Rohingya for Foreigners

Rohingya for Foreigners

(1) Rohingya Language Foundation provides short course training on Rohingya writing system which uses only A to Z, Ç and Ñ including five accented vowels áéíóú. You can find many materials such as Rohingya dictionary, Rohingya School books, pictorial dictionary, Quran translation etc. on my website shown below. Rohingya writing works on exact match in writing and reading thus helping students learn in no time.

(2) Rohingya students around the world need to learn Rohingya writing system so that they can pick up English easily as both languages use Latin letters only. Most of the time online teaching is free for Rohingya students and can be easily taught using Skype software. It normally takes a few hours provided they have basic understanding of English Alphabet. Sometimes it may require only an hour training which is effective enough to immediately read the whole Rohingya Book 1. You can download the book freely from my website by visiting the download option. You may see the file is opened instead of downloading to your drive, once you clicked. In that case you click the download icon on the book itself at the top right corner, when the book is opened.

(3) Note: Differences between Rohingya and English in pronunciation.
1.  C is read as Sha sound ( no more K or S sounds), e.g Camic meaning spoon
2. Ç is read as retroflex R like tongue rolling R, e.g Naça meaning blocked
3. Ñ is equal to half N sound, that is nasal sound, e.g Fañs meaning five
4. T read as light thin T and Th is equal to English T, e.g Tuta=parrot, Thala=Lock
5. D read as light thin D and Dh is equal to English D, e.g Dana=seed, Dhula=canebag

(4) Vowels fixed to one sound only.
1. a as in Fathar, Market, Water
2. e as in Men, Let, Bet, Net, Get
3. i as in Fit, Bit, Fill, Bill, Kit, Tin
4. o as in Bond, Box, Lot, Font, Fox
5. u as in Put
6. ou as in Go, Lo!, Foe

(5) How Emphasizing of vowels work?

Soft Emphasized Meaning Meaning
Ful Fúl Bridge Flower
Sal Sál Roof Tree bark
Fan Fán Betel Leaves Trap
Sul Súl Hair Pull sharply

(6) Dip tote

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