      (farmer)
kétu                           (itching sensation in some part of the body when stirred)
ketur                          (white residue formation in the eye)
Kháled                       (common Rohingya people name)
ki                               (what)
kiá                             (why)
kíal                            (thinking; thoughts)
kiálla                          (why)
Kíangdong                 (a village far east of Taung Bazaar, Arakan)
kiañr                          (feeling sick and a sound of suffering repeating)
kiáñra                        (crab)
kiár                            (care)
kias                            (estimate)
kiba                           (of little here and there; eg. eating little or not = Kiba háiye kiba noó há)
Kibala                        (Muslims praying direction which is Makkah)
kibouli                        (how do)
kíbourdh                    (keyboard)
kiccóçimas                 (a kind of fish usually very small types)
kicti                            (Ship of Prophet Noah)
kigoittí                        (what do you want to do)
kihoódde                    (what do you say)
kikkirar                       (laugh too much)
kil                               (a push; a punch by hand)
kíl                               (wedge)
kíla                             (uncultivated)
kila                             (two pivot pillars of rice milling lever)
kilá                             (kidney)
Kíladong                     (a village south of Maungdaw township, Arakan)
killa                            (castle)
kilmar                         (punch)
kilú                             (kilo; 1000s)
kimot                          (value)
kimoti                         (valuable)
kin                              (buy)
kina                            (of buying)
kinare                         (near by)
kínisi                           (a village in Taung bazaar area of Arakan State)
kinkini                         (elbow; hand joint between hand and arm)
kínafeçainna                (very thin person due to sickness or son)
kinnaoñl                      (little figure)
kino                            (buy)
kinnoul                        (smallest finger)
kintu                           (but)
kiñyar                         (acting of very hard pain)
kiñyór                         (small seed abundantly available underneath on road side )
kír                               (sticky liquid from tree)
kíra                             (a kind of fruit)
kiris                             (sword)
kírkiçi                          (windows)
kirkirar                        (teeth sound; controlled laughing usually by young ladies)
kírkiri                          (windows)
kirmai                          (grinded meat)
kirmis                          (dried grapes)
kírr                              (glue liquid from trees)
kís                               (plastic bag)
kiskisar                        (shouting)
kiskisimas                    (a kind of fish)
kismis                          (dry grapes)
kismot                         (fortune)
kissá                            (tale)
kisso                            (installment)
kissú                            (something)
kisto                            (installment)
kita                              (paying or taking in successive numbers)
kíta                              (nick name)
kítabi                           (of nick name)
kitá                              (referring Bangladeshi people who speak Bengali or Syilati)
kitab                            (book)
kitabi                           (of holy book)
kiíttó                            (for what)
kiyá                             (why)
kíyál                            (thinking)
kiyam                          (praying by standing)
kiyamot                       (last day of the world; judgment day in the hereafter)
kiyas                           (estimate. see also kias)
kiyólla                         (why)
kiyór                           (for somebody)
kiyó                            (somebody)
kiyóttu                        (from which)
kláss                           (class)
kobira                         (big in Arabic)
kobor                         (grave.  see also hobor)
koborstán                   (graveyard. see also hoborstán)
kobul                          (accepted; said yes)
Kodór                        (Kodor night which is the night of decree and best of all nights)
koffaara                      (doing something good for the bad did)
kofí                             (coffee)
kofón                          (clothing of dead body for burial)
kókswé                       (noodle)
kolár                           (collar)
koléij                          (college)
kolma                         (faith saying)
kombol                       (blanket)
komethí                      (committee)
kompani                     (company)
kompléin                    (complain)
komplíth                     (complete)
komputar                   (computer)
kondícen                    (condition)
kondhul                      (mark circle boundary to protect the place)
konekthar                   (connector)
konfárm                      (confirm)
konsél                         (counsel)
konthéinar                   (container)
konthrol                      (control)
koóléij                        (college)
kopí                           (copy)
kosóm                        (swearing)
kosór                          (prayer shortened as a privilege in journey)
kosúri                         (fault)
kotól                          (kill man)
kotóli                         (man killer)
koththor                     (hard liner)
koum                         (ethnic group)
koumi                        (ethnic)
kousor                       (special river in the heaven)
koza                          (replacement for the missing or mistakes)
krein                          (crane)
kredíth                       (credit)
krék krék                  (sound)
kreng’hal                    (complexity)
ku                              (brother)
kua                            (well)
kúah                          (snow falling)
kuáccór                     (deep black night)
kuaic                          (convenient)
kuaica                        (in convenient)
kuail                           (coil)
kual                           (fore front)
kuáñr                         (people who make pots of mud)
kuáñra                        (a kind of fruit)
kúantí                         (absent)
kubutha Injil               (“Kubuta” Engine)
kúc                            (foot step mark)
kúcbo                        (good smell, scent)
kúci                           (happy)
kucíc                          (trying)
kuçum                        (relatives)
kuçúr                         (cutting sound of mouse)
kudal                          (digging tool)
kudorot                      (miracle; power of Allah)
kuiccól                       (cane)
kuijja                          (pile of straw to feed cattle)
kuilá                           (dread bird)
kúilla                          (opened)
kúillah                        (brother middle)
kuinna                        (rice tip parts)
kuissa                         (nail)
kuiththailon                 (pack for taking away)
kúiththakúçi                (child fighting)
kúiththar                     (pecking pain)
kukiss                        (biscuit)
kukkurúkuk                (chicken morning barking)
kul                             (river bank, side)
kúl                             (to open)
kúla                           (is open)
kulá                           (immigrant people in Burma)
kula                           (rice sorting bamboo flat container; enough)
kúlasá                        (openly)
kuldar                        (tar)
kúldar                        (wooden sheet)
kúle                           (open able)
kulí                            (labor)
kúli                             (to open)
kuli                            (washing mouth)
kúlkuillá                     (hollow)
kullukmaijja               (closed all possible sides)
kúllungkúla                (open and clear)
kúlo                           (open)
kúloni                        (opener)
kum                           (deepest area in the river; investment)
kumbáic                     (compass)
kumpani                     (company)
kun                            (corner)
kuna                          (related to corner)
kún                            (blood)
kúndar                       (wooden sheet)
kúni                           (murderer)
kuñça                        (hook)
kuñçá                        (rice field block)
kúñçah                      (pole used to tie cattle)
kuñçi                         (plough tool)
kúñda                        (cave)
kundal                       (locked jail)
kundi kundi                (pieces to pieces)
kúni                           (murderer)
kúñi                           (a kind of skin disease)
kuñiddá                     (running little faster than walking)
kuñir                          (dog)
kuñra                         (rice outer dust used for animal; fold; get together)
kuñraide                    (collect; getting things together)
kuñraiféla                   (collect; get things together)
kúñsa                        (a kind of vegetable fruit)
kuñsa                        (sweep)
kuñsani                      (broom)
kuñsar                       (sweeping)
kuñso                        (sweeping)
kúñth                         (broken small pieces of rice used for animal)
kunuçi                        (people who speaks lies and true together)
kup                            (cutting as an attempt to murder)
kúp                            (a throw or a catch in fishing)
kur                             (to dig)
kúr                             (sharp knife usually used for shaving)
kurá                           (chicken; digging)
kúrab                         (rice stored for the year)
kúrak                         (food stocked for the season)
kural                          (a kind of fish)
kuralmas                    (a kind of fish)
Kuran                        (Muslims Holy Book)
Kurani                       (of Holy Book)
Kurban                      (Muslim Holiday of sacrifice)
kurbani                      (animal sacrifice on Muslim Holiday of sacrifice)
kuri                            (twenty)
kurí                            (to dig)
kúrih                          (foot of cattle)
kuríde                        (to dig)
kuríféla                       (to be dug)
kúrkúrmater               (giving a sound of something revolving)
kurkurar                    (stirring)
kúrma                        (date)
kurma                        (tasty preparation of rice and meat in ceremony)
kuró                          (dig)
kuróil                         (digging tool)
kurosí                        (chair)
Kúrdi                         (Kurdi people in Iraq and Turkey)
kúrr                           (thin sharp knife)
kurul                          (10 millions)
kuruta                        (long shirt used by religious teacher)
kúsar                         (checking inside illegally)
kusi                            (wrestling)
kusí                            (wrestling)
kusii                           (cloth shrink folding to suit the dressing)
kussá                         (place between the two legs when seated)
kussámossí                 (kidding)
kusúm                        (private parts)
kúsurkúsur                 (whispering against others)
kut                             (loosening the soil using a farmer tool)
kutdo                         (loosen the soil)
kuth                           (coat)
kuthá                         (building; urinary track)
kuthí                          (1 billion)
kutakuitta                   (tightly)
kutta                          (male dog)
kutti                           (female dog)
kúthmarer                  (punching pain)
kuththa                      (box; cartoon box)
kútu                           (feeling funny when touching some parts of the body)
kútulage                     (feel inconvenient)
kutuwal                      (learned man)
kuúñrí                        (female chicken)
kuwa                         (well)
kúwah                       (morning snow rain)
kuwáccór                  (deep black at night)
kuwaicca                   (convenient)
kuwal                        (forehead)
kuwálár                     (pretending)
kúwañ                       (untie; unwrapped)
kúnwantí                    (absent)
Kyat                          (Burmese [Myanmar] currency)
kyamot                      (judgment day in the hereafter)
kyár                           (caring)
Kyotto                       (Kyauktaw township in Arakan State, Burma)
kyókkyó                    (a kind home make eatable)
**About 400 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


