Michael W. Charney is with Maung Zarni.

Michael W. Charney is with Maung Zarni. 11 mins ·  I am posting an official reference to the Rohingya as an ethnic group made by the Burmese government in 1954–this is a primary NOT a secondary source cited from somewhere else and it comes from U Nu. It’s rather important because (1) it admits that the Rohingya are national ethnics, (2) it insists on how loyal Rohingyas are to the Union, (3) it clarifies that the Rohingyas were the group who defended the Union from the Mujahadeen. U Nu Speech 25 September 1954 Official Burmese Government Translation of U Nu Speech Broadcast from […]

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Annada-Candra inscription which was about 1300 years old

Make Annandacandra Inscription as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage By Aman Ullah A seminar was held a seminar at the name and style of “Seminar on Sanskrit Literature of Rakihine” at Tawin Gurdan Hotel of Rangoon on 24th January 2018. It was participated with many including two foreign scholars and a Rakhine scholar speaker and led by U Zaw Aye Maung, Minister of Rakine National Affairs Rangoon Division. The seminar discussed mainly on Annadacandra inscription which was about 1300 years old and very important cultural heritage of Arakanese peoples. The seminar unanimously decides to put it to the UNESCO as […]

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Bollywood’s Film Padmavat and Poet Alaol of Arakan

 Bollywood’s Film Padmavat and Poet Alaol of Arakan Written By Aman Ullah After facing a lot of controversies and death threats, the makers of magnum opus “Padmaavat” have finally screened the movie to a group of journalists in New Delhi. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus is all set for a worldwide today (January 25) release in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. The film is based on 16th-century Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s epic poem “Padmaavat”. The flick has run into trouble since its inception, as members of several Rajput factions have accused the director of the film of distorting history. Sanjay […]

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