Rohingya have severely suffered




Five Layers of Systemic Injustices Rohingyas have long suffered

By Maung Zarni

August 27, 2018

1) Myanmar gives annihiliators internal blanket impunity

Myanmar perpetrators inside Myanmar enjoy blanket impunity in destroying Rohingya people, literally, psychologically, intellectually, culturally, and from their social and physical foundations of life;

2) Myanmar enjoys blanket impunity within the UN System

Myanmar genocidal leaders like Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and Aung San Suu Kyi enjoy blanket international impunity, under variously distorted, twisted and pathetic narratives;

3) The Global Discourse of White Man’s (or Woman’s) as “Voices of Conscience and Humanity” usurp Rohingya voices, even when that discourse pays lip service to those voices.

Rohingyas’ analyses and evidence are NOT taken seriously, until White Savior INGOs and corporate news agencies repackaged them and propagated them months later.

Rohingyas who live the genocidal conditions have been telling the world – since 1970’s – by groups like Rohingya Patriotic Front – that the then the Union of the Socialist Republic of Burma was waging a genocidal war against them. Even as late as October 2017, Rohingya activists and researchers made the argument, with solid if limited evidence of “pre-planned nature” of 25 Aug, in a booklet published by Kaladan Press that bears the title “PRE-PLANNED EXPULSION” – which was set up in Chittagong by Arakan Rohingya National Organization or ARNO, and supported by activist Burma Relief Agency in Chiang Mai).

4) Cultural Imperialism that assign incomparably greater weight to White or Western Icons to Rohingya survivors

There is in active and continuous operation of a very real Cultural Imperialism that makes the likes of Cate Blanchet a more credible voice – before the Security Council, in decades of policy and political coma, from which it has no prospect of returning to any meaningful organization life – than the combined total of 80,000 – or whatever the exact figure – of Rohingya women who survived “rape by command’ – as Razia Sultana’s small booklet call it.

5) The Parasitical Nature of UN Agencies and INGOs

Rohingyas are used as pawns or ethnic tokens by UN agencies and INGOs whose ultimately self-interest-driven operations and modus operandi have long crippled, thwarted and further splintered the community that have been forced to live the Genocidal Conditions.

The symptoms include the emergence of “Uncle Toms” – “house Rohingyas” whom UN and INGOs have handpicked and paraded around as “representative voices” of the survivor community. The critical voices are marginalized, or organic community leadership networks are undermined. Rohingyas building or leading their own liberation struggle – with the essential solidarity and material support globally – to end the genocidal oppression is not in the interest of these parasitical entities.