laa                       (come in Burmese language)
laá                       (plastic)
laáith                   (light)
laánot                  (curse)
laár                      (of plastic)
laátríssa               (thunder lightening)
laáv                     (noun: love)
laávar                  (lover)
laázim                  (a must)
láboli                   (due to; because of)
lac                       (casualty)
lacálacá               (soft)
laçagáça              (of remaining and/or bad quality)
laçí                      (stick used for support or beating)
láçung                  (spinning top)
ladhdhá               (of remaining and/or bad quality)
ladhdhú               (small sweet ball)
laff                       (profit; benefit)
laga                     (fix; join)
lage                     (require)
lager                    (cont: needing)
lahouçi                 (fire wood)
lai                        (basket)
láiboli                   (due to; because of)
laiggé                   (was needed)
lailotor kodór       (night of power; night of decreed; 27th night of Ramadan)
laimmé                 (descended)
lain                      (line)
láing                     (water wave)
laisén                   (license)
lak                       (hundred thousands)
lakkwámas           (a kind of fish)
lal                         (red)
lali                        (inner yellow part of egg)
lalós                     (greedy)
lalsí                      (greedy)
lam                       (go down)
lame                     (usually come down; use to come down)
lamani                   (frequent motion diseases)
lamar                    (bringing down)
lambá                   (long)
lamba                   (tall, long, high)
lamer                    (coming down)
lami                      ([let me/us] come down)
lamo                     (come down)
lamoni                  (ladder; staircase; something to take you down)
laouça                  (shit)
lar                        (verb: move)
lara                      (noun: moving)
larái                     (battle)
lare                      (used to move)
larer                     (kidding; moving)
lari                       (noun: getting move)
laro                      ([get it] move)
laron                    (noun: moving)
lasar                     (very weak and sick)
latí                       (noun: kick)
lebas                    (costumes)
léça                     (thin)
leccái                   (abandoning after saying shit)
leccí                     (shouting shit)
leccwá                 (sticky liquid leaking out of mouth)
ledholom              (pencil)
lefava                   (envelop)
léggi                     (brave)
lehá                      (writing)
lehader                 (bumped to something)
leham                   (hooking the animal at nose)
leikké                   (written)
leká                      (writing)
lekér                    (writing)
lekó                     (write)
lekóni                   (writing instrument)
lemun                   (lemon)
lendha                  (naked)
leng                      (leg disabled)
lenggyá                 (leg disabled person)
les                        (tail)
lesswa                  (something with weak or less content; of less meat side)
lesu                      (small round red sweet fruit )
leth                       (eraser; lead of pencil)
lethá                     (slow mover; late comer; being late)
leththwa                (spit)
lifo                        (do plastering; leveling)
lifoni                     (plastering tool)
lillirar                    (playing naughty at far end of something high and shaky)
lilliri                      (small hanging piece)
líorigula                 (a kind of fruit)
liyo                       (making disgrace)
lobbáik                 (saying to Allah that I am here for you in the hajj time)
lockor                  (army)
loçí                       (stick for support while walking)
log                        (a kind of insect)
loifarer                  (can be taken)
loilla isa                (a kind of small soft shrimp)
loillar agat             (at very high top)
loiththa faga          (twist the string together)
loiththa mas          (fleshy fish tasty when dried)
loiyé                     (taken)
loiyoum                (will take)
lok                       (a kind of insect)
lokéth                   (bracelet)
lokkí                    (lucky; luck)
lókmarilo              (take by extending long hand)
lolloijja                 (soft and white clean)
lombór                 (number)
lonchar                 (launcher)
lóndha                  (bigger sized)
londhi                   (prostitute)
londhón                (capital of Britain)
lóng                      (long heavy sampan)
longgi                    (sarong)
loódhspíkar          (loud speaker)
loók                     (noun: lock)
loon arde doon     (give and take)
loóri-gari               (truck)
loór                      (light stream)
lo                         (take)
lor                        (move aside)
lora                       (motion)
lorá                      (being long and thin)
lossí                      (yogurt mixed with water and sweet)
lothári                   (lottery)
lota                       (rope like string from tree)
loti                        (outside ear lower tip)
lothka                   (hang)
lothkai                  (by hanging)
lothkaier               (keep hanging)
lothkaiféla             (be hung)
lothkairak             (keep hanging)
lothkairaké           ([he/she/they usually] keep hanging)
lothkairakér          ([he/she/they] is keeping hanged)
lothkairakí            ([I/we usually] keep hanging)
lothkairakó           ([you all] keep it hanging)
lothkairaikké         (kept hanging)
lothkani                (thing used for hanging)
lothkaieroni           (hanger)
lothári                   (lottery)
lou                        (blood)
louwé                   (with blood)
louwót                  (in blood)
louwór                  (of blood)
loufiyoni                (small animal)
lowa forer             (need to be taken)
luaza                     (should take it)
luazar                    (suitable to be fit)
luça                      (toilet use container)
luçifiçá                  (flat bread)
lud goizzé              (robbed)
lufár                      (bad person to kill or harm somebody)
luiththé                  (laid flat)
lukkelani kélon      (playing hide and seek game)
lukkelani               (hide and seek game)
luksan                   (loss)
lulluri                     (hanging pieces; ear ring)
luo                        (hide)
luoon                    (hiding)
lusalusa                 (soft and soft)
lussan                   (loss)
lutamuta                (soft in touch)
luti                        (eye ball)
lutifuk                   (very small insect)
luthi                      (bread)
luúi                       (fishing container made of bamboo)
luúizal                   (a kind of fishing net)
luwá                     (iron)
luwair                   ([I/we] are hiding; are hiding [something])
luwaiya                 (hidden)
luwaiyé                 (hidden away)
luwaiyer                (hide other)
luwár                    (of iron)
luwaza                  (acceptable)
luwazar                 (being acceptable)
luwázaron             (iron based medicine)
luwer                    ([he/she/they] are hiding)
luwo                     (hide)
luwon                   (hiding)
**About 200 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


maa                                          (mother)
maamá                                     (children calling mother)
maana                                      (free)
maárk                                       (mark)
maasum                                    (innocent)
mác                                          (month)
macthor                                    (master)
madal gas                                 (tree of many pitch)
madarasá                                  (religious teaching school)
mádárbourd                              (Computer motherboard)
maf                                           (forgiveness)
mafa                                         (weighing)
mafíah                                      (group attacking others for one common thing)
maga                                        (asking for financial help)
magi                                         (prostitute)
magoya                                    (beggar)
mahér                                       (expert)
maiccáya                                  (brown color)
maijjá                                       (middle)
maijjáli                                      (supervision)
máillom                                     (small sour fruit)
maiñya                                      (girl)
maiththá mas                             (a kind of fish)
Makkah                                   (Muslims holy city in Makkah Saudi Arabia)
makkí                                       (miser)
makón                                      (stirring or mixing)
mala                                         (coconut shell)
malek                                       (owner)
mali                                          (wooden pole at the center of ship)
malíc                                        (asked to pardon him-Egyptian way)
mamá                                       (mummy; mother)
mami                                        (aunty)
mamu                                       (uncle)
mancárk                                   (a kind of vegetable leaves)
mándara                                   (magic work)
mandarazi                                 (black people in Burma in British time)
mándi                                       (Arabic food)
manggula                                  (meat solid at the back below waist; seat; bottom)
máni-odhar                               (money order)
mano                                        (to be followed)
manoc                                      (doing a wish)
mánsi                                        (tattoo)
manúic                                      (man, mankind)
mar                                           (beat)
mara                                         (beating)
marailla                                     (large basket)
marcel                                      (marshal law)
marer                                       (beating)
marhá                                       (mark on cargo luggage)
maric árk                                  (a kind of leaves vegetable)
marmá                                      (a kind of vegetable fruit)
mas                                          (fish)
masa                                        (support attached to the wall)
masí                                         (fly)
mat                                           (plain field)
matá                                         (head)
matar                                        (calling e.g somebody is calling hone matar)
mater                                        ([he/she/they] are speaking)
maton                                       (noun: speaking)
mattul                                       (hammer)
maya                                        (girl)
mayafua                                    (baby girl)
maza                                        (central; nucleus; middle part of a tree or fruit)
mazar                                       (tom of a religious person)
mazé                                        (middle)
mazí                                         (supervisor; head)
mazór-ouñl                               (middle finger)
meçi                                         (ground)
meçól                                       (medal)
medhól                                     (medal)
meéman                                    (guest)
meérbani                                  (help)
meiththa                                   (of mud, floor of mud and ground)
meiththailla                               (ground digging people)
melá                                         (open)
melaa                                       (feeding ceremony)
melámar                                   (through it)
melethéri                                  (military)
mema                                       (enjoyable food)
memori                                     (memory)
mep                                          (map)
mes                                          (table)
mey mác                                   (may month)
miáh                                          (mix)
miáiye                                       (mixed)
miat                                          (validity; warranty; duration)
miçá                                         (sweet)
micín                                        (machine)
miçíng miçíng                            (twinkling twinkling)
miís                                          (lady)
milon                                        (meeting)
minara                                      (minaret of the mosque)
misá                                         (lie)
miskin                                       (very poor people)
misúák                                      (misuark-natural wooden tooth brush rod)
mitái                                         (sweet chocolate)
miyóla                                      (cloud)
miyón                                       (mixing)
miyondá                                   darkish; dirty)
mizzi                                         (helper in the mosque)
moazzen                                   (iman’s helper in the mosque)
mocá                                        (spider)
mockil                                      (difficult)
moçmoçar                                (sounding as if to break)
mocóri                                      (mosquito net)
mod                                         (narcotic)
moddani                                   (manhood)
modem                                     (computer communication device)
Modina                                    (Madina holy city)
mohábboth                               (love)
moida                                       (wheat floor)
moila                                        (dirty; dim; old)
moinna                                     (sharp)
moisaillé                                   (damaged and displaced goods/things)
mokka gula                               (corn)
mokkón                                    (cream of milk)
moktob                                    (office in Arabic school)
móktob                                    (office-Arabic)
molai                                        (milk cream)
molana                                     (religious teacher)
mon                                          (wish)
mondir                                      (Hindu temple)
moniccó                                   (human being)
monitar                                     (monitor)
moóc                                        (drinking water container)
moódi                                       (leaves for coloring hand and hair)
moóina                                     (sticky mud)
moók                                       (mug)
moóngga                                  (expensive)
moórana                                   (gift to bridge groom for marriage)
moós                                        (mouse)
moot                                         (death)
moota                                       (funeral)
moou                                        (uncle)
moóutaj                                    (needy)
morer                                       (dying)
moris                                        (chili)
morissa rong                             (chili color)
moris-sara                                (small chili tree)
morkos                                    (center for religious talks)
mormoizza                                (brittle)
mosóit                                      (mosque)
mosólla                                    (prayer mat)
mot                                          (alcoholic drink)
moton                                      (spelling)
motóon                                    (muscle pressing)
mothka                                     (a large pot)
mothór                                     (motor car; ball shaped small bean)
mothováik                                (traffic police)
moudú                                      (honey)
mouka                                      (chance)
moukamouzin                           (by chance)
mouloi                                      (Educated person in Religion particularly in Arabic)
mousóm                                   (weather)
mouza                                      (socks)
moyor                                      (bird)
moza                                        (tasty)
mozaddo                                  (keep the mixture to stabilize)
mubáñ                                      (speaking ruthlessly)
mucá                                        (mosquito)
mufót                                        (free)
muftí                                         (religious leader)
muháddes                                 (Arabic teacher)
muic                                         (jungle cow)
muijjái                                      (from the root)
muillo                                       (valuable)
muitté                                       (he urinated)
muittí                                        ([I have] urinated)
muizzáiféla                                (cut from root)
mujahíd                                    (fighting for Allah’s cause)
mujolíc                                      (sitting for discussion)
mujoza                                     (miracle)
muk                                          (face)
mukabela                                  (face to face)
mukammel                                (fully)
mula                                         (carrot like vegetable but white only)
mullúk                                      (country; land of under one authority)
mum                                         (musical disc with a small dome at middle to hit)
mumbatti                                  (candle)
munafék                                   (hypocrite)
muncí                                       (writer)
muncíark                                  (a kind of leaves vegetable)
mur                                          (deep)
murá                                         (mountains)
mura                                         (small bamboo sitting)
muráilla                                     (people from mountainous area)
murala                                      (dust in the water)
murali                                       (flute; pipe musical instrument)
murbaila                                   (a kind of fish)
murhai                                      (deeply)
múruk                                       (person of town in charge)
murung                                     (Murung ethnic group in Arakan, Burma (Myanmar))
mus                                          (mustache; hair on lip)
musa                                        (food bundle usually to take to farm or mountain)
musá                                        (wiping above head as part of washing for prayer)
musii                                        (miser; hard spender)
mustokbol                                (for the future)
muta                                         (fatty)
mutani                                      (fat woman)
mut                                          (urine)
mutá                                        (non-brittle)
mutani                                      (urinating)
mutorsála                                 (bladder)
Myanma                                  (Burma)
**About 250 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006. 


