The Modern from of Arakan is Derived from Arabic ( Noya cokól ór Arakan Arob ottú aiccé)

The Modern form of Arakan is Derived from Arabic By Aman Ullah “The modern form of Arakan said to be derived from the Arabic ‘Al-Rakhang’” …Professor Hodivala “Arekadesa could also be read Anekadesa”….Dr. Pamela Gutman Pamela Gutman was born in Adelaide, South Australia. Her tertiary education was at the University of Vienna, where she studied German, Philosophy, and Art History, and then at The Australian National University, where she studied Bahasa Indonesia, Old Javanese, and Sanskrit. She was first sent to Arakan in 1972 by G.H. Luce, the foremost historian of Burma. She wrote her doctoral thesis on Arakan and took […]

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Ruáinga zuban tobka tobka cíko (Rohingya Language Step by Step – 201)

Rohingya Lesson STEP BY STEP (A)# LESSON 1   (About Alphabet letters) (1). Alphabet – Capital letter (28 letters) A   B   C   Ç   D   E   F  -> (C is read as Sh)  &  (Ç is read as tongue rolling R) G   H   I   J   K   L   M N   Ñ   O   P   Q   R   S  -> (Ñ is read as a silent n, half n or nasal sound) T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z (2). Alphabet – Small letter (28 letters) a   b   c   ç   d […]

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