We are responsible to what is happening to us, not others.

Everyone is responsible to what is actually happening in Arakan State irrespective of what military junta is doing to us.

Quranic Guidance:
Surely Allah will not change the (current) situation of a community unless they themselves change it ( to a better one or worse).

So, let us step up to change to a better life.
If there is a will there is always a way.
If we wish to change to a better one, Allah will surely help and change our situation.

Step 1:
Always think of a positive contribution to our causes even if it may be an atom size every day, instead of just ignoring it. Because Allah says everyone is responsible for it and you will be questioned by Allah. If you do not do Allah will not help you.

Step 2:
Blaming others will only create angers and it will only spread like jungle fires. Control your anger and think only positive. Learn to forgive others. Speak about good thing (such as good experiences, Allah’s guidances, and so on) that you have learned from some where.

Step 3:
Collective works is a must and individual cannot not solve complex problems. If you do not have expert temporarily hire those and learn from them until you achieve to the same level or closer.

Step 4:
While we put all our efforts (physical, talent, experience, visionary idea, futuristic vision) please remember Al-maal (Baitul maal) or collecting money for a specific project is a undeniably requirement to complete a project. So each one need to contribute financially for a nobel project such as preparation of high level academic students, to improve education of everyone, and etc. etc., ( e.g. giving short term training to carry a specific requirement). If everyone do not contribute either large, medium or a tiny amount or even a penny but change his face and turn away, we Rohingya are the worse enemy of ourselves and Allah is not to be blamed.

Step 5:
Always expect rewards from Allah only and not from any human being. In this way, we can be fully tolerable whoever say what to you bad and can be united for major goal. Always remember, “If you work for Allah, Allah will work twice for you.” When you work for a person you may not expect double return worse it may turn to an enemy. So always ask reward from Allah who has all power over everyone.