ná                                 (no)
naait                              (Hindu people whose profession is hair cutting)
naáitta                           (unlucky, unblessed people)
naár                              (line of constant water flow)
naari                             (watch in Burmese language)
naás                              (hospital nurse)
naástí                            (unlucky)
nac                               (damaged)
nacáicta                        (uncivilized)
naça                              (closed)
naço                             (block the hole or gap)
nadhdhe                        (rolling upside-down)
nafak                            (unclean)
nafosón                         (disliked)
nága                              (absent)
naga                              (person who speaks with nasal sound)
nagí                               (navel; body’s center)
nagin                             (people who show plays with snakes)
nagori                            (native of the land)
nahol                             (ploughing tool)
nái                                 (do not have)
naijjol                            (coconut)
nailun                            (nylon)
nak                               (nose)
nakcíara                        (nose and face)
nakécta                         (no handsome, ugly)
nakéss                           (low/less than normal)
nakfúl                            (nose ornament)
nákkóro mas                 (a kind of fish)
nakúc                            (unhappy)
nal                                 (water line deep the ground)
nalá                               (water drainage)
nalayek                         (not of good character, non-suitable person)
nalí                                (drainage; lines of bad blood formed in the body)
nalic                              (sue)
nam                               (name)
nana                              (mother’s father)
nañgkathai                     (a kind of bread)
nappúl                           (nose ring)
nar                                (baby’s food line in mother womb)
nara                              (mass strike)
nará                              (rice straws)
naraingcóng                   (a famous village west of Taung Bazaar, Buthidaung township, Arakan)
naraya tokbir                 (shouting with Allah’s name)
nari                               (baby’s food supply connection in the womb)
naris                              (a kind vegetable leaves)
naruthi                           (a kind of white bread)
nas                                (dance ceremony)
nasta                             (snack)
nathá                             (short man, miser, less fertile )
natanzá                          (of very low class habit)
nati                                (grand son/daughter)
nathok                           (pretend)
naththwa                        (man dancer)
nazuk                             (weak, delicate, soft)
neçahol                          (wicked way)
neço                              (sleep)
neel                               (come out; go out)
neeler                            ([he/she/they are] going out; coming out)
neelir                             ([I am] going out; coming out)
neelo                             (take out; go out)
negarani                         (under the leader of)
nehain                            (thinking himself as knowing everything)
nek                                (husband-but saying in disrespect)
neká                              (marriage)
neki                               (God blessed person)
nekkar                           (pious man)
nekthái                          (necktie)
neth                               (sleep)
neta                               (leader in Hindu language)
neví                               (navy)
niala                              (take out)
niamot                           (Allah’s blessing for the sustenance)
niáñc                             (breath)
nicá                               (drug)
nicí                                (mid night)
nidus                             (not guilty)
nif                                  (pen’s sharp part)
nikac                             (check for profit or loss)
nil                                  (outer side of bamboo)
nila rong                        (blue color)
nilam                             (auction)
nimfaik                          (a kind of bird)
nimgas                          (a kind of tree used for shade)
nion                              (signboard neon)
nira                               (tired)
niriccá                           (without any additive for taste)
nirittá                            (weak and unhealthy person)
niróc                             (inferior; lower quality)
nirol oiyé                       (very much tired)
nise                               (below)
niso                               (lower)
nisor                              (of lower)
nisottú                           (underneath)
nitti                               (always)
nittifitti                           (always)
niyom                           (normal)
niyóñr                           (bend; lean)
niyóro                           (lean)
niyot                             (intention)
niyúyók                        (New York city)
nizar                             (taking)
nize                              (myself)
nizo                              (take)
nizor                             (mine)
no                                (nine)
nobab                           (land lord; very rich person)
nobazís                         (do not touch)
nobboi                          (ninety)
nobuzíba                       ((you respectful) will not understand)
nobuzíbi                        ((you) will not understand)
nobuzó                          ((you) do not understand)
nobuzóya                      (not understanding people)
nodi                              (river)
nodoya                         (not used to give)
nofól                             (voluntary prayers)
nogol                            (anchor)
nok                              (nail)
nokcó                           (map)
nokkoni                        (nail’s corner; see small job to be done)
nokoli                           (imitation)
nola                              (bone)
noláar                           (no need)
nolaris                          (no kidding)
noleikkó                       (do not write)
noloic                           (do not take)
nombór                        (number)
noncóc                         (husband’s sister)
nonon                           (husband’s brother)
noó                              (no)
noo                              (small boat)
noóile                           (if not)
noón                            (not to happen)
normi                           (weak, very sick, very poor)
noroli                           (throat)
norom                          (soft)
nosíf                             (luck)
notáke                          (not staying)
notiza                           (the result)
nottúl                            (nose wearing)
nothun                          (new)
nothike                         (not lasting)
noukor                         (house maid)
nowá                            (of nine in quantity)
noya natinna                 (freshly new person; novice)
noya                             (new)
nozor                           (eye catching in bad intention on something)
nozoriya                       (view)
nuáis                            (do not come)
nuañ                             (new)
nuinna                          (sea floating fish)
numás                          (Muslim prayers)
nun                               (salt)
nuna                             (salty)
nunú                             (toddler)
nur                               (brightness)
nurani                           (blessed light)
nuwal                           (handkerchief)
nuwás                          (daily five times prayers of Muslim)
**About 170 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


ó                             (Oh; be)
o                             (prefix used to negate the meaning)
obá                         (Oh! father)
obáb                       (shortage of food)
obáf                        (shortage of food)
obáfa                      (no thinking; less thinking)
obái                        (dear brother; oh! brother)
obar                        (over)
obari                       (without shelter e.g. ogór obari  homeless shelterless)
obus                        (not matured in understanding)
obáiggo                   (unlucky)
obáigoittá                (unlucky person)
ocáir                       (oh! stranger)
ocánti                      (no peace)
ocár                        (mess; amazing; astonishing)
ocárduniyai             (a great mess, amazing or astonishing)
ocíccí                      (ugly; look very bad physically)
ocíggáta                  (illiterate; uneducated)
ocíkkáta                  (illiterate; uneducated)
ocód                       (of bad character)
ocót                        (of bad character)
ocúd                       (medicine)
ocúida                     (inconvenient; difficult)
ocúk                       (sick)
odhár                      (order)
oduniyai                  (next world; other world)
ófarn                       (to be sure; to be certain*)
ofát                         (departed; deceased; died)
ofís                         (office)
ofokké                    (against; not sided)
ofoñt                       (no road; no walk way; unsuitable road)
ofur                         (not full)
ofúráni                    (plenty; not getting less)
ofuron                     (not completed; not filled up; not finished)
ófut                         (oh! my dear son)
ogáñth                     (non existing port)
oggolanti                 (carelessness)
ogona                     (countless)
ogoniyot                  (uncountable)
ogór                        (homeless)
ogúr                        (deep; heavy; large e.g. ogúr zooñl deep forest)
ohón                       (right now; right away)
oharone                  (for that reason – in pure Bengali language and not used by Rohingya)
ói                            (yes)
óiballá                     (to be able; to be OK)
óibar                       (to be)
óibou                      (will be)
óigiyói                     (have done; completed; finished)
óine                        (is it true)
óineé                       (is it true)
oinnai                      (unjust)
oinniai                     (unjust)
oinno                      (different; other kind)
oiththal feça             (pick the remaining or the abandoned)
óito                         (yes it is)
óitou                       (would be)
oíye                        (done; OK)
óiyené                     (is it done?)
óiyená                     (it is enough)
ok                           (OK; yes)
ók                           (noun: rights)
ókkan                     (the truth)
ókkol                      (all every one)
okkór                     (letter and numbers – Bengali language)
ókkulún                   (all every body; all)
ólad                        (loan)
oliya                        (highly religious person whom Allah love a lot)
óloid                       (noun: yellow used in the curry)
óloiddá                   (yellow color)
óloit                        (noun: yellow used in the curry)
olomoti                   (a kind of fruit)
olor                         (motionless)
olorot                      (in motionless state; in deep state e.g olorot gúm in sound sleep)
omáñ                      (Oh! mother)
omanúic                  (ordinary man; man of little known; man of no value)
omoronor               (for being not to die)
omuk                      (that person; that man/woman)
onássi                      (of bad luck)
óñc                         (loose; not tight)
ondila                     (like that)
oñla                        (kitchen)
óñlafúl                     (a kind of lake flower)
oñne                       (you; your honor)
óñni                        (comb)
óño                         (bridge; light link between two sides)
oñóc                       (skin of fish)
oñóçá                     (hook)
oñóçí                      (finger ring)
óñola                      (traditional ladies songs)
óñorar                    (whirling pain in the abdomen)
óñormas                 (a kind of fish)
oñosá                     (barrier; blockage; wall)
oñragula                  (a kind of fruit)
oo                          (filling pity in the heart for something that went wrong and was not able to be saved)
ooler                       (vomiting)
ooin                        (fire)
óomoroni                (as if dying to get)
óossá                     (cheap)
óour                       (lost the way)
óouri                      (husband’s mother)
oóut                       (untouched; unused; unconsumed)
ór                           (of)
or                           (of)
óran                       (tired)
óraóuri                   (tsunami)
óre                         (to)
órgor                      (fix; amend)
orgen                      (organ musical instrument)
órgwah                   (a kind of oil seeds)
Oronggi                  (Oronggi people who came to Arakan with British force)
órr                          (muddy water)
osin                         (unknown; e.g. osin manúic stranger)
osinno                     (not knowing; look like not knowing)
osinta                      (no worry; less worry)
osíyot                      (last words towards his family before dying)
ot                            (at; in)
ót                            (at; in)
oti                           (much; too much)
ótin                         (other wife of her husband in polygamy system)
oticáni                     (bored)
ótollá                      (for that reason; because of; for)
otónot                     (at that moment; at that time)
otón                        (much time; too much time)
ottú                         (from this/that)
ótu                          (dear child; loving child)
ótuwa                     (there it is!)
ou                           (that; those)
óu                           (Oh!)
óubaziré                  (exclamation when faces something dangerous)
óuça                       (disagreeing or pursuing word with close male friend)
ouçé                       (there)
óuçi                        (disagreeing or pursuing word with close female friend)
oucúd                     (medicine)
oucúddó                 (of bad habit, character)
oucúida                   (difficult; inconvenient)
oucúk                     (sick)
oucút                      (medicine)
oudin                      (that day; the other day)
oufúráni                  (unending; un-finishing)
óufut                       (oh! my child)
oukuilla                   (people staying across the river or other boundary)
oukule                    (across; in other side)
oular                       (doing things that might bring him into trouble)
oulider                    (rubbing body for relaxation)
ouloumoti                (a kind of fruit)
óumaaré                 (exclamation when faces something dangerous)
ouñl                        (finger)
ooula                      (kitchen)
óurin                       (deer)
óuroi                       (mustard grain)
óutin                       (another wife of her husband)
óuttoir                     (seventy)
óuzíi                        (oh! my daughter)
ozad                       (allergic)
**About 160 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


