Rohingyalish Lesson: Some daily usage— English to Rohingya

Rohingyalish Lesson: Some daily usage–> English to Rohingya to access= loot faibellá; zai bellá; góli bellá; rasta faibellá; rasta gorí bélla; rasta neelai bélla; rasta dibellá; estemal goríbélla to acknowledge= zuab dibellá; faiyé bóuli hoói bélla to add= zoma gorí bélla; izafá gorí bélla to admonish= nosíyot goríbélla to advice= mocuwara dibellá to anchor= nogol […]

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A Rohingya woman believed to be gang-raped by Myanmar Army soldiers

Habib Siddiqui <> Aug 20 at 3:27 PM For decades since independence of Burma from the Great Britain, Rohingya existence has been made almost impossible with repeated pogroms, all part of a very sinister genocidal program that was participated by many Buddhists inside this multi-national/ethnic country. The military scripted their annihilation, the monks provided the justification […]

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