A minute mistake in English

A minute mistake in English A minute mistake can change the whole meaning upside down and can even cause a big damage. For example: paradize and paradise though pronounced similarly but can create complete opposite meaning if you google it. Sometimes, the meaning can be taken opposite in different culture and thought. Also if you shrink a sentence badly the meaning can be taken other way around. For example: My English is bad and English is bad. This can hurt someone or some group very badly because English cannot be bad though my English can be bad. Someone might say […]

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Best Ramdan Wishes to Muslims from around the world

http://www.ramadan.co.uk/ramadan-messages-from-uk-political-leaders/ Ramadan 2016: David Cameron's message "To everyone in Britain and around the world observing the holy month of Ramadan, I wish you Ramadan Mubarak." David Cameron Opslået af 10 Downing Street på 5. juni 2016 https://www.facebook.com/TunisieNewsOfficiel/videos/1337858042910597/ Ramadan Mubarak to all those preparing to fast. May your #Ramadan be peaceful and blessed. Opslået af Sadiq Khan på 5. juni 2016 It was a pleasure to celebrate Iftar and break the first Ramadan fast with Muslim members of our caucus last night. Ce fut un plaisir de célébrer l’iftar et de rompre le premier jeûne du ramadan avec les membres musulmans […]

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Arakan Muslims Kheouk or Headman appointed to the charge of Division

By Aman Ullah Arakan Muslims Kheouk or Headman appointed to the charge of Division By Aman Ullah On April 26, 1826, the then Sub Commissioner of Arakan sent a report to the George Swinton Esquire, Secretary to Government in the Secret and Political Department Fort William, on the cultures and inhabitants of Arakan. According to that report, it was mentioned that: – “The province of Arracan exclusive of the capital includes 55 village Divisions or Districts, each District or Division containing according to its size from 2 to 60 Paras, or small villages, each division is placed under the control […]

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