plein               (plane)
program         (program)
paati               (party)
Pakistán         (country Pakistan)
Piano              (Piano)


Qeramot            (miracle)
Qíra                   (a kind of fruit)
Qiyamot             (day of judgment)
Qosóm               (swearing)
Qúab                 (dream)
Qual                   (forehead)
Qúlhuwálla         (a chapter from Quran)
Qum                  (deep water area)
Quna                  (corner)
Quñúir                (crocodile)
Quráic                (Quraish descendent in Makkah)
Quran                (Quran –the divine book revealed to Prophet Mohammed)
**Below 20 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


raá                       (have mercy)
raábár                  (the guide to show the way)
raác                     (rush)
raáf                      (rough)
raáith                   (right)
raámot                 (blessing)
raátkeranifúl         (night fragrance flower)
raátrissá               (thunderstorm)
rab                       (concentrated liquid)
rabár                    (rubber)
rada-áñc              (a kind of duck that can fly certain distance)
radár                    (radar)
radh                     (shortage of food)
raf                        (cane juice in big quantity)
rafri                      (referee; field judge for the football game)
rag                       (ashes after burning)
rahá                     (freeing)
rahám                  (most gracious)
rahámot               (grace)
rahámoti               (merciful)
rahér                    (keeping)
rahím                   (most merciful)
rahó                     (keep)
rahóni                  (support on which to keep things)
rai                        (advice; suggestion; a kind of curry leaves)
raibá                    (will keep)
Raibanu               (ladies name used by ancient Rohingyas)
raic                      (tendency of luck of a man)
raicén                   (food stuff for daily consumption)
raicón                  (food stuff for daily consumption)
raide                    ([you] give suggestion)
raider                   (giving suggestion)
raidi                     ([I] give suggestion)
raidir                    ([I am] giving suggestion)
raido                    ([you] give suggestion)|
raifata                  (a kind of leaves used for salad)
Raifól                   (well known small arm)
raijjo                    (land; country)
raikké                  ([he/she/they] keep)
raikkó                  (keep it aside; save it)
raikkúm               (will keep; will save)
raindá                  (cooked)
raindé                  (already cooked)
rait                       (night)
raitnicí                  (mid night)
raitor                    (of night)
raitta                    (at night)
rajah                    (Indian prince or ruler)
rajaztri                 (kingdom)
rak                       (feeling to take revenge against another; keep)
rake                     (body swallowed and also in pain)
raké                     (usually keep)
rakér                    ([he/she/they are] is keeping)
Rakhine                (Rakhine people of Arakan, Burma (Myanmar))
rakí                      (Hindu traditional hand wrap that is to offer to brothers)
Rakkócpur           (old name of Arakan and now a state of Burma and currently known as Rakhine)
rakkóc                 (monster)
rakó                     (keep it)
rakóni                  (support to keep things on it)
rakóya                 (person who keeps or perform)
raksená                (please keep this with you)
rálaká                  (village/quarter safety council)
Ram                     (Hindus God)
rambirandhi          (Ram and Brandi wine)
Ramú                   (famous historical city in Chittagong district Bangladesh)
ran                       (thigh; cook)
rañdá                   (noun: cooking)
rañdér                  ([he/she/they] are cooking)
rañdír                   ([I am] cooking)
rañdó                   (cook)
rañdóni                (cooker e.g. rice cooker)
rañdóya               (the cook)
ranér                    ([he/she/they are] cooking)
rañfúta                 (the thread believed to be deadly)
rañga                   (more whiter skin)
rang-kuñir            (a kind of wild dog)
rani                      (queen)
ranír                     ([I am] cooking)
ranó                     ([you] cook)
rap                       (concentrated liquid)
rari                       (widow)
raribeçi                (the widow lady)
raridúñri               (widow and wifeless husband)
ras                       (secret)
rasdán                  (capital city of the country)
rasdáni                 (of capital city of the country)
rasmal                  (capital investment)
rassa                    (road)
rasta                    (road in Urdu language)
rastri                    (kingdom)
rata                      (male chicken)
rath                      (short of food)
ratia                     (at night)
raz                       (secret)
raza                     (king)
razar                    (king’s)
razi                      (agree)
razirobot              (agreement)
razibondi              (with agreement between)
recóm                  (silk)
recómi                 (silky)
redhu                   (radio)
redhí                    (ready)
redhíméith            (ready made)
redu                     (radio)
refóth                   (rubber band)
refúji                    (refugee)
reith                     (price rate)
rejistar                 (register)
rekárdh                (record disc)
rekórdh                (record)
rekodhar              (recoder)
rell                       (rail)
relíng                    (veranda; balcony)
rém                      (RAM)
Renggun               (Rangoon, capital of Burma (Myanmar))
reni                      (of very small grain; of finest grain)
ret                        (file; iron polisher)
retbalu                 (sand of bigger grain)
rezól                    (result)
ribun                    (ribbon)
ric                        (disliking others’ prosperity)
riccá gari              (three circle passenger cart)
ricé                      (tendency of feeling bad when seeing others’ prosperity)
rictadar                (relatives)
ricúllá                   (jealous)
ricúwot                (bribery)
riekcen                 (reaction)
ríel                       (real)
riénthri                 (re-entry)
rifáin                    (refine)
rifáinari                 (refinery)
rifán                     (refund)
rifíl                       (refill)
rihazel                  (rehearsal)
riís                       (risk)
rijék                     (reject)
rík                        (a kind of small bird)
ríkavar                 (recover)
rikól                     (recall)
rikomán               (recommend)
rikwésth               (request)
rilíf                       (relief)
rill                        (photo reel for example)
rimóut-control      (remote control)
rinyú                     (renew)
ring                      (ring pulling)
Ringgít                 (Malaysian Money unit)
ripouth                 (report)
ripouthar              (reporter)
rit                         (time period of influence; good and bad time)
risít                      (receipt)
risív                      (to receive)
risivar                   (receiver)
risévcén               (reception)
rithán                   (return)
ritháyar                (retire)
riyál                      (Saudi Arabian money; wooden frame for Quran reading)
rízab                     (reserve)
rizáin                    (resign)
rizik                     (sustenance)
rízulucén               (resolution)
Rób                     (Allah)
robár                   (rubber)
Robiyolawal         (Arabic month)
robóth                  (robot)
roc                       (juice; traffic jam)
rocá                     (juicy)
rocárocá              (more juicy)
rocágula               (juicy fruit)
rocíd                    (receipt)
rocídbúk              (receipt book)
rocógula               (sweet ball)
rodh                     (rod)
Rohang                (ancient name of Arakan once a Muslim Kingdom and now a State of Burma)
Rohingya              (Muslim minority community of Arakan, Burma)
rohom                  (kinds of; types of)
Roibar                 (Sunday of the week)
roiccá                  (man powered cart)
rok                      (nerves)
rokthan                (hard vein)
rokto                   (blood)
Romzan               (Ramadan)
ronda                   (tool for leveling and smoothing wood)
rong                     (color)
roñga                   (verb: color it)
ronggin                 (colorful)
Ronggún              (colorful place; Rangoon (Yangon)  the capital city of Burma)
ronggila                (colorful)
rongzaya              (color washed)
rongsoingga          (brightly colored)
roón                     (round)
roóng                   (wrong)
roóun                   (garlic; chives)
Rosháng               (ancient name of Arakan once a Muslim Kingdom and now a State of Burma)
Roshánggo           (ancient name of Arakan once a Muslim Kingdom and now a State of Burma)
rosí                      (rope)
rosúl                    (prophets)
rot                       (earning by own labor; own efforts)
roth                      (rod)
rottani                  (prosperity; fruitful; better)
rotto                    (blood)
roóudh                 (road)
rouñiththa             (brown type color)
rowana                (start leaving)
Ruáingga              (Rohingya people; the people of Ruáng (Arakan))
Ruáng                  (old name of Arakan, once Muslim Kingdom in Burma)
rub                       (head in “tail and head coin”)
rubáat                  (guest house for pilgrims)
rubi                      (Ruby stone)
rucé                     (effect)
rucér                    (cont: being effected)
rucón                   (gives light)
rucni                    (light)
rufa                      (silver)
rufali                     (of silver)
ruhám                  (stone tiles in Arabic language)
rui                        (cotton)
ruide                    (let [him/her/them] plant)
ruider                   ([he/she/they are] planting)
ruidi                     (let me plant)
ruido                    (telling to plant)
ruir                       ([I am] planting)
ruifúta                  (cotton thread)
ruk                       (diseases; stop; block)
rukawoth             (obstacles)
ruké                     ([he/she/they] stop or block)
rukér                    ([he/she/they] blocking)
ruki                      (patient)
rukí                      ([I] block)
rukír                     ([I am] blocking)
rukó                     ([you] block)
rukón                   (act of blocking; forbidding)
rukór                    ([you] are blocking)
rukú                     (bending in the Muslim prayer)
rukún                   (corner in Arabic)
rul                        (rule; law)
rulágari                 (vehicle used for leveling road)
rulábatti                (florescent long light)
rulágari                 (roller car)
rulár                     (12 inches ruler)
rull                       (roll)
rulmaijja               (with lines drawn)
Rum                     (Rome country; room)
rumal                   (handkerchief; head cover)
runok                   (fresh leaves appear; refreshing)
Rupi                     (Rupee)
Rupia                   (unit for the Rupee money)
russana-mas         (a kind of fish)
ruthá                    (less fertile)
rutházobin            (unfertile land)
ruthi                     (bread)
ruú                       (life sprit in human body)
ruui                      ([I] plant)
ruúilmas               (a kind of fish)
ruúz                     (fried meat piece)
ruwa                    (small rice plants to be planted in another place)
ruwana                (departure)
ruwe                    ([he/she/they] plant)
ruwer                   ([he/she/they] are planting)
ruwo                    (plant)
ruwon                  (noun: planting)
ruza                     (fasting in Ramadan)
ruzadar                 (fasting people)
ruzar                    (of fasting)
ruzana                  (daily in Urdu language)
ruzi                      (sustenance; things for the living)
ruzidar                 (that who provides sustenance; God (Allah) )
rwa                      (village in Burmese language)
rwasígiri               (chairman of the village)
rwáng                  (Mruhaung District; Old city district)
rwaháung             (Rwa+háung=village+old; Rwáng or Roáng or Rohang is the old name of Arakan State, Burma)
**About 375 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


