Our Short Sighting for Generations

When we had the chance to educate our people, our religious leaders were busy teaching us Urdu/Farsi for years in Madrasa. Those leaders cannot speak nor read the language of the land and forced thousands of their pupils to learn foreign languages that no one will ever use in his/her entire life.

Basic mathematics and general science were never part of the syllabus, history was totally ignored and geography was unheard of.

When the educated religious Imam in your village needs a translator to speak with a police or anyone from other community, you know that your people are deaf and blind. You cannot read nor write or speak despite holding the highest position among the people.

Burmese government put the restriction on freedom of movement and higher education for Rohingyas since late 90s, but Madrasas were largely accessible to all Rohingyas until June 2012. We think Burmese army is solely responsible for our downfall. But we killed ourselves, the army just put the nail in the coffin.