RYDF Press statement.

Press Statement

Solidarity Statement to End Rohingya Genocide and to find Permanent Solution on their Plight

We, at the Rohingya Youth Developement Forum (RYDF), Arakan-Burma, express sincere gratitude towards Canadian Government for its stance on the plight of persecuted Rohingyas of Burma’s Arakan State.

We also strongly support the call of Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland to the International Communities to hold the perpetrators of the crimes committed against the persecuted Rohingya minority in Myanmar (Burma).

The called by the Canadian Government demonstrates an urgency to deal the perpetrators of Rohingya Genocide.The Foreign Minister Freeland said “the atrocities must end. Justice must be done. And it depends on us”. This is a very strong call by the Foreign Ministers of a Sovereign country and we hope that other Foreign Ministers in the world will make the same call.

This shows that we can make a change for the Rohingyas. We are capable to stop the Genocide against Rohingya minority that took place for many decades and this Genocide have the worst impact on Rohingya, neighbouring countries, region, and to the World at large. This is not a Rohingya issue alone. This is a humanity issues, effecting many people and regions worlwide.

We assure our full commitment on the view of Foreign Minister Freeland that “we must work to establish a clear pathway towards accountability for the atrocities and human rights violations committed in Rakhine (Arakan) State, and coordinate efforts to build lasting peace in Myanmar (Burma) “.

This is the only way to stop the Genocide. Myanmar government must be made accountable for the Rohingya Genocide. Only then we can stop the Genocide. But again all of this are depending on us. How long we want to see the Genocide, taking place. Do we really understand what Genocide is? Delay actions means allowing Genocide and we also must be made accountable for Rohingya Genocide. This will be stated in the World history forever that we together with United Nations, World Leaders and Human Rights Organizations arround the world are fail to stop Rohingya Genocide. Rwanda Genocide is the Worst in the World history but Rohingya Genocide is even Worst.

We also request the Bangladesh Government to raise the issues of Rohingya Genocide critically and comprehensively at the G7 Summit in Quebec, Australia in this June.

The RYDF would be grateful to the Government of Bangladesh and its people for sheltering the large number of Rohingya even the country itself is over populated.

Based on the wosening situation at the refugee camps, we are able imagine that the living condition of refugees will come to the worst during monsoon season.

Therefore, we need an urgent Permanent Solution for this plight through ending Rohingya Genocide, while bring perpetrators and Burmese Quasi civilians Government of Burma before International Criminal Court (ICC).

Rohingya Youth Developement Malaysia would like to thanks to the Foreign Minister Freeland who visited Rohingya in Kutupalong Camp in Bangladesh where she found the truth and prove from the Rohingyas. We request to the Canadian Government to accept more Rohingya refugees especially those in critical needs as one of the Permanent Solution to the Rohingya refugees. We call to all Resettlement Countries to accept more Rohingya refugees as we are victims of Genocide.

We thank the Canadian Government for their support to resolve Rohingya Genocide. We hope the Canadian Government to send the aid to Rohingya directly to the refugee camps to make sure the aid reach Rohingya directly and timely which is crucial for their survival.

We urge the facebook to stop the spread of hatred writings or speechs by individuals or groups against Rohingya because the impact on us is worst.

We urge the World Leaders, Foreign Ministers, Human Rights Organizations, Youth Leaders and International Communities at large who never visit Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to visit and talk to Rohingya. Then you will see from your eyes and heart what Genocide have done to us. You will never forget what you see and what you hear from Rohingya women, children and men. We demand that you will draw a concrete actions together to free Rohingya from Genocide. Please make this Century to end Rohingya Genocide.

We also expect the international community would be able to extend possible cooperation towards RYDF to establish a full-fledged sustainable program for ending child poverty and illiteracy rates throughout the empowerment grassroots and young generation.

Thank you.


Central Executive Committe
Rohingya Youth Development Forum (RYDF), Arakan-Burma

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Rohingya Youth Development Forum (RYDF), Arakan-Burma is a key resource of the Rohingya Youths of Arakan State, Burma which struggling for change and transformation