Rohingya to English Dictionary S

saá                  (tea; see)
sáa                  (filter)
sáabá               (companion of the Prophets Mohammed)
saádde             (checking; looking)
saáfata             (tea leaves)
sáafi                (net)
sáañtí               (companion)
sáair                (going round the world)
saár                 (seeing)
sáará               (shelter)
sáb                  (clean)
sába                (picture, shadow)
sábahána         (printing press)
sabamar           (slap)
sabar               (steady pain mostly in the leg)
sabi                 (pressing)
sabí                 (key)
sabo                (grind it)
sábon              (soap)
sabor               (a slap)
sábuth              (proof)
sáda                (white)
saddor             (bed sheet)
sáf                   (clean and tidy)
safarikuth         (safari coat)
sáhat                (biscuits)
sái                   (ashes)
sai                   (bamboo trap for fish catching)
sailé                 (if tried [by him/her/them])
sáinnafiçá         (a kind of bread ball)
sair                  (four; number 4)
saitám              (if tried [by me])
saitámbóuli       (if I would have tried)
sak                  (robe loop)
sakka              (wheel; circle)
sakki               (a kind of bread)
sal                   (roof)
sál                   (tree bark)
sála                  (jut bag)
salák                (clever)
sállee               (motor boat in Burmese language)
sállwa              (hard like tree skin)
saloin               (sieve)
sálon                (curry)
salu                  (quick moving)
sam                 (skin)
sáman              (luggage; goods; things for usage)
sambabañdor   (blind bird that fly at night using echo method)
sambafúl          (a kind of known flower)
samic               (spoon)
Sammá            (hill track people; container made of cane)
sámman           (sampan)
samra              (skin)
san                  (moon)
sañda               (donation)
sañdi                (silver coin)
sang                 (group; flock; flat wide support for vegetable growing)
sáni                  (roof cover)
sáñla                (young brother-in-law)
sáñli                 (sister of one’s wife)
sañr                 (broken pieces of mud made pots)
sáp                  (cleanness)
sap                  (give pressure)
sappól             (sandal)
sara                 (small plants for re-growing)
sára                 (without; divorced)
sári                  (abandoning)
sárvis               (service)
sáspendhar      (inner pant)
sáta                 (dust; dirt)
sáti                  (umbrella)
sáuaun             (plate)
séikka              (of barbecue)
sehét                (health)
sék                  (warming)
séko                (barbecuing)
sékon              (doing barbecue)
sél                   (arrow)
selendhar         (cylinder)
sémai               (noodle cooked differently)
sément             (cement)
séna                 (painful suffering of sorrow)
señdí                (cutting wood block; wedge)
sensár              (censor)
sép                  (apple)
séra                 (liquid motion)
sétar                (oppressing)
sétaár              (a kind of musical instrument)
setigiyói           (septic)
séthi                (sittings)
siañra              (animal of many many legs)
siára                (car in Arabic language)
sída                 (straight)
sifót                 (properties)
síkka               (hanging small basket)
sikkoron          (shouting)
sil                    (eagle)
síla                   (stitch)
siling                (ceiling)
síloin                (sea shell)
síloith               (blackboard; slate)
siná                  (knowing)
sínamá             (cinema)
síndi                 (cooked rice floor)
sindoon            (introducing)
síndur              (Hindu’s custom color circle mark at forehead)
siní                   (sugar)
sinír sáuaun      (ceramic plate)
sinta                 (worry)
síol                  (chain/wire)
sir                    (stomach born animal)
síra                  (alone)
sira                  (parted cut)
síride               (tear apart)
siriel                 (serial)
sirihána            (postmortem room)
síro                  (take apart)
síron                (taking apart)
sissiar              (blood block paining)
sit                    (lye upside down)
sitolfiçá            (a kind of bread)
siyon                (thin rod shape)
só                    (six)
sób                  (long sitting que for eating)
sóbok              (lesson)
sobór               (patient)
sodor bódor    (unsystematic)
sódorsáab        (chairman)
sóf                   (long prayer mat used in mosque)
sofór                (traveling)
soikkal             (watchman)
soil                  (rice)
soiñ goró         (watch)
sóiñ                 (green beans)
sokkor            (head stirring causing unbalance)
sokkoro-mokoro  (zebra shaped)
sol                   (move; walk)
sola                 (move; push ahead)
solafíra             (movement)
sólam               (Salam; Muslim’s hello)
solar                (driving)
soler                (moving; items moving in the shop; good sales)
solir                 ([I am] moving)
solo                 (move; walk)
sóloi                (lighter)
soloya              (driver)
sómuza            (three corner Somoza)
són                  (roof covering material)
sona                (peas)
sonabuth          (yellow beans)
sónahá             (special wood used for face cream)
sonardhail        (lentil beans)
sondon            (a kind of perfume wood)
sónduúk           (safe)
sónfúl               (a kind jungle flower)
sóng                (chicken protection cover made of bamboo)
soñya              (penis)
sóo                  (baby animal)
soó                  (see)
sóol                 (sheep)
soón                (seeing)
sóppor             (open floor at the top of the building)
sor                   (ride)
sora                 (to feed cattle in the field)
sóra                 (water running channel)
sorér                (he is riding)
soron               (feeding cattle in the field)
soroón             (riding)
sorr                 (lower land; land that comes out at the river bank)
sót                   (roof top)
sotór                (private part of the body prohibited to be exposed in public)
sotor                (shallow)
sóudi                (calcium)
sóudi                (Saudi people)
souiñ                (bed table)
souñri              (job)
sóuoun             (sworn)
soutur              (cleverness)
spríng              (spring)
súan                 (radar)
súañ                 (stick)
súañfira            (dieses that cause body twisting uncontrollably)
súap                (good deeds)
suar                 (a slap)
súari                (small seeds like coconut)
suarmar           (slap him)
suk                  (eye)
sukhana           (blind)
sul                   (hair)
sulá                 (oven)
súlar                (in state of dying)
sulgirá              (knee eye)
suna                (white paint)
sunsuinna         (penetratingly)
sur                  (thief)
suraa               (pressed boiled rice)
súratá              (seeds cutting device)
surgirá             (leg eye ball)
súri                  (kitchen knife)
suri                  (stealing)
súrum              (snake skin changing)
sústi                 (weakness)
súta                 (wound that pain and stay longer)
súura               (dinning table cover for eating)
súwal               (question)
súwan              (radar)
suwar              (a slap)
system             (system)
**About 220 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006. 


