We are Passing Difficult time – But some are still wonder what to do!

By Md Zobair

Dear Rohingya educationally and mentally conscious brothers and sisters, today I’d like to share my knowledge and expertise with you. Per my research and observations, nobody will gives us our country, belongings, rights and so on. We can’t take it easily as we’re minority and educationally undeveloped! UN, International community and so on can give us nothing except humanitarian assistance. Registered refugees spent 27 years in refugee camps. Those who were repatriated before, subjected to come again and again. That’s mean, no ultimate solutions is going to take place. Today more than one million people have been living in 30 camps. As I think, Myanmar will never accept us with Rohingya ethnicity till we’re developed educationally, economically, socially and so on. But Myanmar will show the globe that it is willing to take all back, by signing MOU with UN and etcetera. You know there is a big thread of our lives and freedom!

Consequently, we have to pass more time as refugees from decades to decades, generation to generations. So, our children can not acquire higher education to improve the nation. So, all of us should raise a voice peacefully by respecting the rules of law. That is, temporary seeking shelters in third country till we get our full rights from Myanmar. If so, we could see the light of the world. Our children could acquire adequate education, freedom and everything. By the time, Myanmar will be compelled to say that we are the genuine citizens of the Country. You know there is not any happy without development and no development without Peace