Rohingya on the run but still cannot save themselves

Slået op af RO Alisha Binti Hamid i Tirsdag den 29. august 2017


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamotulla.

Today 30/08/2017 at 10:30 am you all see yourself this video.

All the villagers starting from Tulatuli, Saidullasor, Waikkom are rashing towards here, because villages are being burnt entirely.

After that Military came to shoot all children, adult and old in one time. Look here, people in desperate jump into the river to save their lives, there is no limit how many children are being drowned and cows are being drawn. You all see it. We expect you all see it.

On above there are helicopters roaming around, at the ground Military and Lunthing came setting on fire all the villages. Whoever is coming out military are shooting and people are jumping into the river to save their lives. So many small children were being drawn unlimited.

Oh brother you all see it.

We are asking justice from the world.

See the situation of Arakan, nothing can be seen other than smoke all around in Arakan. It is as if smoke bombs have been dropped. It is complete black every where. There are nothing left, villages are being burnt. And there can be nothing seen except many casualties of children. Oh our brothers!!!! Peace be upon tou all.