tátá                              (bye bye)
taákít                           (make sure)
taakot                          (energy)
tabis                             (small piece of container hanging in the neck)
táikkoum                      (will stay)
taillamas                       (a kind of fish)
tajjub                           (surprise)
tákgoro                        (pile them)
tal                                (music)
tál                                (plate)
talac                             (seek; look for)
talgas                           (a kind of tree)
tali                               (amending on cloth)
tallwa                           (last bottom part of the foot)
talu                               (vertex; top of the head)
talufura                         (bald)
tán                               (flat-roll of cloth)
tar                                (his)
tára                              (some sort of container for carrying something)
tara                              (star)
tarác                            (thirsty)
taraing                          (waterfall)
taravi                            (Muslim prayers in Ramadan month after Esha)
tarr                               (wire)
tass                              (crown)
tattwa                           (sticky)
taza                              (fresh)
teikka                           (cap)
teilla                             (oil seeds grinding person)
teinna                           (baby wrapping cloth)
tel                                (oil)
telifún                           (telephone)
teligraf                          (telegraph)
telivícén                        (television)
telfar                             (cover plastic)
teloin                            (dish)
telteilla                          (smooth)
tená                              (sweating due to hot and high humidity)
ténteinná                       (state of liquid showing sticky)
tesfata                          (leaves of spicy)
tess                              (power)
tetói                             (a sour seed)
tía goron                       (make standing)
tilismá                           (a miracle)
tin                                (three)
tir                                 (arrow)
tita                               (bitter)
tíya                               (stand up; wait)
tíyo                              (wait; stand-up)
tóila                              (bag)
toitta                            (temporary)
tók                               (stairs)
tola                              (bottom part)
tóla                              (very lower level ground)
toloi                             (mat of bamboo)
tóltoillá                         (state of liquid which is between liquid and solid)
toltolar                         (making noise)
tóltolí                            (a kind sweet used for breakfast)
tóm                              (pillar but very short)
tondul                           (bread fire)
tong-gouru                   (a kind of wild cow)
toóggori                       (quickly)
toóila                            (towel)
tor                                (your)
toratori                         (as quickly as possible)
torifaron                       (surviving)
toris                             (chilli of very hot)
tormus                          (water melon)
tosbí                             (Glorifying Allah’s name)
tottá                             (flat wood)
tottoza                          (fresh)
toufik                           (able to do it)
touloi                            (bamboo mat)
tozza                            (broken into pieces)
tua                               (search)
tuanggor                       (rich)
tuáñr                            (yours)
tufán                             (storm)
tui                                (you)
tuilla                             (vertex of something)
tuippá                           (higher ground; hill like high place)
tul                                 (balance rod used for weighing)
tula                               (measuring unit of gold)
tulá                               (selected; pulled)
tuli                                (vertex; top of the head)
tulíyóum                       (will take up)
tuñí                               (you respected)
túr                                (banana tip)
túra                              (little)
túrung                           (container carried at the back by Murung people)
turunza                         (a type of big lemon)
turut turut                     (violent jumping)
tus marer                      (piling on top of another)
tuta                              (parrot)
túuru                            (saying once disliked or inappropriate)
tuwa                             (search)
tuwaf                            (rounding around Kaba)
tuwon                           (searching)
thaáim-búm                  (time boom)
thaamarer                     (having air blocked)
tháarfaiyé                     (recognized)
thaçala                         (hanging piece in side the mouth)
thaikkuom                    (will hang)
thaim                            (time)
thaimar                         (timer)
thaingki                        (tank)
thainné                         (pulled)
tháiñyamiçá                  (sweet ball)
thaith                            (tight)
thaiyár                          (tire)
thaiyon                         (tomato)
thak                             (some diseases on head)
thaker                          (hanging)
thakmaro                      (show taste but not confirmed)
thakoni                         (hanger)
thala                             (lock)
thalasabí                       (lock and key)
thal                               (pile of something)
thambu                         (tent)
thamm                          (another kind of manago)
thana                            (support for puling)
thanathani                     (pulling by many at the same time)
tháñci                           (tightly; too much)
thándhah                      (cold)
thándhi                         (coldness)
tháng-tháng                  (hitting sound on iron plate)
thanon                          (pulling)
thanoni                         (thing for pulling)
tháththa marer              (laughing and enjoying)
thaththi                         (toilet)
thécmarer                     (telling against something done undesirable)
theés                            (test)
theéx                            (tax)
théila                            (branch of a tree)
theilá                            (not plain surface)
theilámelá                     (non-plain)
théka                            (contract)
theka                            (unit of Bangladesh money)
thékadar                       (contracter)
théla                             (push)
thelá                             (support post against falling)
thélagari                       (pushing cart)
thélon                           (pushing)
théloni                          (thing for pushing)
thémah                         (cut short piece)
théng                            (leg)
thep                             (tape)
therá                            (not straight; zigzag)
thethurun                      (cloth of tetron )
thícthíc                          (bullet firing sound)
thik aasé                       (is well)
thík                              (right)
thíkana                         (address)
thíkgor                         (fix)
thíkgoron                      (fixing)
thíko                            (do target)
thíkon                           (targeting)
thiñañra                        (wall of bamboo)
thinggú                         (very short man)
thinthuúñri                    (small of the back)
thiñya                           (money)
thip                              (fingerprint)
thipprim                       (a kind of fruit)
thipsóloi                       (mashies)
thiyor                           (eye in-balance)
thokkórgori                  (quickly)
thokthóikka                  (not firm structure)
tholtholar                      (in big trouble)
thona                            (the hitting)
thoñcá                          (fair)
thong                            (high bamboo/wooden house)
thongki                         (high house)
thonthonar                    (paining)
thoóc                           (torch light)
thoin                             (tin)
thoull                            (small round sitting)
thóur                            (monk)
thousthar                      (toaster)
thoón                           (town)
thrak                            (truck)
thúañ                            (small swallow tip on skin due to heat)
thúcimaro                     (beating)
thufi                              (cap)
thuirmas                       (a kind of tasty fish)
thuic                             (rice skin waste)
thúiththa-mas                (a kind of fish)
thukuruni                      (African black people)
thulki                            (finger kick)
tuáñra                          (you all)
thunar                           (toner)
thúñça                          (peak of a land)
thúni                             (pillar)
thuñinná thuñinní           (husband and wife in a tale)
thunon                          (amending)
thúñth                           (peak)
thuththui                       (lizard; animal crawling on wall)

**About 200 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006. 


uác                         (hunger; starvation; lack of food)
uáiccá                     (being in hunger, starvation or lack of food)
uán                         (that one; the one in question)
uáné                       (by that one; by the one in question)
uáné ri                    (that is the one that we are saying)
uánot                      (at that place; at that position)
uántú                      (in there; at that place)
ubbiar                     (talking in sleep)
úçá                         (calling as disgraces)
úçaa                       (polishing call to somebody)
uçán                       (plain open area in front of home inside the compound)
uçér                        (standing up)
uçízargoi                 (leave the seat)
uçó                         (getup)
udár                        (loan)
uddár                      (free from burden)
úda                         (without anything)
údo                         (only)
udulfudul                 (disorganized; disarranged; disturbed; confused)
úff                           (exclamation at suffer unbearable pain)
uggwá                     (one)
uijjóti                      (insisting; stubborn)
uibá                        (that one; that female; that gentleman)
uibár                       (of that one; of that gentleman)
uinn                        (blood sucking insect)
uínn                        (that things; the things in question)
uit                           (seal; animal in the sea)
uitaré                      (to him in question)
uitará                      (them in question)
uite                         (that man)
ujáth                       (being banged to something)
ukil                         (lawyer)
úkka                       (smoking device)
úkkaththa                (chairman in Burmese language)
ukkú                       (sickness referred to children)
ul                            (a white short vegetable)
ull                           (a kind of vegetable)
uluder                     (sound produced from mouth for happy occasion)
Umra                      (visiting holy place Makkah for Muslims)
unáigiyói                 (melted)
unca                       (higher position; qualified)
úñcar                      (breathing hardly)
úñciar                     (be careful)
unduijja                  (male mouse)
undur                      (mouse)
undurni                   (female mouse)
úng-nú-kókswé       (noodle preparation with coconut milk)
uñíjja                      (home being 1st floor above ground)
uñít                         (lay face down)
uñíththikká              (laid upside down)
uñítór                      (baby laying on face)
uñíttól                     (ground below home’s 1st floor)
uñíttóle                    (at the ground below home’s 1st floor)
uñíjjá                      (chicken cover in dish shaped)
uñíjja-gór                (home where ground floor left open and unused)
úñran                      (step on for pressing)
úñro                        (press by leg)
úñron                      (stepping on for pressing)
uñsa                        (short piece of wood attached to rice grinding lever)
uñsol                       (high)
uñth                        (camel)
uñta                        (grinding roll)
uñtaijjé                    (boiled)
uñtani                      (noun: itching)
uñtar                       (cont: itching)
uñtarer                    (boiling)
utúinna                    (mother’s son called by mother lovely)
úñzi                         (pursuing; offering; requesting to accept)
uoi                          (small insect eating wood)
uore                        (above)
uormikká                (up; towards up)
uorthak                   (showing off very high to others)
ura                          (cow home)
urer                        (flying)
urhabulá                 (small snake of green color and can fly from tree to tree)
urhan                      (flight)
Uria                        (African people seen in Burma in British time)
uriam                      (a kind of mango family)
uro                         (fly)
uroinna                   (age of flying-used the bird)
uron                       (noun: flying)
urr                          (fly)
urúc-fátia                (a kind of festible)
urúic                       (biting insect usually in the bed at night)
uruinna                    (of flyable state and age)
urúli                        (red small biting insect)
úrum                       (dried baked rice)
usíla                        (by means of/by the help of/through/intermediary)
uskai                      (stirring someone mentally against somebody)
usoilla                     (higher)
usol                        (high)
usolgoijjé                (high lifted)
usolot                     (at high position)
ustat                       (teacher)
uth                          (get up; wake up)
uthál                       (tall)
utaltál                     (making noise to someone for getting job done)
utóillé                     (re-effected)
utor                        (north)
uttom                     (take care of things)
uttor                       (north; response)
úúwa                      (far there)
uzan                       (against the flow)
uzanki                    (the period favoring for becoming rich)
uzal                        (fire with straw rod; fire torch)
uzan                       (against the flow)
uzani-mas               (fish racing against water current)
uzár                        (professional people; carpenter)
úzara                      (messy, uncomfortable (home))
uzoijja                    (of noisy)
uzir                         (minister)
uzón                       (weight)
uzor                        (noisy)
uzu                         (straight)
úzur                        (your honor)
uzúitta                     (stubborn; tendency of doing things against wills of others)
úú                           (dog’s cry seeing bad happening in the future)
uúñi                         (rice container used to crack rice)
**About 150 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


vidio                   (video)
visa                     (visa)

