Cómo (Time)


Cómo bodoli zagói, zibon or fúañre,
Zibon bodoli zagói, taaluk or fúañre.

Mogor taaluk no bodole, afon zon or fúañre,
Seróf afon zon bodoli zagói, cómor fúañre.

Ou! cómo, félai no zaisgói moré,
baicfoni haçai dilám, tor fúañre.

Afsús lage, zodi uçé tor furani
Mor zibon asé, hámickóm tor fuáñre.



Time changes with life,
Life changes with relationship.

But relationship does not change with kin,
Only kin change with time only.

O! time, do not leave me,
My childhood passed with you.

Feel sorrow, when I miss you,
My life is with you at all time.

Moulana Mohammed Rafique Mir Ahmed 
Góngri Fara, Quebec Canada.