A Great Scholar (aged 107) was killed and his family too.


#Great_Lost of a High Scholar among Maungdaw Rohingya Community !!

I confirmed that our Honourable MUHADDES Sab Janab MOHAMMAD HUSEIN ( lived at Tula Tuli and age now 107 years ) ,a great Pro Ractor and guide of Bukahri Sharif at ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF DARUL ULUM AHMADDIYAH MAUNGDAW, was burnt alive and dead (inna lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajaoon ) by #Extremists_Myanmar_Military at in front of all his family members then shot death whole family too on today morning at 9:00AM. There are thousands of his pupils in Rohingya world whom gave the best relationship and great guidance for everything. I requesting honestly to you all whole Rohingya Community in Maung Daw and all his pupils to pray and do Duwa for Makfiratt.??????

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Photo Zahid
( Last year photo )