** Below 50 words**  Updated: May 25, 2006.


waá                              (steep)
waábi                           (two extremisms in Islamic religion Wahbi and Sunni)
waáci                           (person having least understanding)
wáawáa                       (uttering voice while enjoyed good show)
waakkán                      (that is another one)
waáláigiyói                   (already rotten; decayed; decomposed)
waán                            (that thing)
waanin                         (warning)
waár                            (pillow)
waás                            (religious speech or sermon)
wacar                           (washer)
wada                            (promise)
waiccá                         (in empty stomach; fasting)
wáiféla                         (let cooked)
wail                              (oil)
wakí                             (really)
walékúm                      (reply for the Salam)
WAMY                       (World Assembly of Muslim Youth)
wáñ wáñ hañder           (baby crying)
wañíththá                      (bad smell out of something decayed)
wapes                          (returned; go back)
wapesi                         (act of returning back; in return)
warainna                      (water coming from far above)
wárca                           (workshop)
wares                           (guidance)
waring                          (warring)
wiski                            (alcoholic drink)
wite                              (that person)
witír                              (the last prayer for the day)
woijja                           (the better)
woktó                          (time)
wosíyot                        (telling things to abide)
wotón                          (birth place)
wottín                           (fig fruit)
woulia                          (religious God loving man in high state)
wóuththithí                    (deadly bird)
wúçá                            (calling as disgraces)
wuçán                          (plain ground at the front of home inside the compound)
wuçó                            (getup)
wudulfudul                    (piled but mixed everything causing to sort difficult)
wúff                             (exclamation at suffer unbearable pain)
wuijjóti                         (insisting; stubborn)
wuit                              (seal; animal in the sea)
wujáth                          (being banged to something)
wukil                            (lawyer)
wul                               (a white short vegetable)
wuluder                        (sound produced from mouth for happy occasion)
wunáigiyói                    (melted)
wuñsa                          (short wooden log used to crack rice)
wuñsol                         (high)
wuñth                           (camel)
wuñta                           (the rubbing roller used to crush on the rock plate)
wuñtaizzé                     (boiled)
wuore                          (in the above)
wuorthak                      (thinking to build big home in the air)
wuraa                           (cattle house)
wurhabulá                    (small snake of green color and can fly from tree to tree)
wuria                            (people of black color worked for British army in Burma)
wuriam                         (a kind of mango family)
wuro                            (fly)
wuron                          (flying)
wurúic                          (blood sucking insect found under and inside the bed)
wuruinna                      (of flyable state)
wurúli                           (red small biting insect)
wúrúm                          (popcorn but of rice)
wusíla                           (by means of/by the help of/through/intermediary)
wusol goizzé                 (high lifted)
wusol                           (high)
wusolot                        (in high above)
wustat                          (teacher)
wutáltál                        (crying to do something)
wutóillé                        (re-effected)
wutor                           (north)
wuttor                          (response)
wutúinna                       (mother’s son called by mother lovely)
wuth                             (get up)
wúú                              (dog’s cry seeing bad happening in the future)
wuúçaa                        (polishing call to somebody)
wuúñi                           (rice container used to crack rice)
wuuñijja ghórr              (home where ground floor is not used)
wuuñijjá                        (chicken cover in dish shaped)
wuuñíththikká               (laid upside down)
wúuñro                         (press by leg)
wuzal                            (fire torch)
wuzan                           (against the flow)
wuzanki                        (the period favoring for becoming rich)
wuzón                          (weight)
wuzu                            (straight; washing for prayer)
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xong               (very jammed or unreachable area)
xonggol           (jungle)

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Rohingya to English Dictionary Y  

