The Language of Rohingya

Some of the most common questions relating to Rohingya asked by people around the world: 1. Who are the Rohingyas? 2. What is Rohingya? 3. How is Rohingya language? 4. What language do Rohingya people speak? 5. Are the Rohingyas of  Myanmar Bengalis? 6. Do the Rohingyas of  Burma speak Bengali language? In this article, I’m going to quote everything from historical pages.  The word Rohingya/Rohaingya/Roaingya is a proper adjective for the proper noun Rohang/Roang. The term Rohang/Roang …… the old name of Arakan ….. is of much antiquity. It is the corruption of the Arabic term Raham (blessing, mercy). The Arab and Persian traders of […]

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