Rohingya History by Zahid Win

Rakhine in 1404-1430 by Zahid Win Rohingya Buddhist king (Borgwa) Naramik Hla escaped to Bangal in 1404-1430 after Burma occupied Rakhine and he converted to Islam in Bangal under king Salahuddin. Narami Khalla as Sulaiman Shah conquered Bamma king by the deporting of King Salahuddin. Sulaiman Shah changed the name Rakhine to Arakan for the people of all resident in Rakhine. Buddhist Rohingya, Hindu and Marggwe Burma Buddhist didn’t like the name Arakan because the name Arakan is Arabic or Persian. So, today the people who called themself Rakhine are actually real Burma from Marggwe district but they got chance […]

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