ya                                 (now; then)
yá                                 (Oh!)
yaa                               (now; at the moment)
yaá                               (he! you)
Yáallah                         (Oh! Allah)
yaáni                             (this means in Arabic language)
yaássa                           (digesting mixture flour in Burmese)
yad                               (remembrance)
yaddac                          (memory; quality of memory)
yadgari                          (the remembrance)
yággwa                         (that is another one)
yaggwá                         (this is another one)
yakeénlage                    (how is now?; how you feel now)
yakén                            (how is now?; how you feel now)
yáki                              (objection to an action)
yállah                            (joking or unwilling answer for why)
Yangun                         (Yangon the Capital city of Myanmar)
Yaqub                           (Prophet Yaqub)
yar                                (this days; now)
yarage                           (before; previously)
yaragottú                       (before; previously)
yárob                            (Oh! Sustainer)
yartú                             (from now onwards)
Yasín                            (A Chapter that is the heart of the holy book Quran )
yatgoró                         (remember)
yattún                            (from now onwards)
yazuk mazuk                 (horrifying creatures coming as the world approaching to the end)
Yemán                          (Yemen, the country south of Saudi Arabia)
yés                                (yes)
yiáh                               (calling someone)
yiakkán                         (this is another one)
yíakkán                         (that is another one)
yián                               (this one)
yían                               (that one)
yiánde                           (give this one)
yiándi                            (in here)
yiánné                           (is this the one?)
yiánnoó                         (not this one)
yiánot                            (in this place; here)
yiánti                             (here)
yiántu                            (from here)
yiómmazé                      (here)
youmalkiáma                 (Judgment day in the hereafter)
Yunus                             (Prophet Yonus)
Yusúf                              (Prophet Yosuf)
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za (telling to go; [he/she/they] usually go)
zaa (decoration strip at the edge of clothing)
zaaá (coming and going)
zaaforer (need to go)
zaalem (cruel person)
záama (crowded, crowdedness)
zaáñ (whatever)
zaáñi (trap)
záañizal (a kind of fishing net)
záañs (a kind of entertainment instrument; sharp smell)
zaatták (keep going)
zaba (filling the gap, the damage or the crack)
zabaçai (make the face ugly by something; eating too much)
zabin (bail)
zad (race)
zaddóra (by clan; by generation; by genetic; by race)
zadé ([he/she/they] use/uses to go)
zádhdhuañ (bush of small trees)
zadi (pagoda)
zadithong (a village name next to Nyaung Chaung)
zadthía (the whole descendent; the whole family)
zadu (magic; black magic)
zadugor (magician)
zadugori (act of doing magician)
zadugoróon (doing black magic to some one)
záfa (verb: cover)
záfaide (do covering)
záfaider (cont: doing covering)
záfaidir ([I am] doing covering)
záfaido ([you] do covering)
záfaidoon (act of covering)
zafan (people of Japan)
zafani (of Japan origin)
zafanimas (a kind of fish)
záfar (cont: covering)
záff (shutter)
záffuroon (playing in the water)
záfo (asking to be covered)
záfoni (thing that is used for covering)
Zafór (very common name of Rohingya people)
zafóran (a kind of medical item for good health )
zaforibóu ([you] must go)
záfurzáfur (playing in the water by jumping)
zaga (land; place)
zagára (gown)
zagazaga (place to place)
zagga (bowl with holes like net; bowl shaped sieve)
zagir (religious student staying with a family free of charge)
zagói (go now)
zai ([I] use to go; [I] usually go)
zaiba ([you] will go. note: it is used for respected person)
zaibar (plan to go; appointment to go; reason to go)
zaibellá (for going)
zaibi ([you] will go)
zaibou ([he/she/they] will go)
zaifare ([he/she/they] can go)
zaifari ([I] can go)
zaifól (a kind of medical seed)
zailé (if you go)
zaillé (being burnt)
zailla (fisherman)
zaim (chin)
zainlam ([I] came to know)
zainna (knowing)
zainnós ([you] happened to know)
zainlou ([he/she/they] came to know)
zaintou (if known to him/her/them)
zaintam (if known to me)
zair ([I am] going)
zaitam (if [me] go)
zaite (while going)
zaite-zaite (while going and going long way)
zait-houdú (a kind of fruit used as vegetable)
zaiti (requesting to go; if [you] go)
zaitigói (requesting to be gone)
zaitou (if [he/she/they] goes/go; [he/she/they] usually go; used to go)
zaitougói (if [he/she/they] has/have gone)
zaitta (genetically of good quality)
zaitun (olive)
zaitun-tel (olive oil)
zaiyéna (let me go)
zaiyo ([you] please go i.e. go there at specified time)
zaiyóna (please make sure go)
zaiyoum ([I] will go)
zak (a corner of man made bush in the river used for catching fish)
zák (crowd; group of)
zákkwa (of crowd; liking crowd)
zákzák (in large crowd)
zal (net; wife of husband’s brother; firewood)
zál (hot taste)
zállwa (of hot taste)
zala (small tree for growing trees; discriminating; giving trouble)
zála (removing impurity from gold)
zalafiçá (a kind of rice preparation)
zalasoil (rice for growing rice)
zálaiféloon (coloring gold)
zalar (pressing or persecuting)
zálar (gold cleaning)
zalazontorona (he suffers pain and burning)
zalazontoroni (I suffer pain and burning)
zale (use to burn)
zali (waist tie; imitation; not genuine)
zalizali (torn into many holes)
zalo (burn)
zaloon (burning)
zam (jam; tight; a kind of fruit like mango)
zama (dress made of iron sheet to be used in war)
záma (tight crowded)
zamai (son-in-law)
zamar (rust)
zamgas (a kind of tree)
zamgula (a kind of fruit)
zámila (crowdedness)
zamir (a kind of fruit)
zámmaijjé (have jumped)
zámmar (telling to jump)
zámmuikka (crowded; things over piled)
zan (life)
zana (knowledge)
zaná (extension to the edge of cloth)
zañál (road across a big field)
zañás (ship)
záñas (strong smell such as from onion)
zanazar (is clarified; is made known)
záñça (broom)
záñçu (broom used by Bengali people)
zandár (of living creature)
zane ([he/she/they] has/have knowledge)
zanggar (rust)
zanggas (a kind tree)
zanggula (a kind of fruit)
zani ([I] know)
zanifúni (knowingly)
záñizal (floating net)
zano ([you] know)
zanoon (knowing)
zanos ([you] know)
zañser (pursuing to take; offering to take)
zañsi (pursue to take; offer to take)
zañsoon (n. pursuing; offering)
záñss (smell)
záp (shutter)
zápmaijjé (diving into water)
záppurar (splashing in the water)
zar (going; whose)
zár (bush of trees; discharge the effect of black magic)
zara (bearing)
zará (those)
zára (a kind of air blow for curing patient; the end period or the last one)
zárafura (spiritual medication to cure the ailment)
zarailgas (a kind of tree)
zárdhuañ (of heavy rooted tree)
zaré (to whose)
záre (to discharge the effect of black magic)
zárer (discharging the effect of black magic)
zarétáre (to any one; to whomever)
zargói ([he/she/they are] going)
zargwa (having bad habit; baby of unmarried mother)
zargwá (whose item)
zari (absorbed, get under control, kept hidden)
zári (verb: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed items)
zárido (verb: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed items )
záride (verb: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed items )
záridoon (noun: blow for curing patient; shake to clean dust or to separate mixed item)
zariféloon (digesting)
zarloi (with whomever)
záro ([you] reading Quran or any special things for curing black magic or so)
zaró (whose ever)
zaro (bear hardness)
zaroon (bearing hardness)
zaron (minerals)
zároon (blowing after reading something for curing)
zaróu (of whose)
zartar (every one; any one)
zártar (bushes or any such things)
zartú (with whoever)
zarzar (whosever person)
zasus (spy)
zasusi (act of spying; person who does spy)
zat (race)
zati (of race)
zator (for the race; of the race)
zattú (with whoever)
ze (who; that; which; how big)
zebáfe (like what)
zebor (jewelry)
zeçá (father’s younger brother)
zeçé (where)
zeçéhéçe (every where)
zeçí (father’s younger sister)
zeçú (father’s younger sister)
zedam (whatever price or value)
zeddúr (that length is; whatever length is)
zedhák (whatever side)
zedin (on which day; on that day; on whichever day)
zedín (whatever quantity)
zedor (whatever price)
zedún (whatever amount; whatever quantity)
zeén (like e.g. zeén ór éen)
zeéné (whatever way possible. e.g zeéné faros.)
zeénníki (such as)
zeéntén (without thinking; without concern; without permission)
zeér (poison)
zeham (whatever work or job)
zehén (brain)
zehér (poison in Urdu language)
zehón (when)
zekimot (whatever price or value)
zemanúic (whoever man)
zená (adultery; embroidery)
zendila (however; whatever; like what. e.g zendila óibou óuk.)
zenéhéne (any way; by anyway; by any means)
zeneki (whoever)
zeñétté (when)
zep (pocket)
zer (discrimination; a line below Arabic letter)
zér (a kilo weight)
zerbadi (people of mixed race)
zérfwa (young girl)
zergorón (pushing behind)
zergwa (of late [cultivating])
zermác (one of the Indian month name)
zermáiccá (in the month of approximately June/July)
zermóní (Aluminum metal; a kind of medical tree grown abundantly in open field)
zermónífata (a kind leaves)
zetará (whoever)
zete (any one)
zetóbár (at every time)
ziañ (fish farming)
zián (anything; any item)
zíañ (a kind of vegetable fruit)
ziáñnót (where at)
ziañr (cultivating fish)
ziañta (alive)
ziántu (where at)
ziántutiántú (from any where)
ziánti (where at)
ziarot (visit)
zibá (which; that; who)
zibár (of which; of that; whose)
zibálla (for whom)
zibon (life)
zibonbór (life long)
ziggác (remember: Bengali usage)
zígkzígk (flushing and shinning)
zíi (daughter)
ziíkka (to where)
ziíkka-íkka (any where)
ziín (anything)
ziínot (in which; in that)
ziíp (zip)
ziira (a kind of spice)
zikír (reading words of Allah; remembering Allah)
zilafi (fried mix of wheat floor, water and sugar)
zilha (fire burst)
zillot (untold difficulties; harassment)
zilloti (difficulties and oppression)
zílmíkzílmík (colorful flashing)
zím (silent; act of silent)
zímháçi (silent; avoid talking; not speaking; in deep thinking)
zimma (responsibility)
zimmadar (responsible person)
zimmawala (responsible person)
zin (fairy; Jin)
zinda (alive)
zindigi (life)
zindigibór (lifetime)
ziníc (things)
zinnat (fairies)
ziñoon (fish cultivation)
ziñyót (where at)
ziñyóttiyót (at wherever)
ziól (jail)
zir (tongue; a kind of water container)
zira (rest; of low or weaker quality; an item of spices)
zíri (small valley with little water flow)
ziro (rest)
ziroon (resting)
zironi (resting hut; resting shade; resting house)
zirú (zero)
zit (winning over others)
zita (on win)
zitaziti (competition)
zitazitide (compete each other)
zitazitider (competing each other)
zitazitido (you people compete)
zitazitidoon (doing competition)
zitbad (competation)
zite ([he/she/they] win; uses to win)
ziter ([he/she/they] is/are wining)
zitgorér (insisting)
ziti (stubborn; do things against wills of others if told not to do)
zitu (stubborn; do things against wills of others if told not to do)
zittyé (won)
ziyán (which)
ziyántú (where)
ziyarot (visit religious sites)
ziyól (jail)
ziyoziyo (hatred to somebody done great bad thing)
zo (go)
zoba (killing animals but cutting throat)
zoban (words by mouth)
zobana (era)
zobin (land)
zobodostí (by force)
zobor (vowel dash used above Arabic letter)
zobór (with pressure)
zobordós (very much; very strong; very nice)
Zobur (Bible old testament)
zohón (when; at once; at that moment)
zohóntohón (at that very moment; at once; urgently; immediately)
zohór (poison)
zoiggo (fitting; deserver; equal in rank; matching)
zoikkyó (monster)
zoillé (has burnt)
zok (jug)
zók (frightening)
zokáat (Islamic tax)
zokát (Islamic tax)
Zokoria (Prophet Zakaria)
zol (rope at the center of new born baby)
zolá (lower land that keeps water)
zoler (burning)
zolfai (a kind of fruit)
zolil (haressment)
zollat (the killer)
zolsa (sitting; charity collection ceremony for Arabic teaching school )
zolti (quickly)
zoltizolti (as quickly as possible)
zolzoilla (of shining)
zolzola (earth quake)
zolzolar (shining)
zoma (saving)
zomá (addition; the companion or friends)
zomáat (a group of people aimed for one thing to achieve)
zomán (warranty in Arabic language)
zomana (era; past time)
zome (to come into one place)
zomer (coming into one place)
zomidar (land lord)
zomizar (coming together into one palce)
zomo (bring into one place)
zomoon (noun: collecting together)
zomzom (Zam Zam water from Makkah’s blessed well)
zon (person)
zonaza (funeral prayer)
zoñikka (twin)
zonom (birth)
zonombóijja (of forefathers’)
zonombór (for lifetime; forever)
zonomdin (birthday)
zonoza (funeral)
zontorona (paining much)
zonzon (every person)
zónzonar (giving sound of being old vehicle or device; being richer)
zoo (luck favoring)
zoogói (please go)
zoon (going)
zooñl (bush; forest)
zooñli (people living in the forest; people of very little knowledge)
zooñr (rust)
zoór (poison)
zoou (very soft cooked rice)
zor (fever; high temperature)
zór (rain; falling from above)
zora (of very tiny)
zóra (discrete)
zorá (cut the throat to kill)
zoráidde ([I] am on the way of cutting the throat)
zoráide (perform the killing by cutting the throat)
zoráider (cont: cutting the throat)
zoráidi (let me cut the throat)
zoráidir ([I am] cutting the throat)
zoráido ([you] cut the throat)
zoráidor ([you] are cutting the throat; charging too much; asking for too much)
zoráir ([I am] cutting the throat)
zoráiyá (readily throat cut)
zoráiyós ([you] do have cut the throat)
zorár ([he/she/they are] cutting the throat)
zorázar (killing for by cutting the throat)
zorazora (in details)
zórazóra (in discrete)
zorbodostí (by force)
zorbordós (very much; very strong; very nice)
zóre (tendency to fall)
zorgorá (cut the animal to be killed)
zorgoráide (cut the animal to be killed)
zorgoró (cutting animal for eating)
zori (strip of cloth stitched at ending of clothing)
zóri (falling apart)
zoribana (penalty)
zoriya (because of; with the help of)
zórizar (cont: falling apart)
zórizargói (has been falling)
zormo (birth)
zormodin (birthday)
zóthka (shock)
zóthki (weakened)
zotón (until; unless)
zotton (keeping in good condition)
zoudi (if)
zóuli (wall of bamboo around the compound)
zouloi (nail)
zouñra (pliers)
zouñraáff (poisonous snake)
zouñrafua (illegally born child)
zouri (flashy material on cloth)
zoza (replacement for the bad deeds)
zózzoijjá (discrete)
zozzokar (reflecting flashy light)
zua (gambling; game with money)
zuab (answer)
zúaide (make the animal attack [him/her/them])
zuaide ([you] help some one to get things ready so that he can do the job quickly)
zuaido ([you all] help some one to get things ready so that he can do the job quickly)
zuaijja (at high tide)
zuan (youth; adult)
zuani (of youth; of adult)
zuáñ (Friday prayer)
zúañ (unorganized; scattered; of high volume)
zuañl (wooden coupling bar placed on the necks of two joined cows)
zuap (answer)
zuar (high tide)
zuari (corn)
zuban (dialect)
zuda (departed)
zugág (lane; small lane)
zuhar (arrange)
zuhúr (noon prayer time)
zuinnáfuk (a kind of insect that likes dirty water)
zuit (convenient)
zuitta (make ready)
zuittaide (arrange)
zúiththa (a hilly thing on the head)
zúiththa-faik (a kind of bird)
zuizzé (engaged)
zuiththaiyé (work created)
zuk (blood sucking animal in the water)
zúk (energize; motivation)
zukám (sneezing)
zúko (bend head in front of others)
zúl (curry liquid)
zulá (act of kidding)
zúla (stomach)
zulár (giving trouble; giving hard time)
zúlaifélo (make it extreme ripen)
zúlairzargói (have become very tired)
zulap (medicine for reducing constipation)
zulár (kidding)
zúligiyói (ripen extremely)
zúlla (food with more curry liquid)
zulúm (oppression)
zumá (Friday afternoon prayer)
zumm (mountain cultivation)
zúmzúm (raining heavily)
zun (moon)
zúna (much ripen; experienced)
zunáppór (moon light at night )
zúñça (wig)
zúnghafúl (hanging earrings)
zunífuk (a kind of insect glow at night)
zuñir (rain protecting frame sheet)
zuñwal (yoke)
zúnzuní (a kind of baby toy)
zur (couple; small cannel for water flow; give hand; give force)
zúr (get sleepy)
zurá (small river or cannel)
zúra (sleepy)
zura (joint; to get cool; even)
zuragatá (engagement for the marriage)
zuraiféla (make it cool)
zurado (join it)
zuraiya (cold)
zuraiyé (get cooled; earned)
zuramanta (suffering from vomiting, motion and fever)
zúrani (sleepiness)
zuraya (cooled)
zurazuizza (in parallel)
zurbóng (eyebrow)
zúrer ([he/she/they are] sleepy or needy of him for help or advice)
zurhá (hanging stand for keep things on it)
zuri (marriage partner; companion of opposite sex; joining; make engagement; a musical instrument)
zurí (valley)
zúri (showing weak towards his master or guardian)
zúrir ([I am] sleepy or needy of him for help or advice)
zurifari ([I] can achieve to own said property)
zurifare ([he/she/they] can achieve to own said property)
zurifaro ([you] can achieve to own said property)
zurifél (get the engagement done)
zurifélaiye (engagement has been done)
zurifélo ([you] finish engagement)
zúrinna (sick; bad condition in health)
zurmí (binoculars)
zuroon (cont: cooling)
zúroon (noun: act of sleeping)
zúroór ([you are] sleepy or needy of him for help or advice)
zurr (give force; make even; set into two)
zurzur (male-female pair; in pair; even)
zus (sudden force built in the body specially when angry)
zuta (shoes)
zuti (eye center)
zuu (high tide; having good time)
zuún (who; that; which)
zuúñr (afternoon)
zuúñrótto (afternoon prayer time)
zuwa (game with money; gambling)
zúwai (pursue the animal to chase or bite)
zuwaijja (at the time of high tide)
zuwar (high tide)
zuwari (corn)
zuzan (bag made of cloth for keeping Quran the holy book)
zúzuikkyá (of getting weaker; of being very weak)
zuzuk (hell)
zuzuki (people of hell)
**About 520 words** updated Jan 28, 2008



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