The Prayers in our distress

O Allah!
My heart is shivering;
My hand is trembling;
My eyes are flickering;
My hairs are standing right up.

O Allah,  you are everything;
and we are nothing.
We need you and;
without you we are nothing.

O Allah, We believe in you;
We trust on you;
We believe on your safety:
We believe on your security;
We believe on your protection.

We are nothing without you;
O Allah; Forgive us our sins.

You have blessed upon us again and again;
But we did not acknowledge on it.
We did ourself harm yet;
You did not destroy us;
Because you are the most merciful.

O Allah, we believe on your power;
We believe on your ability;
So, we ask for your favour;
Otherwise, we will be totally destroyed.

But you are the most merciful;
So, for give us our sins.
Because you are the only one;
Who can protect us.

Oh Allah, You are Khaiyul Qaiyum;
You never dies, but always in existence.
So, we ask from you for your favour.

We are in great distress;
and you know everything in details.

O Allah, we are helpless;
and we have nothing but only you.
We believed in you;
We trusted in you.

You are only one and only one;
You did not give birth nor;
You were given birth;
And you are unique, the most powerful.

You don’t need anything;
But we need you for everything;
And you are only the most powerful.

O Allah, You created this earth for us;
You have favoured us time and time;
But we gave no heed to it.

Ya Allah, we are the losers;
We are the needy;
We need your mercy;
Because you are the most merciful.

So, we ask you for your favour;
To forgive us;
As we have done great sins;
For which we have been suffering.

O Allah, You have warned us time and time;
But we have given no heed to it.
We are the sinners, we are the losers;
We are nothing but mud only;
But you are the most high;
And the most merciful.

So, place mercy on us;
Because we are lost completely;
And we find no place to go.

Ya Allah, it is your world;
It is your land;
It is your water;
From which you have given abundance;
Resources for us to enjoy.

But we did not thank you a bit;
Nor, we praise you for that;
We are the most wrong doers.

O Allah, Today, we seek for your forgiveness;
And you said, O Allah, we should never;
Abandon to ask for your favours.

So we are now asking you;
To save us from our enemies;
From our destroyers;
From our misguides.

When great calamity comes;
We jump to ask for your favour;
And for our safety;

But soon after we have forgotten you;
But you have said, we are made weak;
So, we are weak.

But, now strengthen our iman;
So, we ask for your forgiveness.

O Allah, we ask you to pardon us;
as we are the wrongdoers.

Today, we stand in front of you;
and ask you for our safety;
and for your security;
Because you have power over everything.

Forgive us for our weakness;
Forgive us for our wickedness;
Forgive us for our proudness;
Forgive us for our jealousy;
Forgive us for our crimes;
Forgive us for our bad deeds;
Forgive us for harming others;
And forgive us for cheating others.

O Allah bring unity among us,
Bring strong iman among us,
Bring strong faith among us,
Bring healthy strength to us,
Give strong knowledge to us.

Because we are so weak;
We could not realise all your favour.

O Allah, you have fed us,
You have clothed us,
You have dignified us,
But we have now lost all these,
because of our bad deeds.

So again, You made us strong;
and strengthened our iman;
and our dependendency on You.

Teach us goodness;
And remove all bad things from us.

O Allah, bring peace in our heart,
In our mind,
In our land,
In our deeds and,
In our properties.

We are nothing without You,
But You are everything for us.

Guide us to the straight path;
The path which made our heart good,
Our mind good, and
Our deeds good.

O Allah guide us again in such a way that,
We are completely guided,
And You bring for us our teachers,
and You bring for us our guides,
and You bring for us our politicians,
and You bring for us our historians,
and all those we are in need of.

O Allah, we have children who are innocent,
And for the sake of our children,
You forgive our sins,
and guide us to the straight path.