The Traditional Demand of the Rohingya of North Arakan (3)

Aman Ullah is with Ro Nay San Lwin and 99 others. 8 hrs ·  The Traditional Demand of the Rohingya of North Arakan (3) The Demands of Mujahid and the Government’s Reactions By Aman Ullah “Man is distinguished from animal by the struggle for recognition.” Hegel Why Mujahid Movement in Arakan? Up to 1923 Burma was part of British India under Lieutenant Governor. After the Round Table Conference in London, in accordance with the counsel of Simon Commission, Burma was separated from British India in 1937, under the Indian Act of 1935. Dr. Ba Maw was the first Prime Minister of British Burma and later […]

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Requirement by Rohingya people

Ko Ko Linn Just now ·  The words used by Myanmar genocide government’s minister Win Myat Aye in his interview with media regarding his visit to Bangladesh have many twists. If the government has real intension to solve the long standing Rohingya crisis, it is very simple to agree upon: i. To restore the equal and indiscriminate citizenship rights to Rohingya after stopping accusatory term illegal immigrants and Bengalis before the repatriation. ii. To announce the resettlement of refugees who fled to escape the genocidal persecution on their own homelands. iii. To announce northern Arakan a safe zone under international supervision. […]

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