ARSA as Tatmadaw constructed Bogeman

Haroon Hashem February 17 at 10:47pm ·  ARSA as Tatmadaw constructed Bogeman The author naively claimed that annihilation ( that saw 14,000 Rohingyas killed, 2800 villages burn down, 800,000 fled to sanctuary, 1,800 women raped ; 3,600 detained, all movable & unmovable assets looted ) Tatmadaw; Rakhine extremists brought about in 2017 was because of ARSA’s prior provoking attack. My question to this author is : was there any ARSA or its prior prowling before the wave of similar attacks in 2012 that saw 800 Rohingya killed, 150,000 herded to concentration camps, 3330 Rohingya houses burnt down in 8 different Arakan […]

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