Rohingyalish Lesson: Some daily usage— English to Rohingya

Rohingyalish Lesson: Some daily usage–> English to Rohingya to access= loot faibellá; zai bellá; góli bellá; rasta faibellá; rasta gorí bélla; rasta neelai bélla; rasta dibellá; estemal goríbélla to acknowledge= zuab dibellá; faiyé bóuli hoói bélla to add= zoma gorí bélla; izafá gorí bélla to admonish= nosíyot goríbélla to advice= mocuwara dibellá to anchor= nogol mar; nogol de to answer= zuab dibellá to appear= dahá zaibellá; uli bélla to approach= hañse aái bélla to ask= fusár gorí bélla to awake= seton gorí bélla to bang= bari mari bélla to bark = gágguai bélla to be bright= tes óibella to beat= […]

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A Rohingya woman believed to be gang-raped by Myanmar Army soldiers

Habib Siddiqui <> Aug 20 at 3:27 PM For decades since independence of Burma from the Great Britain, Rohingya existence has been made almost impossible with repeated pogroms, all part of a very sinister genocidal program that was participated by many Buddhists inside this multi-national/ethnic country. The military scripted their annihilation, the monks provided the justification and steered up the mob, the Buddhist politicians colluded and planned their extinction, and the hateful mob carried out the blueprint. It was a sad story, repeated time and again. One would rather like to believe that such persecution or the slow genocide of the […]

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