Things To Remember for Important Days

By Ro H. Kyaw

I said these to my Ro students who are sitting interviews in the coming days:
1. Never forget your Lord
2. Pray salatul hajath before going to interview.
3. Pray Surah Yasin before going to interview
4. Don’t miss morning prayer. 
5. Be on time (be there 15 min before your interview)
6. Be humble
7. Tell your parents to pray for you.
8. Make a decisions to serve our community wherever your are (you are given these opportunities to serve your people living in the camps).
9. Keep your documents safe.
10. Take care yourself.
11. Be prepared.
12. Be confident.
13. Make a good hand shake with the interviewer.
14. Dress neat and tidy.
15. Comb your hair decently.
16. Dress decently.
17. Speak clearly with good tone.
18. Don’t forget to keep eye contact.
19. Lastly, don’t forget to remember all the advices the ERC education has given to you.

I wish you all the best. May Allah make your dreams come true. Ameen.