Rohingya has fundamental rights to education

Rohingya Peace Institute was live.

The founder of the school is Latif Khan Saber a stateless Rohingya refugee youth the age of 26, who was born in Rakhine State, Myanmar and who believe that education is a fundamental human right and the most important key to empower and equip Rohingya children and youth with the tools they need to live their lives in dignity, to support their own communities, to contribute to society at large and to uphold the human rights of the Rohingya people.

This vision is especially significant for the Rohingya, one of the most persecuted minorities in the world, who have been denied basic human rights in their homeland of Myanmar, including citizenship, access to education and healthcare, access to livelihoods and even freedom of movement. This situation has forced hundreds of thousands to become refugees in neighbouring countries over the past few decades, including Malaysia, where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya now reside.
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