1. Rulers divided into half & half – Aung San Suu Kyi and military (good sign to get conflict between)
  2. No protection for Rohingya
  3. No religion rights to worship
  4. No education rights
  5. No citizenship rights
  6. No voting rights (ceased)
  7. No health access rights
  8. No Movement Rights
  9. No Security at all
  10. No full land rights to process
  11. No Boundary Rights – to protect ourselves
  12. No High education rights
  13. No aid accepting rights
  14. No rights to build mosque – rather destruction by miltary
  15. No rights to build religious school
  16. No praying rights openly
  17. No full rights to admin our people
  18. No rights to fight for the rights
  19. No rights for speaking up for injustice
  20. No rights to build own school
  21. No rights to protect ourselves
  22. No rights for public gathering
  23. No rights for praying in the mosque
  24. No rights to teach our religion – even giving privates tuition
  25. No rights for free trades
  26. No rights for equal rights like other ethnic
  27. No rights to claim our own name as Rohingya
  28. No recognition of our ethnic name
  29. No rights to move around the country – even to move to another village
  30. No festival gathering
  31. No rights for structural renovation for important buildings
  32. No rights for jobs
  33. No rights for industries
  34. No humanitarian rights for any calamity
  35. No army rights to enter into military
  36. No police rights to enter into police
  37. No full educational teaching rights
  38. No transportation rights
  39. No forest consumption rights
  40. No rights to complain for injustice
  41. No actions for perpetrators – rather goverment helped them
  42. No Flood helping group o enter
  43. No security for life
  44. No privacy rights
  45. No protection for properties and lives stocks
  46. No rights given for humanitarian access for help
  47. No rights of marrying non-Muslims
  48. No rights of marrying polygamy
  49. No rights of getting birth certificates
  50. No rights of getting citizenship card
  51. No rights of to take consultation
  52. No rights of judicial rights
  53. No compensation for the loses of lives
  54. No rights to get their dead bodies when killed
  55. No rights to free help others in calamity
  56. No rights to build roads
  57. No full rights for slaughtering animal for religious purposes
  58. No rights for health care access – even to move for medical access
  59. No punishment when health carers purposely kill some one
  60. No peace at all