Family members killed just few meters away.


Today 30/08/2017 at 1pm. Please view this clip. What they did to you by Magh and military?  My brother, sister, my wife and children all three person. Three sons, my wife, my nephew, a mother and a sister all were dragged in the Tulatuli soror diya and killed by shooting while I came home to remove some items. Allah has favoured me saved my life. If I would have been there I would have been killed also. I am the one only survived. When I saw over from the hill side, I saw they were killed and burnt by pouring petrol.  How about other villagers? Almost half have been killed. That means there are helicopter above, and military and Rakhines on the ground? All came together and all killed by shooting. Then burnt in the petrol. Still helicopter is roaming around above, though you cannot hear because of far away.