Our Short Sighting for Generations

Junaid Alam 21 mins · Stavanger, Norway ·  When we had the chance to educate our people, our religious leaders were busy teaching us Urdu/Farsi for years in Madrasa. Those leaders cannot speak nor read the language of the land and forced thousands of their pupils to learn foreign languages that no one will ever use in his/her […]

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Adjective Word Order (Rohingya zuban or maáni loi)

Adjective Word Order The girl is short = Miala pwa wá tena/baccá The boy is tall = Morot pwa wá uñsol/lamba  The girl is tall = Miala pwa wá uñsol/lamba A tall man = Oggwá lamba maníc  A short woman = Oggwá tena miala  A short boy = Oggwá tena morot pwa  A big dog = Oggwá doñór kuñir  A small cat […]

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