Rohingya have severely suffered

rohingyas-have-long-suffered   Five Layers of Systemic Injustices Rohingyas have long suffered Aug 27, 2018 Research     Five Layers of Systemic Injustices Rohingyas have long suffered By Maung Zarni August 27, 2018 1) Myanmar gives annihiliators internal blanket impunity Myanmar perpetrators inside Myanmar enjoy blanket impunity in destroying Rohingya people, literally, psychologically, intellectually, culturally, and from their social and physical foundations of life; 2) Myanmar enjoys blanket impunity within the UN System Myanmar genocidal leaders like Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and Aung San Suu Kyi enjoy blanket international impunity, under variously distorted, twisted and pathetic narratives; 3) The Global […]

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Call it Genocide on Rohingya (not ethnic cleansing alone)

By Anwar S. Mohammad Dear Rohingya, UN has officially used the terms ‘Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity’ in regard to the gross atrocities against Rohingya by the Myanmar armed forces. So, stop using the term ‘Ethnic Cleansing (of Rohingya)’ once and for all. Ethnic Cleansing, though sounds nice to ears, is a Milsosevic’s era media-coined term in former Yugoslavia. It was coined by the media to describe the crimes committed against the people of Bosnia and Kosovo etc by the Serbian forces. Unlike Genocide, War Crimes & Crimes against Humanity, Ethnic Cleansing has no international legal framework/mechanism in […]

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